“Occupy” A Cry of Oppression (James 2:6)

NOTE UPFRONT:  There has  been no effort, in the natural turn
of these Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy that have led
to a finalized form in the book soon to come out on amazon.
com entitled NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES, to demonize
Republicans and sainthood Democrats, goodness knows both of
them have many leaders of wealth which lie at the source of
the economic oppression of the majority of Americans.  It is
just right now, the Republican party is obviously dominated by
the rich; and the 250K plus commentators are not exercising
intellectual honesty toward aspects of the American pie and
the “Occupy” movement.  As 3 years ago the free, online Bible
study of “Jeremiah and Prophesy” progressed naturally as the
flow of any good book would to NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES
{in fiction or reality a good plot takes over}, we at SunGrist
Bible were as surprise as Jeremiah and Prophesy were pitted
up against what is happening in America right now by the turn
of events: (1) as it was realized that the real bottom line
problem in Jerusalem and Judah before destruction was
idolatyry; (2) that idols {any substitute of loyal and service to
other than the one true God and Father of the Lord Jesus
Christ} were taking over the lifestyle of the American people,
in churches and outside churches, and enhanced by the Falling
Away in American churches, while common to all America were
being led by the dominate leaders of the nation, controlled by
the idol of a committment personally and by politics to wealth;
(3) to keep on the spot up to date on current American
economic policy and oppression, if you have any intellectual
honesty at all, you must see that the stalemate to prevent the
President recently elected by the American people from
helping the majority of Americans, like those of the  “Occupy”
movements’ cry of oppression {much like in New Testament
day with 2 classes and described against the rich by the book
of James} are:  (a) Republicans of the House with a lean
toward the Tea Party, (b) lobbyists in Washington that
represent the wealthy drug and insurance companies as well
as represent the rich CEOs of big business, almost always
Republicans, (c) and outspoken Republicans in the house and
running for office who always have an axe to grind against
Democratics; and (d) news commmentators who show their
true colors, protecting their rich 250K plus status and a bias
approach which cries politics against the Democrats on jobs
and and when Republicans in Congress show their true
committments on oppression of the majority of Americans, it is
just statements of reality!
If you get the impression that, bottom line, the rich of the
wealthy and the 250K are going to continue to protect the idol
of their money, status, and position against any and all claims
by the majority of the American people of oppression, you are
right.  That is the way idols are, they dominate the life and
opinions in spite of all intellectual facts and positions.  The
10% minority of Americans that control 50% of the wealth, in
Congress and otherwise, have the right to be heard as our
heritage in government has always been for minorities;
however they do not have the right:  (1) to stalemate the
immediate help of 90% of Americans that are hungry,
unempllyed, homeless and losing their homes by refusal to
cooperate with the President, right now OUR President, that
we recently elected and wants to help “Occupy” and the
majority of Americans; and (2) those commentators, by and
large the rich of the $250K group of the wealthy, who are
obviously spinning a bias on the news with such superficial
comments about the “Occupy” movement such as “we don’t
understand what they want!”
Goodness, I even voted for the conservatives Goldwater and
Reagan, but if the national leaders continue along the present
course then any patriotic American interested in the welfare of
the majority now under economic oppression, must recognize,
at least for this immediate point in history, the Republicans
and the Tea Party are the villains as representative of the
wealthy 10%.
