It is not just "The power of the holy people is shattered", but it is according to
Daniel 12:4-7, that "the power of the holy people has been completely
shattered"!  When?  Near the "time of the end", when (1) world travel is
extensive {alias the globe has grown very small}, and (2) when world
knowledge on both Bible and computer, expands into the information explosion.  
What more do you need to hear in order to know that the time is NOW!

You congregation is in a state of disarray and confusion, so is every church and
denomination that you know about; and so are our country, weather, and
world.  You know, unless you remain in self-denial, that the power of the holy
people of God has now been shattered; and remains to be "completely
shattered" as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from earth (II Thessalonians) and the
great church apostasy called the Falling Away nears completion with the
release of Satan from bondage.

You can stick your head in the sand and participate in group self-denial with the
rest of your church or denomination, or you can accept a challenge like
FRIENDS OF JESUS to separate yourself, physically or just as overcomers.   
Young or old Christians, make some dynamic and special moves now away
from the crowd, to find new, more solid foundations for Christian living; and the
prospect of some day having Jesus Himself call you "FRIEND"!