National SIN
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 National RIGHTEOUSNESS vs National SIN

Since according to the Bible the gay rights movement is a social sin, it is a good
place to start this message to the nation on "National RIGHTEOUSNESS versus
National SIN, even though National sins are much larger than that of gay rights. It
is just that, based on the Bible, it is so much easier to prove gay rights as a
social and therefore a national sin. You might say it is the straw man or whipping
boy for all national sins, also a way to judge the rise, revival, and fall of national
righteousness. In fact, it would have to be said that gay rights is a puny sin as
compared to the larger national sins of idolatry, divorce, and greed; and far more
of this national message will be directed toward the righteousness or sins of
idolatry, divorce, and greed than will be directed toward the sin of the gay rights
movement. "Conservative" does not mean righteousness; and while lately we
have heard from a lot of national conservatives trying to make righteous
statements to redeem themselves on gay rights; we have not heard again the
timeless words of Romans chapter 1 on gay rights.
And please do not forget that this is second in a series of teachings and
messages on "Advanced Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy"
{See}. You know
when you get right down to the nitty gritty of what happened to the Jewish people
during the time of Jeremiah, and what the people of God of that day were
thinking {with over 163 years of decisions, "ways and doings" that forever
destroyed them as the exclusive people of God}, then it is simple after a
significant amount of study of the Jeremiah text itself {not necessarily the
scholarly treatments as they tend to study "about" the Bible rather than the ASPI
Bible "itself"}: a lack of righteousness overwhelmed the nation of Judah and
Jerusalem, and an extreme "abounding of sin" took the place of righteousness.
This is the reason that the backsliding of the people of God in Jeremiah is such a
lesson for today’s great Apostasy called the Falling Away. Even as Jesus
identified the last times and the Falling Away of the people of God of the last
generation as "because sin shall abound the love of many shall wax cold"
(Matthew 24:12), so the abounding of individual sin and National SIN and the
opposite absence of National Righteousness characterize the time and place of
the great, final Falling Away from God, Christ, and the Bible.

24-1: The Text of the Message is Proverbs 14:34.

Remember that although this sin is a launching pad for the less puny National
SINS of idolatry, rebellion against God on marriage, greed, and mistreatment of
the people in the land; it does illustrate as a social sin what happens to man
created originally in the image of God when God for at least 3 generations--
grandparents, parents, and gay children--is forgotten and ignored {"They refuse
to retain God in their thinking.... (Romans 1:28}. However on the more positive
side, as if sin could have a positive side in the sight of God and the Bible, the
prime subject of this message is National RIGHTEOUSNESS versus National
SIN, and it is largely based on the text of Proverbs 14:34.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."
(Proverbs 14:34)

That single verse raises many questions: how is a nation like the United States or
Russia exalted by righteousness, and how is a nation reproached, and by WHOM
when sin starts to dominate and erode the morals and ethics of the nation,
especially on family life; and then the larger question of what is righteousness and
what is sin. Like Paul wrote also in Romans, "We would not have known sin, had
it not been for the laws of God {the 10 commandments, and other teachings of
the Bible for example God on the proper pattern for marriage} (Romans 3:19),
like Genesis 2:24. One of the great marvels of God’s creation events is the
establishment of the proper pattern for marriage: it is one of the first and great
"therefores" of the Bible.

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother an be joined to his wife,
and they shall become one flesh." (Genesis 4:24)

24-2: The Marvel of God’s Established Plan for Marriage and Happiness.

You know it is really not complicated as to what God’s law, rules, or pattern for
marriage is in spite of the attempt of some lawyers, judges, and many gays to
make it complicated: it is one man, one woman, for life, both enjoying natural
(Romans 1:26,27) sex and bringing children into the world. By the way, this is one
obvious way in which the righteousness of God, that is following the proper
pattern of God and from God on marriage "exalts a nation"; for it is the healthy,
happy, and strong families of this nation that grow the good citizens that vote,
keep informed, and serve in the military, that support churches and
righteousness, that make the leaders of tomorrow.
1. Of course gay supporters would immediately deny that while sex and marriage
between a man and women is normal and natural, to use some of the words of
the Bible in Romans 1:26,27; that would likewise deny that sex of women with
women and men with men is not normal. Yet it is the way God created men and
women, and it is and was the original intention of God.