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          Hopefully This Last Chapter Summarizes
In deference to the current and popular false prophet of hope
and of big business, we immediately up front chose “Daylight
on Hope” over “Night of Hope”.  Just like the 70 influential
leaders in the dark basement of the Temple of Jeremiah and
Ezekiel, by the way one of whom was the son of a priest, this
false prophet of the gospel of prosperity and health, is
comparable in the darkness even though very popular with a
best selling book that appeals to the worldly more than to
Christians.  As this false prophet of false hope, just like all the
official prophets and priests of Jeremiah, belies the threats
from God through Jeremiah of continued calamities and
destruction; and represents the classic “gospel of wealth with
the corollary of success” of American Thought, in other words
represents big business and the wealthy.  After all business
and the wealthy need a spokesman like Balaam today to
represent them while the poor bottom half of the American
hour glass {10% of American wealth at the bottom of the hour
glass and 90% at the top}, since the silent majority at the
bottom of the hour glass are attempting to express to Wall
Street and the rest of the nation their own rights to “life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
24-1:  This final chapter on “Jeremiah and Prophesy”, volume 6
of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries, as part of the last chance
at a final conclusion on the subject that has been that of a
free, online www.biblecombibleman.com Bible study for 3
years, as well as part of that conclusion offers “The Meaning
and Message of Occupy Wall Street” to you slow to hear the
majority of Americans cry for help against oppression {partly
because you do not wish to admit what is happening in
America and that falsely hope that someday you might also be
Sorry, that this last chapter of “Jeremiah and Prophesy” under
the leading title of NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES has to be so
ambition; but then again isn’t that always the story when
something needs to be said that is not been heard by
influential, rich, and wealthy leadership!  Some effort, besides
what will be free online at www.biblecombibleman.
com/NDTappendix.html, must be to deal with sub-issues of this
current cry by the American bottom class {now, surely serious
sociologists would admit a two class system in America with
recent obliteration of the middle class in favor of the two
classes of one:  (1) a well-to-do upper class that remains
comfortable during this economic crisis, that would have to
include the rich, influential, wealth, and 250K plus
commentators; and (2) the rest of us Americans that hover
slightly above or well below the standard poverty line.  Below
are a few very serious sub-issues of this discussions that must
in all intellectual honesty and in the light of current American
Sociology be answered, of course in the light of Jeremiah and
the rest of the Bible.
1.  It is amazing how the current American Sociology of
economics, etc is so much more like the society of Israel at
the time of Christ, with a two class systems of wealthy and
poor.  Especially you American citizens and families with 250K
income may want to re-visit whether you are in the same
category as the famous “rich young ruler” who walked away
from Jesus and faith in Jesus because “he had great
possessions” (Luke 18:24,24 and context).
“So when Jesus heard these things {the rich, young ruler lived
a high moral life of outward keeping of the ten commandments,
noble but not sufficient for salvation as Christ and God did not
have first place in his life and lifestyle}, He said to him, ‘You
still lack one thing.  Sell all that you have and distribute to the
poor {you see how much God is really concerned about the
poor, hungry, unemployed, and homeless, or near homeless,
and if you have missed the oft repeated messages against
“mistreatment of the poor in the land” of Jeremiah and the
Prophets, there will be a effort to remedy that here in this last
conclusion/chapter}, and you will have treasure in heaven; and
come, follow Me.  {As surely we must agree, the positive
emphasis of Jesus was to follow Him, just eliminated other
priorities of loyalty which prevented that dedication.}”
“But when he {the rich young ruler, and we must translate that
to today’s American 2 class systems where rich may be $250K
plus}, he became very sorrowful {if you entertain the thought of
distribution to the poor and it makes you sorrowful just to
think of that, or of the necessity of that to follow Christ as a
real Christian that goes to heaven, then you must be in the
same category as the rich young ruler who like other rich men
could not go through the eye of the needle}, for he was very
NOTE:  If you are not at all crimped in living style by the
current economic crisis in America, then you also like the rich
young ruler may be among the “very rich”.
“And when Jesus saw that he became very sorrowful {God and
Jesus obviously sorrow over these rich men who can not get
into eternal salvation}.  He said, ‘How hard it is fro those who
have riches to enter the kingdom of God!  For it is easier for a
camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
enter the kingdom of God.”  (Luke 18:22-25)
2.  The evolution of wealth in American Society has redefined
“rich” as used of the rich, young ruler who turned away from
eternal salvation, although actually now American society is
more like the society of Israel at the time of Christ.
(1).  President Obama in the debate at Saddleback with John
McCain, and much to the consternation of both Pastor Rich
Warren and John McCain, who would never, ever consider
themselves in the same category as the rich young ruler,
redefined wealth for us as those well-to-do with incomes of
over $250K.
(2).  The dictionary definition of rich is:
“having abundant possessions and especially material wealth;
rich implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs
or desires; wealthy stresses the posses ion of property and
intrinsically valuable things.”
