First Bible Session of "Life and Letters of Paul"

This is the first study session of the new, free, and online Bible study,
much like the previous ones of the last three years {by the way still
archived and being studied by new comers to the sessions} on
"Jeremiah and Prophesy" and "Top 12 Topics of the Bible" with
which you are familiar.

The Bible session underlined by a link below, when you click on it, will
download a  beautiful PDF document in color {originally in
FrameMaker}, so that you can either/or VIEW for online study  and/or
SAVE AS for study at home.

First Session Title:

"We Don't Have to Win, We Just Have to Fight"

{alias, "Remember My Bonds" (Col. 4:18 KJV), The Epitaph
of Paul.}

Sections you will find in the download above for Bible Study:

1-1:   "Remember My Bonds".
1-2:   Paul was a Fighter.
1-3:   "I have fought a good fight."  (II Timothy 4:6,7)
1-4:   Obvious Case Histories of the Falling Away.
1-5:   The Call for Separation.
1-6:   "Spare no Effort" (Ephesians 4:3).
1-7:   The "How" and "Why" of churches falling away.
1-8:   Abounding Sin in American and Church Life.
1-9:   Sin floods In, Love of the Father pressed Out.
1-10:  "Believe and Be Baptized", alias the one great
 salvation of God, alias the "One Baptism".