The 5 volumes of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries
make a unique contribution to serious students of
the Bible in that the Magic Outline makes possible a
solid coverage of the whole Bible in only 5 volumes.  
It is impossible to say too much about the Magic
Outline as there is nothing else like it in print
today!  Again, I apologize for the word Magic;
perhaps I should use the word "mystery" like the
Bible does so often when something to make clear
to us that previously was not known.  You must read
it for yourself, and below you have a summary in
one chapter of the Magic Outline.  After you have
done a download and been impressed with this
Magic Outline, by clicking on the link below, then
you may order one or more of the three LEARN
CHRIST commentaries with chapters on the Magic
Outline, or any of the five, since all five have the
Magic Outline as a foundation.  Again, Carroll did it
in 17 or so volumes, the LEARN CHRIST
commentaries do it in five!
By email request you can have a free pamphlet of MAGIC OUTLINE OF THE
BIBLE done in color and in Adobe PageMaker. Just email  and identify that you wish a free copy of the Magic
Outline. Or it can be emailed to you in PDF format, also specify that please in
your email.

Or use the SUBMIT form below and simply write "Magic Outline" in the

Or as indicated at the top of the page you can view and/or save it in PDF.  
You will find this is along with a concordance, one of the best Bible
references you can have!
Magic Outline of
the Bible, Free
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