(3).  National leaders fall into the rich, young ruler category
partly because they are in the “ruler”, or national leadership
category, and proud of it.  Of course, like the common
American saying goes, “If they are not wealthy before they get
to Washington, they quickly become so.”  And there is just
something about government leadership that leads to wealth;
look even at that great former representative of the American
people, Bill Clinton, who surely is now listed with the
24-2:  While laying good groundwork for solutions, we still have
not dealt with the precise “Meaning and Message of Occupy
Wall Street” which is plain and simply a cry against the
oppression of the poor as discussed by Pastor James in James
2:1-13.  By the way, the cure is the practice of the “royal law”
of Leviticus 19:18 and James 2:8.
The Oppression of the “Occupy” Americans, like on Wall Street,
continues to grow, beyond economic, to the use of the law for
justice for the wealthy and $250K plus as protestors are
dragged off into court.  In your wildest imagination, and in
spite of the rich news commentators, you would never have
thought of current American society {in particular the reaction
of rich young rulers, and older} as an OPPRESSION OF THE
POOR, especially as they drag protestors off to jail and the
“Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts?”  
(James 2:6b)
Especially in cities recently across this nation, much to the
consternation of the Tea Party and Fox news, just like Cain
now, where little or no respect is given to most Americans who
are hurting in this economic crunch, the well-behaved
protestors are being carted off to the courts and jail.  Their
only crime being that they are economic oppressed, and with a
silent cry for help they are exerting their rights for “life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  Many of the 250K plus
Americans are turning a deaf ear, and more than that like the
history of American class warfare of big business versus the
working class poorer, have attempted to deny the realities.
Like Cain the wealthy 10% at the top close their eyes, or at
least focus them like a donkey with blinders on, to maintain
that they are only recently poor, unemployed, and homeless
because they want to be.  Or worse than that, and contrary to
intellectual honesty, the wealthy want to claim all they have to
do is work harder and they can either be employed or rich.
Did you not know that there is a very factual basis beyond the
control of these unemployed, hungry, and homeless
Americans:  the standard of living of Americans during the last
3 years has drastically dropped to the lowest in 50 years.  You
see there is a factual and scientific basis for the new hour
class formation of American economic society, and a reason
that America has during the last 20 years become more and
more a 2 class system of poor and wealthy, just like the days
when Pastor James lived and wrote of the “oppression of the
poor” by the wealthy even to the extent of dragging them off to
the courts.  Why does in bother the wealth and the $250K
income people, especially among the newscasters and
legislatures so much?  Two prime reasons:  (1) they refuse to
admit the changes in American Society whereby the American
Dream, always only for a select few in spite of the allusions of
many in American Society, has now become almost impossible
{we think of the changes during the lifetime of Cain, say during
the last 50 years, so that the American Dream from rags to
riches that he was able to achieve, and also Congressmen
Boehmer, would now be impossible except for a minimum
number like in the lottery who hit it big and are vastly
advertised as sort of a placebo for the majority of the
American public; and (2) they refuse to adjust to the rapid
changes in American society that have lead to the 2 classes
and lessened greatly the living standard of most Americans,
even wiped out many that are sleeping near Wall Street and
24-3:  Oppression by Discrimination Against the Poor.
OPPRESSION by discrimination against the poor, evil thoughts
of judgment about what they are poor, and a just plain dishonor
and disrespect for those who have been less fortunate than
themselves as American economic society has lessened the
number who can achieve the American dream simultaneously
with the rapid drop in standard of living during the last 3
years.  Surely the top ten percent and their complacent
supporters of $250K have never, in the light of the Word of God
from chapter 2 of James, thought of themselves as (1)
discriminating against the poor; (2) of evil thoughts by showing
partiality for the rich over the poor; (3) of dishonoring the poor.
You at the top of wealth in America and their supporters which
hang on the edge with $250K plus, do not be deceived that like
in New Testament days {yes, the time in which Christ, the
Apostles, and especially Pastor James lived, those same times
from which came the principles and practices of Christianity
that so many of your Congressmen and commentators so glibly
support}, that God favors in the poor of any nation and any time
in history; and democracy like in America, has not been given a
special dispensation of accountability on these matters.  If
anything because of the heritage of Bible, Christ, and Christian
teachings, American National leaders are now held even more
responsibly and accountability to God for this recent
oppression of the poor {what would you call it when so many
Americans, especially children go to bed hungry at night, and
many parents have to live on one meal a day or less.  
