The city prospered
again during the Russian
Empire's industrial
revolution in the late
19th century. In 1917,
after the Ukrainian
National Republic
declared independence
from the Russian
Empire, Kiev became its
capital. And from 1921
onwards Kiev was an
important city of the
Ukrainian Soviet
Socialist Republic, and,
from 1934, its capital.
During World War II, the
city again suffered
significant damage, but
quickly recovered in the
post-war years,
remaining the third
largest city of the Soviet
Union. Following the
collapse of the Soviet
Union and the Ukrainian
independence of 1991,
Kiev remained the
capital of Ukraine.

Link to an online
pinboard as they now
call it in the Ukraine,
"organize and share
things you love".
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Kiev, Ukraine

1.  From Mark S in the Ukraine, a quote from
Joseph Mitchell.

"My dad was a cotton buyer and cotton buyers
always considered themselves superior to the
rest of the world. (c)Joseph Mitchell"


"It is always the simple that produces the
marvelous." (c)Amelia Barr