Politics 2015
If freedom is the subject of politics, and it is; and if
freedom is the subject of the Philosophy of Religion
{POR}, then politics and religion are the subject of POR.
As you read the Declaration of Independence, the
Constitution, and the related writings of the founding
fathers, you are reading philosophy and POR.  Certain
communities today can no more re-write the history of
America's beginnings {and the history of American
Thought} than they can the Philosophy of Religion and
what it includes.

Elton Trueblood, the great Philosopher of Religion of our
generation expressed the connection between freedom
and God in a chapter on the "Religious Significance of
Freedom", which can hardly be summarized here in one
sentence; however here is one:

"The more fully we face the fact of freedom, the more we
are driven to the recognition of God as intensely

You notice in the political forums of POLITICS 2015,
Americans are seeking and demanding some discussion
of religion; however, with the need for PC, populariity,
and expediency the absolute truths of God, Christ, the
Bible and 10 commandments have become subservient
to an extreme of religious toleration that puts God, Christ,
the Bible, and 10 commands in the backseat to such
subjects as Muslims, Masons, and Mormons.  No matter
how large and influential these 3 groups are, the real God
and Creator, the only Father of the Lord Jesus Christ can
not and will not continue to bless this nation with such
comprises of absolute truth.

Mormons compromise on the Jesus of the Bible with
teachings that Jesus was the brother of satan, with their 4
Bibles, and with a restored gospel of works; Muslims
compromise in their denials of the Trinity and the Divinity
of Christ; and Masons, well mason in seeking all the way
up to their top ranks for truth, finally find just more
darkness on absolute truth.

TRUTH.  You guessed it, truth and absolute truth in the
words of the Nobel prize winning physicist Millikan, is the
subject here.  What is truth and absolute truth, and how
there is no real truth that does not face the Bible realities
of God, Christ, the Bible, and the 10 commandments.  
What you will find below are navigation bars to most of
what has been previously written on truth, on this website
and on UnderstandBible.

While atheists, Muslims, and humanists in their efforts to
takeover what is on the Internet, have among other things
organized a community called the Philosophy of Religion
that denies such subjects as politics, religion, and God in
their fellowship and discussions; however, there is no way
thousands of us who were trained in college and seminary
on Trueblood's standard for POR, which predates that
one community and even the Internet, will keep silent!