Outrageous, and the accountability rests with current national
leaders, that just one hungry child or family should exist in this
country, much less 1 out of 7.  What do you think is going to be
the exchange between you and God after the Second Coming of
Christ:  Congressmen, you bear no responsibility for the
welfare of the American people, because you earned yours the
hard way and they were not willing to work?  Hardly, on your
shoulders in the sight of God, the economic plight of most
Americans now rest on your shoulders.
“Listen, my beloved brethren:  Has God not chosen the poor of
this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He
promised to those who love Him?”  (James 2:5)
NOTE:  How can you wealthy and $250K plusers even be at
home in eternity surrounded by so many of the formerly poor on
earth.  Surely your plight will be like the rich man in hell who
asked that God would send his former servant Lazarus to put a
drop of water on his tongues; and God said not only is there a
great gulf fixed between you and him, even a greater gulf we
would speculate than the wealthy are now creating between
themselves and the poor in economic oppression, but also that
the rich man had his comfort during life and Lazarus was
homeless and hungry on the streets.  {By the way, have you not
noticed how many of these homeless are also Veterans that
fought your battles for you on foreign soil.}
24-4:  Oppression by Negligence and Disrespect for the Poor.
Did you not realize that just to ignore and minimize the needs
of these “Occupying” poor of America is oppression by
disrespect.  And further did you not realize that this
discrimination against the poor, this lack of respect and
treatment of the majority poor of this nation, is the equivalent
of murder and adultery in the sight of God. While most national
leaders of wealth like to rationalize themselves as of high
morality, after all that is part of leadership as trained by the
military academies, they never stop to think that all this
mistreatment of the poor lower class in this nation {the bottom
half in wealth} is as much a violation of the laws of God and
accountability to God as murder and adultery.
“If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture,
‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ {I know many
wealthy in Congress and other influential leaders across the
nation of wealth are saying these poor, occupy members are
not my neighbors as I don’t have any poor neighbors in my
neighborhood, but being fellow American is or should be sort of
a large neighborhood of Americans; and because they are
second class in wealth, does not make them second class as
citizens, nor does it allow less accord for dignity and respect
to them as for any other Americans.}  you do well; bit if you
show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law
as transgressors.  For whoever shall keep the whole law, and
yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.”  (James 2:8-10)
24-5:  Oppression by way of the Noble Names of God and Christ
by which Christians are named.
Now we come to the real point, according to James and the
Bible, which is that most wealthy in one form or another, and
their supporters among the 250K, “blaspheme that noble name
by which” Christians are called. In short, the rich oppress poor
Christians because they first practice oppression against
Christ, God, and the teachings of Christianity. While the lip
service is no less extensive than it has always been in politics,
much fewer of Congressmen and other wealthy would treat the
character and teachings of Christ with respect if they ran
across Him among the poor in the streets.  Of course the major
lip service heard in Congress and the lairs of the rich is that of
OMG, for which there will be immutable accountability at
“Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are
called?”  (James 2:7
The rich send their children to Harvard, Yale, and Perdue to
teach them Public Relations techniques, often with a smile and
the appearance of kindness, in order to train them how to get
along with the poor without really helping them.  They take
courses on “How to Win Friends and Influence People” among
the poor, $250K and rich in order to be liked in spite of their
blasphemy in many ways against the name and reputation of
God and Christ.  Their representatives in the pulpit tell their
little humourous stores, quotes from Dale Carnegie, and smile
like a Cheesier cat while they provide a deceptive philosophy
of the Gospel of Prosperity {an evolution of the classical
Gospel of Wealth and corollary of success of American
Thought}, also increase oppression on the poor in that if they
had enough faith they also would have a gold mine or oil well
in their back yard, in other words with enough faith be rich.
