Like A College Degree Without Knowledge and Skill.

Even with beautiful music, those who foolishly try to separate inspiration from
doctrine are like those who would seek a college degree without any knowledge or
skill. This is not to say that both are not possible, especially in these days of
striving to give online Masters degrees in Technology without any hands-on
equipment experience, and in these days of emotion without a reasonable
foundation; but it is just one more nail in the coffin of the Falling Away as citizens
go through the download spiral of II Timothy 4:4,5, the full cycle of internal
destruction that runs from a beginning in intolerance toward sound doctrine,
continues with teachers of itching ears and itching ears church members, and
terminates in fables.

1-1: Have you gone so far down the path of the Falling Away that you think you
can have a flow in your life and church of the Word of God without inspiration
based on doctrine? You only have 4 choices according to II Timothy 3:16,17 when
it comes to a profitable teaching and preaching of the Word of God that results
{Teaching for Results} in perfectly mature Christians.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may
be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (II Timothy 3:16,17)

Goodness knows, how long has it been since you have heard a pastor or
preacher, or even Sunday School teacher, practice the other 3 profits of the flow
of the Word of God? Can you remember when you heard some correction from
the pulpit, much less any reproof of any sins of church members, only the sins of
those outside the congregation; and as far as instruction in righteousness, the
criterion for righteousness have been changed by denominational practice to
include those things that will prosper the programs and moneys of the church over
any kind of Christian maturity. Instruction in righteousness has become church
attendance, the giving of money, and towing the line on unique denominational
What do you have there for Scriptural profitability in your own church, like in any
other church?
1. doctrine
2. reproof
3. correction
4. instruction in righteousness
Where does inspiration come in? Supposedly any reproof or correction would be
very emotional: the only difference it would have a response in silence and sulking
on the part of the hearers, not meaningless emotional outburst. Maybe we could
get some inspiration from “instruction in righteousness”? No, that instruction
sounds too much like doctrine; as a matter of fact “doctrine” is just another word
for teaching. Doctrines of the Bible and doctrines of Jesus are the teachings of the
Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

1-2: You preachers, pastors, and other church leaders, if you were forced to
answer a multiple-choice question of “Which of the following in the 5 stages of the
Falling Away best describes the tendency in your own church of inspiration without
doctrine”, what would be your choice.
a.  Intolerance toward sound doctrine. (stage 1)
b. Purpose driven by personal desires and wants. (stage 2)
c. Heaping up Bible teachers and preachers with itching ears. (stage 3)
d. Turning away from truth. (stage 4)
e. Being turned into fables. (stage 5)

Obviously “personal desires and wants” comes closer to describing the present
tendency in worship for inspiration without doctrine.

1-3: Even music and praise without a substance of “meaning” and “brain” becomes
an uncertain sound of gibberish and the heathen.

When you were reading about tongues and prophesy in I Corinthians chapter 14,
did you miss that even singing and praise and prayer as well as preaching,
prophesy, and other speaking in the church is to be done with “meaning”, doctrine,
and brain substance.

“What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the
understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.”
(I Corinthians 14:15)

Listen to some of the words of contemporary praise songs, they have no meaning
at all, only repetition and noise. And they are partly so popular because they also
are consistent with the trend of the Falling Away for intolerance toward inspiration
without sound doctrine. Would it not be great if you could have religion, spirituality,
or even Christianity without any meaning or beliefs at all; just emotion, feelings,
and gut expressions. Then everyone could worship on a completely equal plane;
because we are born with feelings and emotions, and perhaps this is the most
common, common denominator in human existence. It takes no effort or
application to have feelings, so that a completely “feelings” based religion is for
more democratic on one where some convictions and beliefs are required. You
see, it is just like a college degree without any knowledge of skill; like doing your
work on the job without the use of your brain; or running a home and family without
the decision making capability of brain power; or a church where all decisions are
made on strictly an emotional basis.

