New Sounds of Faith!

Congratulations, you are living in the period of the two greatest events of all
world history, one bad and one good; that is eclipsing World War II and the
establishment of the United States of America, far beyond in significance the
inventions of mothers, apple pie, and patriotism of the American flag--yes even
beyond the influence of garage sales, are these two world ending events of
history, the great apostasy called the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:4,5) and the
Second Coming of Christ that ends all on this old earth and establishes a new
earth with new citizens.  Most citizens, especially church members, do not
recognize that we are already deep into the great apostasy of the Falling Away;
and far less acknowledge the truth of the Bible sequence of these two events,
first the Falling Away which demands that Christians still be on this earth so that
there is something to fall away from, and second that it is the falling away that
ushers in the Second Coming, whereby those living Christians that remain
“shall not prevent the dead in Christ, for the dead in Christ shall rise first, then
we that remain and are alive will be caught up with them to meet the Lord in the
Yes, you Bible Baptist fundamentalists {herein called BBF’s} never stopped to
think of how you are unsuccessfully trying to “prevent the dead in Christ from
rising first”--aren’t you ashamed of yourself--by denying that Christians must go
through the Falling Away; and the sad part for so many church members in
America today in the most conservative {and so called evangelistic}
denominations, is that they deny, or ignore, or will “not endure” the sound
doctrines of:  (1) we of the world are in the Falling Away from our “first love” of
God, Christ, and the Bible right now; and (2) at the end of this Falling Away,
any day now, comes the Second Coming which ushers in the END of this old
earth and the beginning of new life on the new earth.
1-1:  Does all this sound NEW to you?
One way you can tell a real  Bible scholar  properly instructed in the things of
“the kingdom of heaven”, a “scribe” in the words of Jesus (Matthew 1352},
“instructed concernng the kingdom of heaven” is if they are like a homeowner
that brings out of that treasure things that are old and some things that are
new.  In short, this is part of the stewardship of the treasures committed to the
citizens of the new kingdom.
“Then He {Jesus} said to them, ‘Therefore every scribe instructed
concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of
his treasure things new and old.’” (Matthew 13:52)
Does all this sound NEW to you?  Then you are a number one candidate of the
NEW SOUNDS OF FAITH.  It is not that it is a new way of faith like the
Christian scientists would offer you by way of faith healing, or that Mormons
would offer you with their “reformed gospel” of works instead of grace; it just
sounds NEW because either your head or you heart has not heard it before, or
For a “few”  (Matthew 7:13,14), this will be New Sounds of a New Faith; but for
the vast majority of world and church member citizens, especially in America
where there are more citizens eligible for the falling away, it will simply be NEW
SOUNDS OF FAITH, because you have not heard these sound and are not
hearing these sounds.  You see, this within itself is part o the falling away, that
real Bible starts to sound strange to you and unread Bible like matters on
“rapture” and “the millennium” start to seem like spiritual realities to you.  Do
you forget that in  your rush to hear about prophetic predictions, that the
number one prediction from Jesus is an abundance of deceptive and deceiving
prophets, Bible teachers, preachers, and evangelists?  You are not ready for
the new sounds of faith, until you face up to the realities in the world today that
the “deceivers” are here now and in abundance.  There is just no way in the
Bible--and this may also sound new to you--that you can be looking for the
eminent return of Christ without a recognition of the present falling away that is
the necessary predecessor of the Second Coming and the END!
1-2:  From that same section of Matthew where Jesus many times speaks
of the “kingdom” {by the way a word that almost seems new today but is
as old as the establishment of the kingdom on earth by Jesus; and
because of the religious propaganda of the BBFs today that control the
SBC, will also sound new to you is the oft repetition of the phrase “at the
end of the age”.
Along with no hearing from pulpits, TV, and popular books about the
“kingdom”, you are not hearing about “the end of the age”; because almost
every reference to the END implies that Christians will still be on the earth; and
for the fundamentalists, this is a possibility they deny with a false rapture and
false millennium.  The just do not want to believe, as Jesus taught, that they will
still be on this earth during the Falling Away {which by the way Christianity is
already deeply into) and the Final Tribulation, which is primarily physical at the
old earth increases its shaking into final destruction, and in order to usher in the
new earth.
Going backwards from Matthew 13:52, and still on the teachings in parables of
Jesus, we encounter many phrases of “at the end of the age” {gratefully and
with wisdom as always Jesus added “at the” {the terminal end or the last of the
last days} end, so fundamentalists dedicated to the Scofield Notes have
trouble explaining around when the end really is}--
1.  In Matthew 13:49, “at the end of the age” will be a time, according to Jesus,
when the angels go east and west all over the earth, in order to separate “the
wicked from the just”.
NOTE:  This is from Jesus’ Parable of the dragnet, Matthew 13:47-52,
where fishers for Christ after men cast their nets into the whole sea of the
world, take them to shore, then separate the good from the bad.  What
does that remind you of except how God’s people in Jeremiah are
separated into good figs and bad figs, also the parables that conclude
with “many are called, but few are
2.  In Matthew 13:40, Jesus in His explanation of the parable of the Tares,
taught, “Therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be
at the end of this age.”