NOTE:  Most American are currently between a rock and a hard
place created by Cain, the Tea Party, indeed the Republican
Party, and their false Prophets like Osteen and Swaggart; for
on the one hand you have Cain telling most Americans that if
they work hard enough they can either be employed or become
rich, and on the other hand the Gospel of Prosperity and Health
advocates {largely pentecostals} telling Americans that if they
have enough faith they can be wealthy.
24-6:  Oppression by greedily taking the largest pieces of the
American Pie sot that with the decrease in GNP, 90% of the
Americans are having their remaining piece of pie cut down or
even eliminated.
There is just so much wealth and American pie that can go
around as the Gross National Product of the nation decreases,
often caused in part by the wealthy laying off their workers in
order to show less overhead on their financial statement and
hence an increase in stock value.  Was it not William Jennings
Bryan who warned America, back in the days when
Congressmen still had some ‘Profiles in Courage” against
crucifying America on a cross of gold, which interpreted means
that the stock market was used as a substitute for getting a
large piece of the pie by the wealthy.
24-7:  There are many aspects of the Oppression index for the
majority of Americans, one being the “Misery” index, many of
these indices help to understand how different the economic
crisis affects the rich class as compared to the poor class
such as American Pie Index,  American Dream Index, and
surely based on the Bible we should include a Greed Index.
1.  The Misery Index is a measure of Oppression for the
majority of Americans.  What is so unusual right now in the
American economy as compared to the past is that both
unemployment and inflation have gone up.  By and large in the
past while one would go up, the other would go down.  While
the rich remained unaffected, even prosper now as they have
money to purchase the bankrupt mortgages and buy goods
prohibited to the poor, most Americans are double hurting.
2.  The Apple Pie Index is a measure of majority oppression.  
There is just so much Pie to be shared by all Americans, and
when the rich take more and more of the Apple pie, that leaves
little or none for the poor.  For example, it is a well known fact
that in the last 20 or so years:  (1) the GNP, Gross National
Product, in America has gone down leaving a smaller pie to
divide between the rich and the poor, and (2) as the incomes of
government workers have increased with the cost of living to
exceed their peer group of Americans outside the public
sector, income for 90% of Americans has also shrunk.
While in the Gilded Age of the Robber Barons like Carnegie and
others where eventually Congress had some “Profiles in
Courage” left to enact anti-trust legislation to restrict this
hoarding of the Apple Pie, American Dream, and Greed, for the
last 20 years the new generation of robber barons of computer
hardware and software, drugs {legal and illegal} and medical
insurance have remained largely free to put the squeeze on
most Americans.
Since Lord Kelvin said “it is not scientific until a number is
attached”, we become more objective on the American Pie
Index as we consider numerical values of the number of
Americans, of course not the wealthy and because in many
cases of the actions of the rich, lost their retirements in 401Ks.
3.  The American Dream Index allows the rich like
Congressmen Boehmer to gloat on the rise of his personal and
family history from rags to riches at the same time he is crying
because others were about to infringe on his part of the
American pie and Dream, but while more Americans have
jumped into the rich category, even more Americans have lost
their American Dream with the loss of retirement, employment,
prospects of employment, and homes.
4.  Except for the courageous few of the “Occupy” movement,
which represent the economic indices of the majority, seldom
do we hear mentioned the Greed Index.  Only from them and
the Bible.  The Greed Index is almost exclusively for the
wealthy, although many Americans contributed to it before the
mortgage bubble busted by purchasing homes that were more
than they needed or could afford.  And certainly what is so bad
about Greed is that it is covetousness run amuck, a passion for
things, possessions, wealth, and security that can not be
5.  The “Contentment” Index of Christianity has suffered also
during the last 20 or so years as less and less Americans have
not become satisfied with just “food and raiment”.
“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.  For we
brought not nothing into this world, and it is certain we can
carry nothing out.  And having food and clothing, with these we
shall be content.” (I Timothy 6:6-8)
6.  Obviously from the Bible, the opposite of contentment is the
“desire to be rich”; and while it “drowns men in destruction
and perdition”, it takes many other Americans down with the
would-be rich.
“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a
snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown
men in destruction and perdition.  For the love of money is a
root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the
faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with
many sorrows.”  (I Timothy 6:9,10)
24-8:  There is a “Meanness” Index not yet mentioned in
current American Society that is also a measure of the
oppression of the effects on the majority of Americans.  