"For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women
exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the
men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one
another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in
themselves the penalty of their error which was due." (Romans 1:26,27)

You know anyone series about the Bible as the Word of God, even remotely
spiritually minded, could miss the loaded words here in Romans 1:26,27.
(1). There are natural passions as those that moral men and women fulfill in the
God-ordained institution of marriage, and then there are the "vile passions" of
gays and lesbians. You might well see the connotation that "vile" is a suggestion
of National sin!
(2). Gay rights are always a sign in any nation or civilization that God has given
up on getting any righteousness out of that group, "God gave them up to vile
passions." Yes, gay rights is a sin against God, and a sin against the
righteousness intentions of any nation. It is first a personal sin and then it is a
public and social sin. It tends to destroy the very roots of the nation. And while
you may think in your support for gay rights that you are upholding the original
rights of this nation for freedom and tolerance, you are in reality making weak
one of the very cornerstones that made this nation righteous in the sight of God
and in the world.
(3). God expected even more out of women than men on the morality and ethics
of a chose over natural sex and marriage over the unnatural sex and marriage of
gays, condemning in early civilizations and in Judah and Jerusalem the sexual
acts of pagan worship of Baal, the Queen of Heaven, and the gods of Egypt {don’
t ever forget that many of the Egyptians that came out of Egypt with the children
of Israel led them astray after other gods, right at the start in the worship of the
golden calf} even in the temple and homes of Judah as "even their women
exhumed the natural use for what is against nature."

24-3: Gay Rights is a Sign of Spiritual, God-Knowledge Bankruptcy.

By the time it comes down to gay rights, it is without a drastic spiritual revival, too
late for that individual or group. What is described as unnatural and vile in
Romans 1:26,27 is preceded and followed in the context of chapter 1 with how
they were already spiritually bankrupt before finding themselves in this condition.
It is not a sudden matter of birth and training: it is rather a product of generations
of unbelief in God on the part of the child, the parents before them, and the
grandparents; even of their own social environment in which each generation for
several generations was raised.
1. For generations the relatives of these gay righters "suppressed the truth in
righteousness" (Romans 1:18) in spite of the reality {also denied by gay righters
and some of their fellow Americans} that "the wrath {and justice and judgments of
God} of God is revealed {you see it here in the Bible and staring back in the
teaching of God’s pattern for marriage in Genesis 1:26,27) against all
ungodliness and unrighteousness of men". By the way, you see here some of the
reproach of sin on the part of the God and Maker of this Universe against
"ungodliness {counter to God and rebellions against the laws, rules, and patterns
of God} and unrighteousness of men".

NOTE: You should be able to see that while gay rights is a puny sin as
compared to the larger, more glaring and detrimental sins to a NATION like
idolatry, greed, destruction of God’s pattern for marriage of which of
course gay rights is only one aspect, divorce being the larger, and greed;
still it is the ultimate social sign that many Americans have already, and for
several generations, gone bankrupt on God. Think of it, have you ever
known a supporter of "gay rights" to be spiritual, except for a few
exceptions like Ted Haggard. And Ted obviously went spiritually bankrupt
before he was caught dealing with a gay and drugs.

2. Continuing more rapidly with the signs of spiritual bankruptcy in Romans
chapter 1 before the final outcome in gay rights, we notice in Romans 1:20 they
are "without excuse" for not remembering, honoring, and reverencing the great
God and Maker of this Universe for the Designs of the Universe and the very
inherent born conscience of man manifest this God they should be honoring, not
3. The problem is that when they and their parents and grandparents and social
contacts had initially this inherent knowledge and conscience on God, they traded
it in for dark thoughts and dark hearts (Romans 1:21).
4. The gay righters traded in being fools for being wise (Romans 1:22); and yet
we like in times of Jeremiah and in pagan societies, then and today, hear them
loud and clear vocalizing on how wise they are or have become, "professing to be
wise". You can do anything socially by definition if you can get some Americans
to believe you and support you.
5. They bankrupted themselves and their group by changing God’s glory for an
"image" {this is idolatry and the violation of the second commandment, not to
create any image of God, not God, including in your own mind} of God like man
himself and like beasts such as the golden calf (Romans 1:28).

NOTE: The ten commandments of Exodus 20 are not numbered like we
think, and idolatry is not mentioned per se; although much of the rest of
the Bible after Exodus 20 identifies idolatry as the many creative ways in
which man violates the long first commandment of Exodus 1:1-11, note it is
11 verses on proper respect for God, with the aspects of: (1) priority for
God with "no other gods before Me"; (2) forbiddance of any physical or
mental image like God {you can not afford to drift away from the Bible}; (3)
forbiddance to bow down to or worship any other likeness or image of God
{by the way Jesus, the Son of God, provided the only proper image of God
to worship}; (4) do not take God’s name in vain, and surely you will hear
gay rights, their parents and their grandparents, and their social contacts
and supporters often showing their spiritual bankruptcy by taking Gods
name in vain; (5) positive encourage to "remember" and keep the Sabbath
Day as one way to remember, not forget or absence from your thinking the
God of this Universe.