NOTE:  Also Jesus’ “at the end of THIS age” confuses the
fundamentalists.  And have you ever noticed how different the sound
when fundamentalists jump off the deep end on eschatology {last things}
as compared to when they strive to stay on routine, solid Bible.  Actually a
good definition of fundamentalism is “superficial and worldly
And efforts on the of SunGrist_Bible to rescue
the SBC from their grip by a more positive emphasis on:  (1) the all scripture
approach and movement, because they are very selective on the scriptures
you hear from them; (2) the ASPI version of the Bible which tolerates so much
private, denominational interpretation of the Bible; and (3) the balanced life of
bread and Bible which recognizes that man must make a living but also live by
“every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”, whereas fundamentalists
lose sight of that “every word” and give as much weight to what came out of
the mouth of Scofield, Darby, and the KJV association in Memphis Tennessee.
3.  In Matthew 12:36 the words of the phrase are different but the thought of
the mystery of the kingdom is the same, namely “in the day of judgment”.  The
conrast continues about which to Jesus is the difference between a “good
man” and “an evil man”--like we have seen in reason studies of Psalm 37--
greatly distinguished by the difference in the idle words they speak, “every idle
word men may speak, they will give account of in the day of judgment.”
NOTE:  One must distinguish between how in Romans 3:23, there are
none good, “no not one” and the oft Bible teachings on a good and
upright and just man.  The first is on the absolute scale of goodness
where all fall short of Jesus and the glory of God; and the very practical
way, in the second, whereby God distinguishes between His own good
and bad figs, as between the wicked and the good man.  The problem
comes today, like in Jesus dealings with the religious of His day, when
churches and the community make their own definitions of what is a
“good man” or good people.  Even today, you will not find many church
members--especially among the conservative, fundamentalists, and
evangelistical, who recognize and admit that God’s called people have
always been distinguished by God, like in Jeremiah, as being of two
possible groups, the group of bad figs and the group of good figs.  {And
this is a kingdom of God and Christ distinction, having little to do with
denominations as many would   like to believe!}
1-3:  NEW SOUNDS OF FAITH is built on the e-book that many of you
have downloaded and enjoyed through the years of SunGrist_Bible on, SOME SOUNDS OF SOUND FAITH.
It is a compilation of some of the most noteworthy basic teachings of the
Even these old and steadfast, like God Himself forever basic teachings of the
Bible have perhaps sounded somewhat knew to you in that they took on
directly many false teachings, customs, and traditions that wage warfare every
day against the Bible and what Christians hold so dear as fundamental faiths.  
However during the last over 6 years, you online Bible surfers on this
SunGrist_Bible of for the most part have
recognized those basics as:  God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son
of God, the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Helper, the Bible as the Word of
God, Salvation, Faith, Gospel, Assembly, Falling Away, Day of the LORD and
Lord.  {Unfortunately Hope was not in there as a basic, in particular "the hope
of His calling".  It was covered but it took such calamities as Sandy Point,
Sandy Hook school, and Moore City {and where do you stop on the list of the
intense series of calamities in our nation since 9/11}, to remind us not only that
Christian faith begins and ends in Hope, but also that "if in this world only we
have hope, we are of all men most miserable".
1-4:  If you heart is in the right place, you will recognize these New sounds
as the real sounds of the Bible that have been clouded in your mind by the
propaganda of the deception of which Jesus spoke in Matthew 24.
Then perhaps the sounds in your heart can drag the same sounds into your
head to recognize the pinnacle from which Christianity has fallen during the last
40 or more years.  {40-80 years is designated in the Bible for the previous
periods of falling away of God’s people that are given to us as examples of
what no to repeat in the Bible.}  Prayerfully, these NEW SOUNDS OF FAITH
can challenge you heart, mind, and soul--the designated same places where
you are to love God with all, and you must admit that you do not have the
same love and passion as you did for Christ at initial salvation--to check
yourself against some more objective standards in the Bible for soundness that
you presently know, such as check yourself against these few words out of the
mouth of God Himself as recorded in II Timothy 4:3,4.
“For the time will come...”
{the time is already here and that will be a new sound to you}
“...when they will not endure sound doctrine...”
{this is an intolerance among church members toward sound Bible teachings
and doctrines, primary coming from deception and a love that has waxed cold}
“But out of their own desires...”
{purpose driven by the Spirit and Christ has been replaced by purpose
driven, individual wants and desires of church members}
“..because they have itching ears...”
{church members and church leaders, primarily the Bible teachers, have
itching ears that need the comfort of popularity and worldly acceptance
and approval--those itching ears that need the comfort of flattery in word
or deed}
“will they heap up teachers with itching ears...”
{surely you must recognize the American wide movements for years,
particularly in the Bible belt, to heap out Bible teachers and preachers--
men of God of sound doctrine--from pulpits and seminaries of sound
doctrine, and simultaneously heap in, at the local and denominational
levels, men of popular doctrines and teachings}
“turn away from the truth...”
{this 4th stage and next to the last stage of the Falling Away is where
churches and church members and leaders are right now, and it is so
subtly but part of the end successful deception of which Jesus spoke in
Matthew 24}
“and be turned into fables...”
{you know many that are already into fables and the more conservative
are right behind them}
The same “Health Check” final chapter of SOME SOUNDS OF SOUND
FAITH will be presented for your exhortation, comfort, and edification.  Good
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