Popular Preachers
and Bible Teachers

It is sort of like they use to say about "Military" and
"Intelligence", a contradiction of terms, all the gifts from the
Ascended Christ to the church--pastors and teachers,
evangelists, and prophets and apostles (Ephesians
4:11)--confused with popularity, a concept reversed in the
Bible only for the world.

America in this time of the Falling Away still has real spiritual
leaders obscured in the work of real fruitful service, but it is
rapidly going the way of Israel at the time of Jeremiah, when
of all the many prophets in the nation, only
Jeremiah was a
true Prophet in residence.  Of course, there was Ezekiel and
Daniel that had been taken into Captivity.  The more worldly
the world of America gets each week--and surely you see
that if you do not see the falling away crumbling around
you--the less you should heed these popular false prophets
and prophetess!  Just the nature of popularity in the world
and among the world during this Falling Away is a warning

1.  Please read chapter 11 of THE WAY OF CONTINUING
"Popular Preachers of Prosperity".

2.  Or perhaps you would like to browse the whole book on
Way of Continuing Faith.

3.  Then there is chapter of 20 of HIDEOUT FOR BAD
"Popular Preachers Promote Hiding".  

4.  Or perhaps you would like to Browse, Purchase, and
Download the whole book on
this tells the whole story of what is happening today to
churches, denominations, and the leaders in this time of the
Falling Away.  {Search the Scriptures for yourself at II
Timothy 4:4,5 and II Timothy 3:1-9 and I Timothy 4:15-5,
and for more general information on the great apostasy
where are now in called the Falling Away search the book of
Hebrews and II Thessalonians.}

NOTE:  In the nature of heeding more words by Jesus,
"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous
judgment (John 7:24), we would never subjectively criticize
churches, denominations, and their leaders independent of
the objective judgment and righteousness of the Scriptures.  
They do the dirty work for us, but that is the way God
intended it for the Bible.

5.  Sometimes they look so good and sound so good, and
"deceive even the elect"; but stop and think about the
difference between busy-Bible-study about which there is so
much pride and bragging today, even status, and Bible that is
actually profitable for the hearer or reader in the nature of II
Timothy 3:16,17.  In other words, is it profitable for the
recipient or profitable for the messenger; that is Bible that
really profits the receiver as God intended for doctrine, for
correction, for reproof, and for instruction in righteousness.  
Anything else is just entertainment!