Another NOTE: Perhaps you never thought about it; but just to forget God
and to not keep Him in your monthly, weekly, and daily thinking is both a
violation of the first commandments of God but is idolatry and
unrighteousness--yes, also SIN.

24-4: The Context of Proverbs 14:34 Provides clues on Righteousness.

Like anytime on proper interpretation and understanding of the Bible
{especially on the manner the Bible itself provides for self-interpretation in the
ASPI of II Peter 1:20,21}, you must keep any verse of section of Scripture in the
context of where you find it. Proverbs is a little more difficult in that it is a
collection of terse sayings, and the context is even larger as one might label the
total context as "Wisdom from God", just like the examples and admonitions,
rules and regulations, and proper spirit of the whole Bible. However, you do see
wisdom in the context before Proverbs 14:34 and after Proverbs 14:34. It is the
kind of wisdom from God that can promote and exalt righteousness in any nation,
therefore also exalt that nation in the sight of God and in the blessings of God as
contrasted to when God sends calamities to get righteousness in a nation; and in
doing so will do the opposite, prevent reproach to any nation and the SIN which
brings immediate calamities on any nation of Gods people and ultimate final
1. The verse before Proverbs 14:34, Proverbs 14:33.

"Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, but what is in
the heart of fools is made known." (Proverbs 14:33)

Think about some of the things the fool has said like "The fool has said in his
heart there is no God"; and how such spiritual bankruptcy leads to social sins like
idolatry, greed, mistreatment of fellow residents in the land, and rebellion against
God’s ordained will on marriage. Ultimately individual sins like these mentioned,
and those condemned in the 10 commandments, come of the heart and are
manifest in society and the Nation.
2. The verse after Proverbs 14:34, Proverbs 14:35.

"The king’s favor is toward a wise servant, but his wrath is against him
who causes shame." (Proverbs 14:35)

This sort of brings individual and national wisdom to the level of the government
and Nation. It reminds us for the administrative, judicial, and legislative branches
of government and all their civil service supporters can raise or lower the wisdom
of God in the nation by their decisions and examples. Surely a nation can be no
more righteous than its leaders, and surely a nation will be reproach by sin to the
extent of these leaders.

NOTE: Please keep tuned to the continuing studies on Jeremiah and
Prophesy as we must shortly come to the single social and national act
that identified how bankrupt the people of God in Jerusalem and Judah
were, just before their destruction and before they ceased to be the
exclusive people of God forever. That single incident showed socially and
nationally how bankrupt the nation of Judah was really, and as the courts
rule on gays rights in California for the United States it will show some
extent of either the righteousness of the nation or the spiritual bankruptcy,
in a natural and normal way!

24-5: When the Supreme Court of Judah Ruled on Jeremiah.

A quick look at the National events of Jeremiah 26:1-24 show how spiritually
bankrupt God’s people and the nation had become just before destruction. It is
the nature of sin, nationally and individually, that it can be denied and ignored with
even blindness to its existence; and thought or purported as righteousness
against all reason. {Like in our nation today, and in the nature of the coach at
Syracuse who just before the Cotton Bowl game of 1960 for the national
championship said, "Football is a religion in Texas", the national conscience and
the American Democratic Faith can become a substitute for the real religion of
the Bible and the real God of the Bible, for any real morality and ethics of true
God-like righteousness and obliterate any real concepts of real SIN.
1. During the reign of King Jehoiakim of Judah, the son of King Josiah, the word
of God came to Jeremiah (Jeremiah 26:1).
2. God told Jeremiah, like preachers today need to hear, "not to diminish a
{single} word" from the message, as he stood each day in the court of the
Temple, speaking to all the cities of Judah that came to worship in God’s House.
He was to speak ALL the words commanded by God Himself (Jeremiah 26:2).
3. God was hopeful that (1) "everyone will listen and turn from his evil way" {evil
way here was the key phrase for lack of righteousness and abounding of sin}; (2)
that God might change His mind {relent} from the extreme and ultimate calamity
{as you saw in "Israel a Branch Broken Off" and from Daniel and Zechariah, the
extreme and ultimate calamity was not only for destruction and Captivity for 70
years in Babylon and Persian, but extended to a period after the life on earth of
Christ, and into eternity as Israel lost forever its status as the exclusive people of
God} which He had already purposed {so you want to talk about God driven
purpose} to bring on Jerusalem and Judah; and (3) God had already purposed
that decision because of "the evil of their doings" (Jeremiah 26:3).

