(Continued from the Teaching Great Bible Chapters of II Timothy 3 and 4)

IV.  The Preaching of all Scriptures and all "profits" reveals the follies of church
members, and prevents the follies from turning into fables. (II Timothy 3:16 and 4:2)

1.  This is a plea to correlate II Timothy 3:16 with II Timothy 4:2.  In other words to
practice in preaching what is believed about the Bible, "All Scripture" as the Word of
God.  Even as Scripture to have effects in the church {be "profitable"} and in the lives of
the church members, the profit has to show up through preaching "for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction,  and for instruction in righteousness."  Today for all practical
purposes this kind of preaching has been replaced with comfort, with pats on the back
that they are the people of God--albeit quite often very subtle; while the pastor supervises
and becomes an administrator, a giver of consolation at funerals and an encourager of the
youth and at weddings.

(1).  Do a little harmony of the Bible as found in II Timothy 3:16 and II Timothy 4:2.  If
you would, call it a practical exercise in the completeness of sound doctrine!  With the
"All" and  "profit of doctrine" correlate total "the Word" of God {especially that which
addresses the bad practices and attitudes among church members, those shocking details
of II Timothy 3:1-5}; practically correlate the "correction" of the first with the "rebuke"
of the second; correlate in a real way the "instruction in righteousness" of the first with
the "exhortation" of the second.

(2).  To "convince, rebuke, exhort" during the downs of "perilous times" and the ups of
mountain top experiences {generally the mountain tops today are more in the trend of the
worldly success of rapid growth and large numbers}, even the language of which today
would horrify most church members to imagine that their popular and beloved and
respected pastor would actually convince them, rebuke them, or continue to exhort them
with long suffering and doctrine, is as foreign an accepted practice as is the non-selective
preaching of "ALL" complete Scripture.  {NOTE:  as the follies of church members come
during the "perilous times" and they must and will come (II Timothy 3:1-9) if those
follies are not revealed as admonished in II Timothy 3:9, then the follies turn into,
promote, and enhance the characteristics of the Falling Away where (1) church members
become intolerant of sound doctrine, (2) church members become more motivated by
"their own desires" than because of love of Christ and righteousness, (3) church members
vote to heap out preachers of sound doctrine and heap in teachers of unsound doctrine and
itching ears doctrines, (4) church members turn away from the truth of the Bible, and (5)
church members turn into fables.}

2.  When as a young pastor, I carefully read and studied the great book by Andrew
Blackwood on "Preaching from the Bible", it struck me at first what else is there to
preach from except the Bible as the Word of God.  At that point when I knew little of
"itching ears" Bible teachers, preachers, and church members, I simply preached on at
Walnut Valley Baptist Church and Lexington Park Baptist Church as if all church
members believed in the Bible as the Word of God--divine in origin, absolute in
authority, sufficient in message, and high fidelity in communication.  Of course, you will
have to realize that this was before churches and the world had fallen deep into the great
Falling Away of the last times.

(1).  Seminaries and Bible colleges teach preachers more administration and pastoral
duties and music more than they teach Bible.

(2).  Now at Lexington Park Baptist Church, deep like most churches into the Falling
Away and as leaders in the Falling Away {churches and church members have to be the
leaders in the Falling Away as they are the only ones who have seen the works of God for
over 40 years}, those same messages of the 1950's would now be received intolerantly.  
There is little if any tolerance of "sound doctrine" left among church members, for "the
time has come when they will not endure sound doctrine".  Instead they have "heaped up
to themselves teachers with itching ears...turned away from the truth and turned into

   a.  They have "heaped" out of their churches preachers and teachers of complete sound
doctrine.  {Incomplete when the "all" of "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God" is
replaced with partial scripture given by God or preached.}
   b.  They have "heaped" into their churches preachers and teachers of incomplete sound

3.  The extent to which the admonition to "Preach the Word" of II Timothy 4:2 follows the
complete aspects of the admonition is the extent to which a Pastor reveals follies in his
church and prevents those follies from turning into fables.

"Preach the word!  Be ready in season and out of season.  Convince, rebuke, exhort, with
all long suffering and teaching"  (II Timothy 4:2)

(1) in and out of season, in the perilous times and in the good times convince, rebuke,
exhort with all long suffering and teaching {teaching and doctrine are interchangeable

(2) convince the church members of their follies with rebuke and correction.

(3)  Rebuke your church members and the follies of your church members if you have the
courage and if you are not blinded by a desire for popularity, or if you do not take the
path of least resistance leaving it for another pastor to do.

(4).  Above all, "exhort" from the Word of God, "exhort" the complete Word of God, that
of "comfort, edification, and exhortation"; exhort with "long suffering and doctrine",
exhort in the good times and the perilous times, even during the full growth into the depths
of the Falling Away where "because sin shall abound, the love of many will wax cold."
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