Photos courtesy of John Quinn from Naval
Aviation Days, VW-15, Argentia
Newfoundland and Pax River Maryland.
The John Quinn Corner for Unbelievers, Atheist, and
Je Suis SunGrist_Bible on, will you respect our
freedom of expression?

As Atheist and Sceptics are not much different that all other unbelievers,
which are the majority in the world always, except they are the most vocal
and aggressive of all unbelievers, also make more efforts for agreements
from you in taking their side against a God for which they are in habitual
rebellion.  Since they need and desire some extra attention, the Philosophy
of Religion and Christian Apologetics with Classical Christian Evidences
{proofs of the Bible as the Word of God, Jesus as the Son of God, and the
God the Bible as Creator and LORD of the Universe} has been developed
to both help and primarily to strengthen Christians in "the faith once for all
delivered to the saints"  (Jude 3).

Since the pattern of such persons is obvious--to gain acceptance, to feign
indifference, to jar others, to squelch listening to believers, and to justify a
lack of faith because of man-made organizations like churches, religions,
and denominations--a shortest possible Christian Evidence approach is
given below:

This comment is canned because it is the best, short brief available, and it
is recognized that it will have to be used over and over, sort of like the
difference of Millikan between universal and absolute truth.  In other words,
there is much of both around.  Here it is and you will see it often online as
long as the atheist, Skeptics, and doubters are so aggressive and vocal.  
Three evident evidences have to be dealt with:  (1) There is a Book in the
world claiming to be the Word of God and words from God your person by
which we date our time called Jesus of Nazareth, a Person of good works,
miracles, love to the death, Who claimed to be the Son of God, you must
deal with that;  (3) There is a world of complex design and beauty that you
must account for, much like a native in the jungle finding a complex
electronic PCB fallen from space demands a Designer, and that does not
include the Conscience, society, and the organized laws of nature.
Since so many of this communities objections are vocalized against
man-made religions, denominations, and organizations, let us promote
BELIEVERS WITHOUT BORDERS, which is consistent with Bible, and
evident in Bible as CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS.

We are inclined as American Christians to tip-toe around Muslims, Hindus,
and other relgions, and while doing so failing to see that according to our
respected Bible, the Word of God, they are also unbelievers in Christ as the
Son of God, God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Creator and
ruler of this universe, also primarily as unbelievers of the "faith once for all
delivered to the saints (Jude 3) and recorded in the 66 Books of the Bible.  
Special efforts will also be made to get them to read and heed the Christian
Philosophy of Religion, Classic Christian Apologetics, and Christian
Evidences.  For the whole world, believers and otherwise, another Christian
Apologetic must be added to prove that Christianity with all its churches and
denominations in now deep into the great apostasy called the Falling Away
(II Timothy 4:3,4).  

Finally in all intellectual honesty and in the name of the Christian Bible, there
is little hope now and eternal hope for this large group of unbelievers...

"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God
must believe that he is,
and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."  (Hebrews 11:6)