NOTE: Could it be any clear what was the real problem in Israel? Obviously
a shortage of righteousness, and an abundance of SIN. God calls it evil!

4. God delivers through Jeremiah the final ultimate for all time to Israel: "If you
will not listen to Me {no doubt that the Creator and Maker of the Universe, the
former provider and protector of His own people is speaking with the "Me"} to do
what? To walk in God’s laws of righteousness, His rules, and patterns for life and
living (Jeremiah 26:4).
5. Beyond listening to the laws of righteousness, but to also HEED God’s words
through the Prophets and today Apostles {a summary of the Bible along with the
teachings of Jesus}, every year and every generation, early in the morning and
late in the evening {this is God Himself getting up early in the morning and burning
the midnight oil in order to find, call, and send Prophets because for at least 163
years.} He was trying to get THE MESSAGE to His own people. YET THEY DID
NOT HEED! (Jeremiah 26:5)
6. Without revival the guarantee from God of what will happen to the city of God
and the Temple of God: "‘then I will make this house like Shiloh
{the original and historical place of worship in the former northern kingdom of
Israel}, and will make this city a curse to all the nations of the earth.’" (Jeremiah

NOTE: You know by and large the city of Jerusalem, surrounded by Muslim
enemies and a shamble of what the kingdom was under David and
Solomon, is still a curse. The old Temple has only one wall remaining and
is divided with a part of it in Arab country.

7. Observe who all were listening to Jeremiah, and God through Jeremiah, in the
courts of the Temple {by this time the official religious leaders had banished
Jeremiah from inside the Temple, and even friends from his hometown tried to kill
him because he would not stop preaching that message from God}: "the priests
and the prophets and all the people heard Jeremiah speaking these words in the
house of the LORD" (Jeremiah 26:7).

NOTE: This is obviously a historical record for the Jews of generations to
follow to read and heed for the reason they lost all the greatest that once
came their way as a selected, called, and exclusive nation of God’s very
own people; a record for those like Daniel to later in Babylonian Captivity
would read, then ask for more details on the fate of his own people; and be
told with a special messenger through the angel Gabriel delivered the
message that the trans-gression would not be wrapped up after the life of
Jesus Christ, as then the Temple and Jerusalem would be destroyed but a
covenant confirmed with a few Jews for only "one week", and even in that
week the Temple worship would be destroyed. And beyond that the
punishment extended long range, very long range in: (1) "the end of
punishment on the Jewish people with a flood" (Daniel 9:26); (2) "and war,
until the end of the war desolations are determined" (Daniel 9:26) {even as
Judah and Jerusalem became spiritual desolate in the sight of God, the
nation as a people of God under the judgment and punishment and
gigantic calamity of God became also desolation, the "abomination of
desolation of Daniel, Matthew 24:xx}; (3) on the wings of these desolations
shall Satan ride in to make more desolations (Daniel 9:27); and (4) these
desolations will continue throughout history up until the end of time, "until
the consummation" of all the unrighteousness and sin of the nation of
Israel (Daniel 9:27); and (5) this desolation will continue forever until "the
consummation, which is determined is poured out on the desolate" (Daniel

Additional NOTE: Did God’s people of the Temple, the city, and the nation
understand all these immediate and eternal calamities guaranteed by God
because of the sin and unrighteousness that He daily observed in all the
cities, and had for at least 163 years? Certainly not! A few did, but not the
majority of the priests, the prophets, and the people did not! They did not
even face up to the fact of the imminent destruction of the city by Babylon
as the servant of God for His judgment.

8. What was the immediate in the Temple court reaction of the nation {it reminds
us of when years later the religious leaders would also seize Jesus for the
message from God that He was preaching in the Temple, and the Apostle Paul
after Him} to "all that the LORD had commanded him to speak to all the people".
"Now it happened" {and again you see the public record for the Jews and for us}:
that (1) all the people, (2) the prophets, and (3) the priests seized Jeremiah,
passing an immediate sentence of judgment on Jeremiah that "YOU WILL
SURELY DIE!" {The Jews and their leaders never change, they said the same
thing about another of their own, the Lord Jesus Christ, who also was the Son
and Messenger of their Almighty God, the intent was the same, the words were a
little different, "Crucify Him, Crucify Him" (Mark 15:14).

NOTE: Could it be that part of this abomination of desolation judgment on
the Jewish people was not only what they did to Jeremiah and the other
Prophets but also what He knew beforehand was on what He knew that
would do to His own Son. Well, there is a parable of the vineyard and
wicked vinedressers to that extent in Matthew 21:33-45.

