of the
for the
It is a New World, brave or otherwise, with not
only the largest
Millennial generation, but with
more new and old nuts to influence them; and
since, no doubt they are the largest and last
generation, there is a critical need for more
real Bible on eschatology or the last things!  

The Falling Away followed by the Second
Coming, the Gathering in the sky of all
Christians, and the New Earth is maligned,
ignored, and the victim of the Demonic Veil of
the Rapture.

Next to the 3 standard and Christian Classical
Apologetics and Christian Evidences on God,
the Bible, and Jesus as the Son of God, now
for this new world must be added the obvious
fact that Christians and Churches {not the nuts}
are in self-denial about the present realities of
the Falling Away.

The present Falling Away is the great, new
demand on Christian Apologetics.

The prayer of SunGrist_Bible is that the Falling
Away will be the great, new Christian
Apologetic of the New Generation.