How To ORDER, PAY, and Receive eBook chapters in
   PDF and and in color by Email

1.  Dowload the list of chapters to see which chapter you want to buy, or
look at the list online.
2.  Email for which chapter you want by return email.
3.  Immediately you will be emailed two links to PayPal for purchase of
either the chapter you requested or the whole book.
4.  Pay by choosing the proper email link, PayPal notifies us, and to
your email address will be sent the chapter-manuscript in PDF format.  

To get started with more specific information, go to the
web page or web pages of your interest.

1.  Chapters of Technical Applications of Computers with Matlab and
Open Software.

Chapters of New Sounds of Faith.

NOTE:  Since SunGrist pays for the membership, you can use the
credit cards of your country.  Once you chose your chapter from the list
and email that request, you will be sent a return link to purchase by
email.  Once inside PayPal by way of that link, first chose your
country--China, Russia, UK, Eurocard, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, or
any country.  The credit card options for your country will come up.