Technical Applications of Computers (TAC) with
 matlab** Progress Chart

NOTE:  It is evident by the search questions that many of you
constituents of this website are interested in the development
progress of the textbook that will soon be on,
abbreviated TAC.  You should also know the athe TAC Appendix, a
164 page book and overflow of the research for TAC and the TAC
correspondence course is now available by email with you email
request.  Sorry but due to Yahoo restrictions, you must get a PDF
copy by email request. since they allow an upload of only 5 Meg, and
with photos the TAC Appendix is a 17 Meg book.  Use the SUBMIT
form below or email your request to  Please
identify the nature of your request in comments.  (No phone numbers,
please, for your own privacy.}

Some, especially overseas have been reluctant to sign up for the
correspondence course because of the stipulation that you must have
access to MATLAB.  With the progress of free and open, online
available matlab clones, and inclusion in TAC, you do not have to be
concerned for a moment about this!  Just download any or all:  it is
recommended that you start with FreeMat because of the extreme
closeness to MATLAB.

Download your appropriate copy of FreeMat at this SourceForge link,

1.  The first paperback  printing of the TAC textbook will shortly be on at the same page as
other books by Jerry V McMichael
{for the
paperback by Ann and Jerry McMichael you will need another
link}, some extracts of the pages for browsing are currently available in
the PDF TAC Appendix, and there are a few excert pages here online.

2.  You can receive a free copy of the TAC Appendix by email request

NOTE:  You should be warned that TAC Appendix is a working copy
of the Appendix which means two things:  (1) it is a little rough as is
true of all working copies, and (2) it will be periodically updated so that
you should by email to at least once a month
check for a larger version.  Below you will find the dates of the current

1.  Version 1.0 on November 6, 2012.
2,  Version 2 of TAC Appendix which on December 19, 2012 added
info on the free and open software Rlab.

3.  Some of the previous history of development of TAC in which
many of you have participated is refrenced on the pages below, and
you will also find in the TAC Appendix in chapter 8, "A History of
TAC", a more complete history.

**Little matlab is used as generic for both the standard MATLAB
itself of mathworks, and such free and open software clones of
MATLAB as FreeMat, SciLab, JLib, and Octave.  You that are not
rich like with large companies or large educational institutions
should be grateful for so much free and open software.  It only
takes a download and installation.
NOTE:  "TACparticipation" and
"ContractwithTAC" are past history,
only shown for a sense of the
progress made and the long
development process with your

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