Oppression when Mercy does not triumph over justice,
judgment, and a political and economic sense of right and
wrong.  “Mercy triumphs over judgment.”  (James 2:13)  
In other words, many among the wealthy had rather be proven
right on the American Dream and pie, than to find ways to
make decisions to heed the current cry of Americans in the
“Occupy” movement.  Together Cain and Donald Trump are
America’s most famed representatives of this meanness:  Cain
with the cruel statement that the unemployed are not
employed or rich because they do not want to be, and Trump
because of the famous “Your Fired”, a philosophy that assisted
greatly in the layoffs of the last 10 years, and contributes
greatly to a lack of sympathy for the “occupy” movement {and
the majority of Americans} and support for the stalemates in
Congress caused by the Tea Party.
This mea ness has come in great part with an enhanced sense
of law, what is legal, and what is justice as they rich decide
justice.  It is opposite of the “law of liberty” of the Bible in
James 2:12,13.  While most national leaders today would claim
to be Christian {Cain has already claimed to be Christian
although his political practices and beliefs say otherwise},
they fall very short of another law, called in the Bible THE LAW
OF LIBERTY.  You might even consider it as related to the “life,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness and property” of the founding
fathers; but it goes far beyond that to include much of what
has been presented on respect for and treatment of the poor
from Pastor James.
“So speak and so do as those who will be judged by the law of
liberty.  For judgment is without mercy to the one who has
shown no mercy.  Mercy triumphs over judgment.”  (James 2:

24-9:  Accountability of national leaders of wealth in America:  
“Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are
coming upon you!”  (James 4:1-6)
You need to read it again for yourselves below, and in the light
of the re-defined current concept of “rich” in America!  {Yes,
this is a threat from the Bible, from a Christian pastor in
Jerusalem, James, and from God Himself:  you had better prep
yourself for the inevitable!}
First, Americans are caught between Cain {who is killing Able-
bodied Americans who would like to work} and Joel at the two
extremes, Cain is saying to Americans that if you work hard
enough you can be rich and especially employed {the exact
quote goes something like, If you want to be rich or employed
you just have to try!}, and Joel, the false prophet of midnight
hope {“Night of Hope”} is trying to tell Americans that if you
have enough faith you will within 2 years be rich with either an
oil well or gold mine in your yard.  Both as you can see, are
false prophets of business, representing in different forms and
message the old classical Gospel of Wealth and Corollary of
Success of American Thought.  Both excuses have been used
throughout American History to justify an extreme motivation
for wealth, while the Bible time and time again as quoted in
this chapter warns against even the “wanting” of wealth.  To
have or to want riches is in most cases, according to the Bible,
self-destructive of the soul and personality.  These false
philosophies of the immediate acquisition of wealth by more
than just a few in American Society has often been warned
against by the American history historians of big business as a
panacea, much like the current craze for gambling that gives
false hope to most Americans as only a select few will actually
“Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are
coming upon you!  Your riches are corrupted, and your
garments are moth-eaten.  Your gold and silver are corroded,
and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat
your flesh like fire.  {Surely you never thought that your
corroded gold and silver of wealth would in the judgment be a
witness against you at the same time as the blood of brothers
without jobs and hungry, or their homeless children.}  You have
heaped up treasure in the last days.  {The treasure for some
day--Dr. Lee often preached “PayDay SomeDay”-- is this
corrosion!}  Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your
fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out;  and the cries of
the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabbaoth.  
You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have
fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter.  You have
condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist
you.”  (James 5:1-6)

24-10:  The worship/service of 70 idols by the 70 influential
leaders in the dark basement of the Jerusalem Temple, lead to
the greater abominations (Ezekiel 8:6) of God’s people in the
daylight floor of the Temple.
