This Prophets page is added by popular demand!  A great deal of interest has been expressed in the
Prophets, the Prophets of the Old Testament, and Bible on the prophets.

First, something about Prophets in the Bible in order to deal with search questions.

1.  Who are the Writing Prophets of the Old Testament?

From classical Bible studies and books, there are general considered to be 16 Writing Prophets per se
in the Old Testament, 4 major prophets and 12 minor prophets, called minor prophets simply because
they are smaller books than those of the major prophets.   Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, of
course are the majors.  You can hardly when you read Amos of Joel call their messages minor.  
However, the answer is not that simple in that Moses who wrote the Pentateuch, or first five books of the
Bible, is often called a Prophet in the New Testament; but we know that Moses had many other functions
in Israel and in the writing of the Bible beyond those Prophets who were primarily prophets all the time.  
{Of course Amos was also a sheep herder and tender of sycamore trees.}  Also David while busy as a
King, warrior, and poet was also called a Prophet in the New Testament; of course, writing most of if not
all of the Psalms under the leadership of the Spirit of Christ and Holy Spirit.  Likewise King Solomon
writing the Song of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.  We know from the historical books of many Prophets of
the Old Testament like Elisha, Elijah, and Samuel who were not called by God to write prophetic books
of the Old Testament; but who like the writing prophets had messages for the people of the day.

2.  You can read more on all of these Old Testament Prophets in the two volumes below of the LEARN

Volume 1:  Prophets and Apostles, the Old Testament According to the New Testament.  A Magic
Outline Survey of the Old Testament based on what the Apostles and Jesus in the New Testament gave
us for clear understanding.  Why speculate on what the Old Testament means when the Apostles and
Jesus told us exactly how to understand the prophets, and indeed even showed us their quotes with
explanations of what God considers the most important matters to know from the Old Testament?   You
are really studying  the whole Bible itself in this Magic Outline sequenced by Genesis through Malachi
and with exegetical and superimposed topics.  After reading and studying with your Bible close at hand,
you will come away with a satisfaction that you have a much better grasp of the total message of the
Bible!  The LEARN CHRIST commentaries are guides to Bible Study.  Perhaps, you have not
downloaded the chapter,
"Gospel in Isaiah", which is a good example of guidance in Bible study!  You
will find that these study guides are of the Bible itself rather than the oft seen commentaries that are
about the Bible. Or if you would like read the first chapter from volume 1 of Prophets and Apostles, the
Old Testament According to the New Testament.

Chapter 1 of volume 1, "The Old Testament According to the New Testament".

As well as seeing in the later part of this chapter the way the Magic Outline works, and how in the
chapter title of "The Living God of the Living" is derived from these quotes of all of Genesis and part of
Exodus, you will read thorough treatments of a good conscience and a seared conscience in the Bible.  
Likewise you will find a very large listing of Prophet Messiah, favorite Bible words for Jesus, quotes and
references in the Old Testament.

Volume 5:  The Message of the Writing Prophets which includes Moses, David, and Solomon along with
the 4 major and 12 minor Writing Prophets.  Like all volumes of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries it
centers around Christ.  Volume 5 like volume 1 is constructed around the Magic Outline of the Old
Testament, likewise the whole Bible, being simultaneously a Bible book and a topic outline.  Of course,
the depth of this volume 5 is built on and goes beyond that of volume 1, with an emphasis on the
commonality of THE MESSAGE of the Writing Prophets.

Chapter 16 of volume 5, "The Writing Prophets on the Prophet Messiah."

While seeing the continued and more thorough presentation of the Magic Outline at the peak of volume
5, you will also see a Bible discussion of the Prophet Messiah quotes in the Old Testament.

3.  The Prophets had a message for their day and time, which by the way is the same relevant message
for our day and time.  They also had a predictive message, generally one which would shortly apply to
the nation of Israel and had a fuller and long range meaning, which some like to call a double meaning.

4.  Some wrestle with those who call themselves prophets or Prophets today, how they fit into God's
kingdom today.  For example the so-called Prophets of the Mormons and the increased Bible teachers
from among Pentecostals.  This is a legitimate concern since there are so many of them and they seem
so sincere, and indeed we do read of some prophets and prophetess in the New Testament such as
those who warned against the imprisonment of Paul.  There are certain fundamentals of the Bible,
clearly written and understood, except among those who have become intolerant today of sound
doctrine, an inevitable consequence among church members of the Falling Away.

(1).  Popularity among church members and those who call themselves by the name of Christ is a bad
sign during the approximately 40 years of the Falling Away.

(2).  We have to face up, and strive to identify by a "testing the spirits", the false prophets, false
teachers, and itching ears teachers foretold by Jesus and the Apostles as dominant in the last days and
Falling Away.  The human tendency is to look for them in every church, denomination, and country except
our own.  It is like the surveys of Americans which indicates a dissatisfaction with Congress as a whole,
but not with their own congressman.

(3).  The teachings of God through the Apostle Paul are being ignored today among church members,
especially that of I and II Corinthians, such as on how to worship without confusion and a prevalence of
self-expression over group worship of God, on the difference between revelation which only came to the
Prophets and Apostles in the writing of Bible and illumination which can come to any Christian with the
help of the Holy Spirit, the warnings to church members against the haughty attitudes that the "Word of
God came to them only" or that "the Word of God came out of them".

(4).  The "itching ears" teachers during this time of the final Falling Away, much like the falling away of all
of Israel in the wilderness except for approximately 6 souls, will manifest itself in a "heaping up" of these
kind of Bible teachers, preachers, and Prophets like no other time on earth.  Look around you on TV, in
best sellers, on radio, and in the pulpits:  they are coming out of the wood work like a vast army of
termites.  Everybody has a song, everybody has a message, and everybody has a prophesy!

6.  The Prophet Joel, one of the so-called Minor Prophets of the Bible, is a good example of a Prophet
with both a contemporary message-for his fellow citizens and for us today-and prophetic predictions for
the future.  Perhaps you would like to view a short   
PowerPoint Presentation on Joel.  

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