Nothing SunGrist_Bible has done online and through email newsletters
during the last 5 years has excited us as much as this introduction to
another free online Bible course, this one on "The Life and Letters of
Paul".  It amazes me when I talk to young Muslims in America working in
Aerospace as they know about Jesus and the Prophets, but plead dumb
on the Apostle Paul.  So much of our Bible comes from the Apostle Paul,
having written from the human side 14 of the New Testament books and
as chief editor sponsored 3 more for a total of 17 out of the 27 total
books of the New Testament.

In short, to sit at the feet of the Apostle Paul is to sit at the feet of Bible
truth.  No other sub head of Bible study affords so much Bible meat and
solid Bible doctrines as the letters of Paul.

My wife and I remember with great pleasure the Bible Study Course at
Quachita Baptist College in the 1960's called "The Life and Letters of
Paul" and using for a textbook David Smith's book on the same title, a
large, black marvelous textbook.  Surely Smith and Quachita with Baylor
and Southwestern Seminary must be extended credit for this heritage,
however you will find that we go far beyond Smith in an emphasis on the
Apostle Paul as called to be chief editor of the Bible.  It was a highlight of
my life and ministry, only to be compared to the excitement of
post-graduate work in the book of Revelation at the tutelage of Dr. Ray
Summers, formerly of Baylor, while doing graduate work in Physics at
Baylor and on summer leave of absence from Eastern New Mexico

Ah, these are pleasant memories of hours in the Word of God, and you
can have for yourself during the coming months {surely not 3 years of
coming months like Jeremiah}, some such exciting times in the Word.

During the wrap-up of Jeremiah and Prophesy with the Appendix to
National Dens of Thieves, it became apparent that there is a new and
popular trend to replace Prophesy with Tongues.  In order to counter that
trend chapters and excerts from the LEARN CHRIST COMMENTARY
FROM THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, volume 3, "Believe and Be
Baptized" was included in the Appendix, most of it under the Appendix
chapter heading of "One Baptism".  For reference, the Appendix Table of
Contents is shown below:

4 primary sources will be used as the foundation, inspiration, and
even quotes for these monthly Bible sessions on "The Life and
Letters of Paul":  (1) The Bible as the Word of God; (2) David
Smith's "Life and Letters of Paul"; (3) Volume 3 of the LEARN
CHRIST COMMENTARIES, "Believe and Be Baptized" on the life
and letters of Paul; and (4) a previously unpublished book by
SunGrist_Bible on "Remember My Bonds", the Life and New
Testament books of the Apostle Paul.

1.  To learn more about where these Bible sessions are headed
you can look at the
web page on "Believe and Be Baptized", the
14 New Testament letters of the Apostle Paul.

2.  For the complete outline of
"Believe and Be Baptized", you
can go to the web page by that name.

3.  To monitor the progress of the Bible Study sessions, that is
the monthly newsletters already sent out, the course outline, and
where you can find on this website a copy of the Bible Session,
go to
"Free Online Bible Study on Letters of Paul."
THIEVES, coming out of Jeremiah
and Prophesy Part 3:

A1:  How to Study the Bible.
A2:  Background Study for
A3:  The END!
A4:  Church House/Den of
Prophesy Versus Tongues.
A6:  National Leadership Drunk on
Power and Privilege.
A7:  One Baptism.
A8:  Top 12 Topics of the Bible.