The idols {any “mammon of man” that is given loyalty in
service of life over the only God is an idol} of America today
are far more sophisticated than those 70 idols of the 70
influential leaders in the dark Temple basement.  Portrayed on
the walls were 70 idols, one for each influential leader and one
for each city of Judah, and they included exclusively for Judah
of that day and the surrounding nations among them “every
sort of creeping thing” and “abominable beasts”, but with the
current sophistication of idol worship in America {except for
the standard about 70 false religions with gods which are
really not a God at all, thus bottom line represent Satan, the
other supernatural being} would only be “all the other idols of
the house of Israel (Ezekiel 8:10).  What is seen today in the
basement of public buildings is other symbols of:  wealth, sex,
power, status, prosperity, security, boats, lavish beyond the
needs of comfort homes, position, fame, and many “things”.  
Actually if we sought with all intellectual honesty to seek out
the prime priorities in the lives and families of Americans
today, we could find even more than the 70 symbols {all idols
are in the final analysis is a symbol or something since they
represent no living and breathing spiritual reality, and have
become substitutes for the only God Who is the Father of the
Lord Jesus Christ.
Even as Hosea, who also as a bottom line theme made clear
the message from God that the whole nation of Israel {then the
northern kingdom and before destruction and captivity by
Assyria} was guilty of “spiritual adultery”, another way to say
idol worship in the place of the worship of God; also makes
clear that it was all Israel, the people and the leaders, that is
“like the priest like the people”, and vice versa, that were
guilty of spiritual adultery in idol {symbol} worship.  Like our
influential leaders in Washington and the wealthy across the
nation, these national leaders in the dark basement obviously
did not want the rest of the nation in the daylight above to
know what they were done.  You know Jeremiah was even
forbidden from going into the temple itself; and the religious
leaders of Judah already Captive in Babylon were horrified to
learn from God through the Prophet Ezekiel that the leaders of
the place they longed for and dreamed about, in the public
buildings of Jerusalem and the little nation of Judah that
remained, were so far gone astray.  What were these influential
leaders thinking?  The key is in Ezekiel 8:12:
“For they say {the influential 70}, ‘The LORD does not see us,
the LORD has forsaken the land.’”  (Ezekiel 8:12)
NOTE:  The latter was true by this time God “has forsaken the
land”, telling His only faithful prophet not to any longer prayer
for the people, the leaders, or the land itself; but is also
obvious since they did the dirtiest of all deeds, the worship of
the substitutes for the only Living God, that they did not want
either the people above in the daylight to know or the elect of
God in Babylon to know:  (1) they had decided that God had
forgotten all the public buildings and land of the nation; and (2)
to know publicly that they worshipped all these idols, even the
ones that were representative of 70 cities of Judah.
The leaders, like Herbert Phibrick of the days of American
battles against communism, were living two lives:  the one
above ground and the one underground.  They were controlled
in secret by different thought patterns than they allowed the
people above to know or hear!  Well, we know:  (1) our national
leadership feels no compulsion to practice intellectual
honesty; and (2) they are far too smart to let us dumb, poor
Americans know what they are thinking or what their
motivations are; and (3) we, in the nature of behaviorism and B.
F. Skinner can only tell their committed behavior is in favor of
the wealthy, some of which they are!
Anyone, national leader, wealthy, or otherwise, claiming to be
a Christian and Bible believer should feel some compulsion to
listen to and heed the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the
Mount about idols of man’s mammon, service, and where the
heart is committed.
1.  American’s idols are the symbols that they serve as masters
or controllers of their lives, and Jesus taught:
“No one can serve two masters {or 2 gods, one real and one a
symbol}; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or
else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.  You
cannot serve God and mammon.”  (Matthew 6:24)
NOTE:  In short “mammon” is all not made by God Himself, or
the creations of man, from his hands or in his mind.  The idols
are creations by the mind or minds of men.
2.  Where your heart felt “treasure” is, is also where your heart
is; and indicates whether it is on God, heaven, and Christ, or
on some kind of symbolic mammon as an idol.
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  
(Matthew 6:21)
3.  Leaders, wealthy, or the rest of Americans who claim to
follow Christ, to what extent can you continue to presently
oppress non-wealthy Americans and still claim to “seek first
the kingdom of God”?
“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and
all these things shall be added to you.”  (6:33)
NOTE:  (1) “these things” are what you need for living, food and
covering; and (2) these things can not as in Joel’s book take
precedence of thought and effort in your life, but must take
second place to “seek first the kingdom of God”.  In the long
run of eternity, this will lead to no major and tragic results!
