II Timothy 4:3.4
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1.  An intolerance, or lack of endurance, for sound doctrine.

"The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine..."

(1).  When any minister cares more for the influence of his children or
acquaintances than for the sound doctrine of the Bible, that is
intolerance toward sound doctrine!

U.S. pastor who performed son's gay wedding to be defrocked.

We must be grateful that all denominations and all Christianity has not
gone all the way to the fifth stage of the Falling Away, that is of "being
turned into fables."

NOTE:  In step or stage 5 of the Falling Away from II Timothy 4:4,5,
which will be listed below in "5.", we will list from the world news
some examples of churches, denominations, church leaders, and
church members have already come to the fifth stage of the Falling
Away, being overcome of fables, or turned into fables, such as the
adherents of the secret rapture, and Mormons would there 4 non-
Christian Bibles.

(2).  When the American "world" has developed a PC (political
correctness} in favor of gays over sound Bible teachings, then PC
itself, as in the case of the fired duct dynasty actor, has become
intolerant toward sound doctrine.

‘Duck Dynasty’ star feels the love after getting bounced for gay slurs
December 19, 2013, 2:06 PM
Must we rely on the world news to get the
attention of the fundamentalists that they
and their churches are head over heels into
the Falling Away.  Under the camouflage
of the Scofield Notes and the secret
rapture, their inadequate hermeneutics
creates a veil over their eyes so as not to
see the reality in American churches,
indeed in Christianity, of the Falling Away.

Stay tuned to this page as periodically
from the world news, you will get
undeniable news from the world around
you, of where you are in the 5 stages of
the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3.4 Then
perhaps you will read and heed your Bibles
apart from the
"Demonic Veil of a Secret