Who is Jesus and what to believe about Him!`
Exegesis from Philippians 2:6-11:

1.  Who is Jesus?

 (1).  Was and is "in the form of God".

 (2).  "Equal with God" and appreciated His equality.

2.  Jesus came to earth as God/Man.

 (1).  Accepted temporatily a "no reputation" status as a common man.

 (2).  "took the form of a servant", you recognizing in the many
predictions about Him in Isaiah and the other Prophets that He is called
"servant" and "son of man".

 (3).  Became "in the likeness of man" with a human mother.

3.  Jesus "humbled Himself" all the way to "the death on the cross".

4.  Because of Jesus sacrifices in the temporal loss of heaven, the hard
times on earth, and the voluntary act of giving Himself in obedience to the
death on the cross for the sins of the whole world, "God also highly
exalted Him".

 (1) God His Father and our Father through faith in Jesus "gave Him a
name which above every name", the name of the
Lord Jesus Christ and
of Saviour.

 (2).  "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things":
         (a).  "in heaven".
         (b).  "in the earth".
         (c).  "and under the earth".

5.  "And that every tongue {on the face of this earth, past, present and
should {is command to confess Jesus as Lord by Almighty God
the Father} confess Jesus as Lord..."

6.  "to the glory of God the Father".