And in conclusion, this is about all the daylight from Jesus
light that we presently have time to spread, but surely it is
enough to come out of the basement of “Night of Hope” and
dark basement of idol despair.
24-11:  You must see the similarity to the days of Jeremiah
before the destruction of Jerusalem, where all the official
prophets and priests had gone bad in their Prophesy, except
Jeremiah, with all the False Prophets today of dreams,
specialized revelation, and the popular Gospel of Prosperity.  It
would seem, even like in Judah and Jerusalem, when the times
get darker we lie to ourselves more, and the false prophets,
like termites, come out of the woodwork to champion the
cause of the deceived majority.
It is bad enough that the fundamentalists who have taken
control of the largest Protestant denomination, the SBC, help
such false prophecies as those out of the mouth of Falwell
before he died such as the 3 signs of revival in America as Ted
Haggard, Rich Warren with purpose driven “wants”, and
LeHaye’ false doctines on the time of rapture and a fictional
one thousand year millineum on earth--all philosophies and
false prophecies that ignore the Falling Away and the wrap up
of this old earth in favor of a new earth at the Second Coming
of Christ; but now we have Swaggart and other pentecostals
who actually have the nerve to advocate instead of a Falling
Away, the church of today is experiencing a new, great
awakening of revival.

NOTE:  It is almost impossible to wrap up NATIONAL DENS OF
THIEVES without discussing the nature of false prophesy and
what happened to all the official prophets and priests before
God brought the major calamity of captivity and destruction on
Jerudalem.  It is always easier to start the introduction to a
Bible Study than to conclude it, so we desire so desperately to
include all that has not previously been stated and to relate all
previously been stated.
1.  When there is a shortage of real Prophets and prophesy of
God because no one is really listening to or heeding the Word
of God, is when the false prophets grow and thrive.
2.  While God speaks of calamities on God’s peopl.e in real
prophesy, the false prophets deny that anything bad can or is
happening, or is going to happen to the nation.
3.  False prophets work on dreams and visions just the
pentecostals have done within the last 20 years.
4.  God intervened with daylight on prophesy and dreams and
special revelations with a guarantee in New Testament times
of more democartic prophets and prophesies.
5.  Now, real prophets and prophesy is ignored and denied.  
You do not even hear of the office of “prophets” in the church
in spite of the fact that the ascended Christ appointed them
along with pastors, evnagelists, apostles, and teachers.  
(Ephesians 4:11)
NOTE:  We no longer have time nor space to elaborate on these
latter matters, so that they are largely reserved for the free,
future, online Bible studies on “Life and Letters of Paul”.
6.  However one last effort in this chapter must be made to
show you exactly what God said was happening with the falsity
of all the official prophets and priests in Jeremiah, and beg you
to see the similarity with today in the American church.  You
know, according to Jesus in Matthew 24, that an outsanding
characteristic, or sign, of the END would be the proliferation of
false prophets; however our problem is always to bring it home
where we live!  It is alsways, “Everybody but US”!
(1).  Americans reject the Word of God today because they are
given over to the covetousness of the worship of many idols.
“Because from the least even to the greatest everyone is given
to covetousness; from the prophnet even to the priest everyone
deals falsely.”  (Jeremiah 8:10)
(2).  The False Prophets of today in America, like Osteen,
Swaggart, and many pentecostals are claiming a false peace
and security in the nation {“just wait 2 years and you will have
an oil well or gold mine in your yard”} by their preaching of a
false gospel of prosperity; and though we might strain to find
in their churches some good they are doing for poor people,
most of these ministries are more like in Jeremiah where God
“For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My peole
slightly, saying ‘Peace, peace!’ When there is no peace.”  
(Jeremiah 8:11)
The economy of the United States just keeps going downheal
while these false prophets promise a night of false hope; and
worse than that they deny the intense series of calamities that
God has sent on this nation in order to provide a warning of the
error of their ways.
(3).  God says today like He did to the people and prophets of
Jeremiah, “I am sick of your dreams and visions and special
revelations.”  God says, “I don’t want to hear about them
anymore as I did not speak to these prophets.”
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