9. The popular charge of the people, the priests, and the prophets against
Jeremiah were large and extensive: (1) first of all Jeremiah was prophesying in
the name of the LORD, according to them, even though he was not authorized
and not an official prophet or priest (Jeremiah 26:9); (2) that the message was
that the Temple would be destroyed like Shiloh to the north had been destroyed,
and that the city of Jerusalem "would be desolate without habitation" (Jeremiah
26:9).  At that point it was unanimous among the people: "And all the people
were gathered against Jeremiah in the house of the LORD." (Jeremiah 26:9b) It
actually appears here that by now, in order to make it a private matter of the
Jewish nation and more official, that the priests, people, and prophets drug
Jeremiah into the nation of which he had previously been denied entrance.

NOTE: Isn’t that amazing, as in American churches today, when God’s only
single Prophet is denied entrance into a National place of worship {the
Temple was a national place of worship}, effectively also denying the
presence of God and of the only real message of God for that day! What
did the prophets and priests talk about, if they didn’t have any message
from God. Well, they had dreams and visions; and God tells often in
Jeremiah how they were neither sent by Him, nor given those dreams and
visions! (Jeremiah 23:9-40)

10. The "princes of Judah" (Jeremiah 26:10) were the government under the King
of that day, the Supreme Court if you would, as they came down from they
reigned in "the king’s house to the house of the LORD" when they heard the noise
and heard about what was happening in the National Temple. {Yes, in those
days, like is becoming more true today as government attempts to control the
morality, ethics, religion, and righteousness of the nation, Temple worship was
socialized and nationalized, more under the control of the King and the

NOTE: There are laws on the book right now to intimidate and penalize
your pastor from preaching the truth of the book of Romans 1 in public.
..."the princes of Judah...sat down in the entry of the New Gate of the
LORD’s house..." (Jeremiah 26:10)

11. The priests and prophets acted as prosecutors, speaking to the princes of
the government and all the people {a twin appeal to government and people}:
"This man deserves to die! For he has prophesied against this city, as you have
heard with your ears." (Jeremiah 26:11)

NOTE: Imagine this accusation for preaching a warning against extreme
calamity of destruction and desolation from God Himself! Are we there in
the "heaping up of teachers with itching ears", in the common heaping out
of preachers that do not preach what we want to hear; and in the support,
or silence against gay righters--not to mention the American greed,
mistreatment of the people in the land, idolatry, and rebellion against God’s
marriage plan.

12. Jeremiah made his own defence: "The LORD sent me to prophesy against
this house and against this city, as you have heard with your ears." (Jeremiah 26:
13. Jeremiah did it again: he preached the same message that he had been
preaching every day at the Temple for years. It had 3 main parts which in the
very nature of Gods Word as examples and admonitions for all peoples also has
a message for us today: (1) "amend your ways and doings"; (2) "obey the voice
of the LORD your God"; and (3) then you can expect in return that God will
"relent" of the doom {this time the word "doom" is used instead of ultimate
calamity} that God "has pronounced" against you.

NOTE: If God pronounces doom, there will be doom; and there was
immediate doom in the destruction of Jerusalem and captivity; extended
doom in the 70 years of Captivity with a subsequent lesser city and
Temple; and selection of only one third of the Jews for a short period to be
Christians, with persecution; and the final destruction of sacrifices and
rituals in the Temple immediately after the life of Christ; and a further
eternal doom and desolation.

Sorry, this is getting too long; we will continue it in another message in next month’
s newsletter and online at http:\\ In the mean time, and it
would be profitable for you, you can read what has often been called "the rest of
the Story" form Jeremiah chapter 26. {"Judgements on Jeremiah by the
Government, Elders in the Land, and an Influential Family".}

You should checkout the ministry of SunGrist_Bible at:

Final NOTE:  You can mark it down as a prophesy if you wish, one
which will prove itself by coming true, that at some point in our
near future Americans would have to chose between a priority for
a religion of the American Democratic Faith or a religion of the
Bible and of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the righteousness of God
revealed by both the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ; and that will
be the final choice of American in the great apostasy of the Falling
Away, that of the 4th stage of the Falling Away which will help to
complete the national "turning away from truth" (II Timothy 4:3,4).  
You know it really does not matter what august intellectual, legal,
academic, or prejudice or sin reason which lead you or a nation to
turn away from the truth of Bible and God, the end results are the
same of "being turned into fables", the fifth and last stage of the
Falling Away (II Timothy 4:3,4)  Then the rest of the story, you can
try to explain to God just before your eternal destination!
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