1-4: The obvious problem in churches today is a lack of spirit {this is not the word
for Holy Spirit, and certainly is not a boost for the commotions, without
understanding of the pentecostals} in the worship--no enthusiasm, passion, or real
worship; but sound doctrine should not become the victim of this problem. {This
subject in the battle between spirit and understanding will be considered in the
April newsletter.}

True a preacher as good as Charles Swindall refers to pastors today as
“shopkeepers”, because they are just going through the routines of the worship
service without spirit; and again I think Swindall is placing all the blame on pastors
where it should be shared with the whole church. Even though the present day
Falling Away of the Great Apostasy of the church demands, according to Jesus,
that as “sin abounds, the love of many will wax cold”, there must remain a few
living exceptions as viable candidates for the snatching up to heaven at the Second
Coming of Christ. To go to any church service in this day and time where you
really feel the moving of the spirit {not the noise, tumult, and heavy instruments of
self-induced fake worship}, is a rare exception, if to be found at all!

1-5: What keeps you from seeing the Falling Away in your own church to fight
against it: (1) a failure to see the “last days” as beginning with the coming of the
Holy Spirit on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension of Christ; (2) a lack of
Bible understanding that this Coming of the Person of the Holy Spirit is what
“bound” Satan for a very long time figuratively called a thousand years, and the
withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth is what releases Satan {many
pentecostals will never know the difference}; (3) a false belief in a theoretical
“rapture” {not at all a literal Bible word} before the Second Coming; (4) the
supplemental false belief that Christians and church members will be raptured off
this earth before the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation {the Great Tribulation
was during the first few centuries, but the Final is during the same period as the
Falling Away and is more physical as the old earth crumbles into chaos}.

1-6: How do you see the obvious signs of the Falling Away in your own church?

The answer is simple, look for the obvious signs of the Falling Away as listed in II
Timothy 4:4,5: (1) any intolerance toward sound doctrine or to doctrine and
understanding itself; (2) church members more motivated by their own purpose
drive “wants” and “desires” more so than by Christ and the Holy Spirit; (3) “itching
ears” Bible teachers and church members who come up with novel, new, and
extra-biblical teachings and preachings, especially of the category of “God told
me” or “I received a revelation”; (4) all evidences of the turning away from truth in
unrealistic concepts of spiritual and biblical realities; and (5) being turned into
1-7: How do you see the obvious signs and teachings of the Falling Away in your
Well, that is the prime subject, next to the Priesthood of Christ in the book of
Hebrews; Jesus was talking about the Falling Away of the last days of the last
days in Matthew 24 when He said “because sin will abound, the love of many will
wax cold”, realizing that “many” is the majority of Christians and church members
{by the way, there could not even be a Falling Away if no Christians were left on
earth during the period before the Second Coming, so that it would be foolish for
Paul in II Thessalonians to discuss a Falling Away}; and how else do you explain
what is happening in churches and denominations, in this country and the world
apart from a General Apostasy from God, Christ, and the Bible called the Falling

1-8: What Can You Do About It?

This answer is also simple. Make Scripture profitable in your own life for:

1. “Instruction in Righteousness”.

Face up to a lot of spiritual realities on the way God has dealt with His people in
the past, and continues to deal with His “called” but not “chosen” people presently
with the continued studies in the book of Jeremiah. You will find posted for March,
“The Royal Law of Leviticus and James”, second in the 3 part series of “The
Second Tragedy in Tucson”.

2. “for correction”.

You can read and study much Bible collected in one e-book volume called
“Den of
Thieves”, and introduction from Jeremiah and Jesus on the subject of how a false
confidence in church buildings, public buildings, homes and fortified cities are no
substitute for salvation.

3. “for reproof”.

You can read and study all the Scriptures collected together, and reasoned about,
HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, a Bible list of church members to avoid.

4. “for doctrine”

There are so many options in SunGrist_Bible and
Try, for example:




reconciliation of the Security of the Believer with the Parable of the Seed and the

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