POR TREASURE -- Stuff Old and New
"We bring out of our treasures, things both old and new."  

1.  OLD Stuff (POR Treasures online 2006-2014).
     a.  The John Quinn Corner, Reports for Unbelievers.
     b.  On the more positive side changed to
Reports for Believers.
     c.  A few can be reached, Reports To Make Believers.
     d.  Offered as a free PDF book (around 2009).
     e.  TRUTH   (intro on Google Website).
Truth Subset.
Truth and Bible Interpretation.
Bible Studies in Jeremiah.
     i.  Introduction to
Christian Evidences/Apologetics.
2.  NEW Stuff (POR Treasures online 2014)
NOTE:  All of these are linked on the Index page, most in the
navigation bar bottom left.
     a.  Proclaim and Contend for the Faith.
     b.  Come and See.
     c.  Philosophy of Religion.
     d.  Holy Zingers.
     e.  Bible Based Philosophy of Life.
     f.  FREE.
     g.  Zingers 2014-2015.
     h.  POR.
     i.  Elton Trueblood.
     j.  Sin Problem.
     k.  Atheist Religion.
     l.  10 Commandments of Atheism.
3.  Newest Stuff (POR Treasures Proposed online in 2015)
     a.  R. A. Millikan and C.S. Lewis.
     b.  Truth, Bible, God, and Son of God.
     c.  for POR:  New dialog with Atheist, Agnostics, and
     d.  "Treasure/Treasures" in the Bible.