Bible and Study Guide
Purchase now this slimeline Nelson Bible for only $37.00 plus $2.00 for
shipping with a companion study guide that outlines for you and guides you
in the study of the 12 major topics of the Bible.  Bet you never thought you
could read a summary of the whole Bible is only 12 simple, Bible-centered
topics such as "The Living God of the Living", "The Wisdom of God", "The
Gospel", "What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen People of God", "The
New King of the New Israel", and "The Living God Wants Others to Live".  
This same guide in pamphlet size the same as the slimline Bible also takes
you simultaneously through the Bible from Genesis to Malachi with quotes
from the New Testament that also explain the Old Testament.
This combination of a slimline Nelson Bible and a
guide to the quick study of the major topics of the
whole Bible in a pamphlet of the same size as the
Bible is a perfect way to either enhance your
Christmas with more about Christ or to start your New
Year with a serious look at the TWELVE TOP
TOPICS of the Bible.  It would also make a good gift
for a relative or loved one in whose life you would like
to see some spiritual and Christ emphasis.
Should you care to get more serious about your knowledge and skill in the Bible,
remembering as Jesus told Satan, that "man shall not live by bread alone but by every word
that comes out of the mouth of God", this 12 TOP TOPICS OF THE BIBLE is the basis for the
five volumes of the LEARN CHRIST FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS commentaries, also
sold on this site.