Philosophy of Religion, Rest for your Minds and
NOTE:  If you are really serious about a Philosophy of
Life and Living, you will accept some guidance from
those who dedicated their total lives to the subject,
authorities like Elton Trueblood on Philosophy of
Religion, Wayne Oates the Christian Psychologist,
Bernard Ramm, conservative Christian expert on
Christian Apologetics, Christian Evidences, and
Hermeneutics, the science of Bible Interpretation. And
oh yes, F. F Bruce, well known commentator of the NEW
INTERNATIONAL SERIES of commentaries and
respected author on the Bible Canon.  Others will be
mentioned on this page.  As Charles H. Spurgeon wrote
in his LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS, "Be not such a
wiseacre as to think you have nothing to learn from the
past." {See some of the recommended resources below.}
8th Anniversary Page, "Come and See"
Psychologist and former Professor at Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary, also author of the Christian Pastor, Grace is Sufficient, and
Human Suffering.

In "Religious Dimensions of Personality Oates presents among other things the
goals of being and become such as purpose, community, meaning, and several

2.  Bernard Ramm, former head of Graduate Religion studies at Baylor, and
unquestionable leader with many books on Christian Evidences and
Christian Apologetics such as "The Christian View of Science and
Scripture", "Protestant Christian Evidences", and "Hermeneutics, the
Science of Biblical Interpretation".

NOTE:  While the BBFers, Bible Baptist Fundamentalists, prefer Rimmer, and he
also makes some contributions, all such have the blood stains on their hands of
the destroyed careers and reputations as they they started the political Takeover
of the SBC starting in 1985, and are continuing today lead by DTS to gain doctrinal
control, especially on eschatology.  Granted while supporting most history and
miracles of the Bible, Ramm can not see the accuracy of Babel where languages
were changed and humanity was scattered across the Globe as God intended at
Creation with the first commission to all humanity.

3.  For conservative Christian Bible commentaries, you must have in your
library or read at a Library, the AN INTERPRETATION OF THE ENGLISH
BIBLE by B. H. Carroll, the founder of SWBTS, the newer set of the NEW
INTERNATIONAL COMMENTARIES, especially those by F.F. Bruce, and the
books on eschatology by Ray Summers such as WORTHY IS THE LAMB
and THE LIFE BEYOND, also do not forget his counter-part at Southern

4.  For added confidence or to dispel doubts on the 66 books of the Bible
canon, read F.F. Bruce on THE CANON OF THE BIBLE and THE BOOKS
AND THE PARCHMENTS.  You might throw into a more blessed assurance
of faith and for more faith, THE BIBLE AS HISTORY by Werner Keller and
BIBLICAL BACKGROUNDS, which combines Bible history with archaeology.

5.  If you are still hanging in there on the "Come and See" approach of
Christian Evidences {evidences concentrates more on the "prima facie"
proofs on Bible, Christ, and God, while apologetics is more philosophical
like with Trueblood's "Philosophy of Religion".

NOTE:  Men like Simon Greenleaf, former dean of the Harvard Law School who
wrote "The Testimony of the Evangelists" where among other things he wrote,
"The testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John would stand up in any court of
law as a prima facie case, that is beyond any reasonable doubt; like Irwin Linton,
who practiced law before the Supreme Court and in the day when lawyers were
more respected  and wrote "A  Lawyer Examines the Bible"; also Mosma in THE
government, education, and industry that see within their distinct professional
disciples of science evidence for God.

6.  Oh yes, and on the Bible on the Word of God, please read THE
WONDER OF THE WORD by McLenndon Day, an excellent chapter by
chapter proof of the Bible as the Word of God.

7.  Follow the
Top 12 Topics of the Bible for a different and internal
perspective of how we got the 66 books of the Bible Canon.

8.  By the way, did you miss the Introduction to
"Come and See" on
practical and pragmatic Bible Christian Evidences and Apologetics?

Science and Scripture, a good introduction to Bernard Ramm and 40
years with the American Scientific Association.

10.  Romans 1:26 on the
Correlation between atheism and gays.

Famous Last Quotes:  Last Bible verses to the wise and the
wisdom of the world.
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