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Warning:  If you receive your monthly
newsletter from please
ignore any requests for money from Spain.  
No one with SunGrist_Bible or this website is in
Spain.  The message was entitled
EMERGENCY and read like this:

Sorry to bother you about this
I am presently in Spain and am facing
some difficulties here because i
misplaced my wallet where my money
and credit card were kept. Presently my
passport and belongings have been
seized by the hotel management
pending when i settle my bills.

I need you to lend me 2,450 Euros to
settle my hotel bills and get myself
back home. I've been to the embassy
and the Police but they haven't been

I will reimburse the money as soon as i
return. Please let me know if you can
be of help ASAP. I can only
communicate by email. Please come to
my rescue


NOTE:  This was not from SunGrist
and Yahoo is investigating the
hijacked password.  Yahoo changed
the password so that they {indications
are from Nigeria} can not longer get
into  If
you have received or to receive such a
scam and spam, will you please let us
know at;
and if you fail to get your monthly
newsletter, please email the same

Since hackers got into the
Pentagon and the very classified
RPV controls, supposedly it should
be considered a compliment that
they hacked into a Bible website,
but if you receive spam mail
please accept this apology, and let
us know!  You can always use the
very secure web user contact form
below.  (no phone number please}

The reason is obvious since
scams come out of Nigeria
to have you send large
print Bibles, their business
was missed with when this
last year SunGrist made
available online and by
email free PDF copies of
PRINT New Testament.  
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