POR Page
The Philosophy of Religion

POR has several levels
starting with the general
abstract thought level where
man gives it his best of mind,
heart, and soul, believe it or not
advocated in the Bible with
"Come now, let us reason
together, says the LORD..."
(Isaiah 1:18)
**; then to the
Apologetics level where
Christians strive to reach others
about faith, God, Christ, and the
Bible, still on the more
philosophical level; then to the
level of Christian Evidences
where the proofs become more
pragmatic and visible; and
finally to the authoritative level
of Bible as the Word of God.
For Christians commissioned in
the Bible by Christ (Matthew
xx:xx), all levels are attempted
that by all means some may be
reached, Going into the world to
reach, teach, win, and develop.
The bottom line of this is that
we can match the world and
aetheism at least one for one
with classic POR, apologetics,
and evidences, so that once
intellectual clutter is removed,
the soul is free to come in
simple faith to the God of the
Bible, the Father and the Lord of
Creation, and through His Son
the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some of
the best of the best of these
matches are introduced on this
POR page, with links to pages
{click on their photos to the
right for their page of
specialization} where they are
allowed to specialize on that to
which their lives were
dedicated.  Surely in this age as
none other before it, the power
of specialization is seen by all!

Hopefully these POR pages
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your favorite places for POR

It would be negligent not to
continue with the second half of
Isaiah 1:18 where God Himself
says and is dealing with the
number one common problem
of all men, women, youth, and
children, THE SIN
"Come now, let us
reason together, saith the
LORD, though your sins are like
scarlet, they shall be as white
as snow..."

NOTE:  And that is not all it
takes much more of the 1:18-20
immediate context with God's
judgment warning, and to
appreciate the message from
God through the Prophet Isaiah
with an introduction from the
whole first chapter.  {See the
Correction above, Wayne Oastes is author of the
outstanding and timeless book of RELIGIOUS DIMENSIONS
OF PERSONALITY.  The Wayne Oates Institute lives on in
Louisville, Kentucky

9.  Science and Scripture, a good
introduction to Bernard Ramm and
40 years with the American
Scientific Association.

10.  Romans 1:26 on the
Correlation between atheism and