Plan and Program of Through the Bible in 3 Years

{Yes, it is all free!  "Freely we have received, freely we give."}

The success of this plan and program depends on two factors:  (1) the
assumption that the 6 volumes of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries offers
the best approach, which you should have seen during the last of over 6 years
of SunGrist_Bible on and in monthly newsletters;
and (2) your faithful perseverance.  {Not as difficult as one might think, since
the sessions only come once per month in newsletters and on the web site,
and even if you get behind, or if you have entered the program late, there are
the web pages on the same sessions available anytime.}

NOTE:  Use the underlined links as a guide to what is available and
where it is located, and the chapter coloring--blue,green, and red for
respectively the first, second, and third years as a Progress Chart, for
you and for SunGrist_Bible.

Not only this, but the Bible study sessions are repeated in downloadable PDF
documents as well as on web pages and in newsletters, just like most of you
have become accustomed.  For every Bible session on the web and by email,
there will be a more permanent PDF document.  {Just don't forget, also as
always, that you must have Adobe Reader, or the equivalent, on your
computer, available for free download, from .}

Here is the methodology of THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 3 YEARS:  look at
the Table of Contents below of the six volumes of the LCC commentaries,
then you will notice how each month of 2013, every third chapter will be
covered, and so on for 3 years to complete all the chapters, the meaningful
by skipping maintaning somewhat of a complete spread and balance.  Much
more complete and balanced than what you are presently receiving!!  In other
words, you don't have to wait a whole years to get through your Bible.

3 Year TOC…Volume 1a:  PROPHETS and APOSTLES

Preface: Learn Christ from the Apostles and Prophets     
chapter 1:    Paul Wraps up the Bible      page  3
1-1  Other Scriptures to Support Colossians 1:25
1-2   Where Paul Got His Doctrine.
1-3   The Apostle Peter acknowledged Paul as a Scripture Writing Apostle
1-4   Word of God (Scriptures) from the Apostle Paul.           
1-5   The Apostle Paul, a champion of inspiration of scriptures as on all other
1-6   Sufferings and the Ministry of Paul.        
1-7   Apostle with Children, I Timothy and II Corinthians.        
chapter 2:    The Bible is Christ            page 15
2-1  The Living God of the Living       
2-2  Righteousness of God and Man.
2-3  Composite Witness of the Bible
2-4  God, Man, and the Son of Man.
2-5   The Resurrection of Jesus.        
2-6   Wisdom from God.          
2-7  The Gospel.
2-8   Listening More Important than Sacrifice.         
2-9   What Happened to the Jews as the Chosen People of God.        
2-10 The Salvation of God.     
2-11 The New King of Israel.  
2-12 The Living God wants others to Live.      
chapter 3: The Old Testament According to the New Testament   page 42
3-1   Stephen’s Outline of Old Testament History in Acts 7.
3-2  Amos the Prophet.
3-3   Wrap-up of History of Stephen.             
3-4   David to Christ.              
3-5        The 16 Writing Prophets.        
3-6        The Prophet Isaiah.        
3-7  A Short Message from Amos, Joel, and the Great Maker of History
3-8  A Harmony of History.              
3-9    Prophets, Apostles, and the Spirit of Christ.    
3-10  Acts, the Old Testament according to the New Testament, and the
   Gospels and the Prophets.                      
chapter 4     Matthew and  Jesus.                page 63
4-1   Who is Jesus to His Contemporaries?    
4-2   Who is Jesus According to Subsequent History?           
4-3   The Sources, the Bible and the books of the Bible.       
4-4:  Christ, Marriage, and the Church.          
4-5:  Jesus and the Builder’s of History.                    
4-6:  Understanding from Peter’s First Sermon.                     
4-7:  Choose Jesus or the Temple.
4-8:  Judas betrayed Jesus in order to save his own temple.  
4-9:  The Cornerstone is Alive!           
4-10 How are the Living Stones today?           
4-11 Jesus Proclaimed in the Old Testament and Established with His
teachings in the New Testament by the Apostle Matthew          
4-12 Matthew and Psalms.                   
4-13 Matthew and the Prophets.                     
chapter 5:    John Mark and the Apostle James          page 89
5-1:   Mark.                                         
5-2:   James on Mark.             
5-3:   The Old Testament in James.               
5-4: “The Living God of the Living” from Genesis 1:26 thru Exodus 16:18
5-5:   Mark’s Appendix.                       
5-6:   The First Seven.                                    
5-7:   The Second Seven.                    
5-8:   The Third Seven.           
5-9:   Fourth Seven.                                        
5-10: Fifth Seven.                   
5-11: Sixth Seven.                   
5-12: Seventh Seven.                          
chapter 6:The Gospel Explained and Reinforced: Paul and Luke.  Pg 115
6-1:   Hebrew s and Psalms.                              
6-2:   Romans and Isaiah.                    
6-3:   Jesus is the Foundation Stone.             
6-4:   The Gospel Reinforced, Luke.                            
6-5:   Luke and the Apostle Peter’s Epistles.                           
6-6:   The Old Testament in Peter’s Epistles and Luke.          
6-7:   Another Composite.                                           
6-8:   Gospel Reinforced.                    

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