Jesus, the Walters
of Humanism, and
1.  The Walters of Humanism.

We could go into the definitions of humanism from the Philosophers and Philosophers
of Religion like Elton Trueblood with recommended cures, or from American Studies
as from Commager in the American Mind, Parrington, Gabriel, Persons and many
others; but for more current, timely, and thoughtful discussions, it is good to listen to
some of the present Walters of the World.  {There are many Walters of the World and
of Humanism, and many of them expressing themselves in Google Plus communities
of Our Humanism, Atheism, and Sceptics; however the malady of
DOMism is so
common for the majority of humanity, that there have been Walters of humanism
dating all the way back to the days of Jesus, and one very such person, a rich young
ruler of Jesus' own generation on earth will be looked at in more detail.
We are indebted to Walter Wilson for the following introductory statement on
humanism.  {Of course, from the perspective of the Bible believer, and no matter how
apologetic in the nature of
Christian Apologetics and Evidences we desire to be, we
will never apologize for saying that some of these humanists are just the best the
world can do apart from Christ, and with persistence they can be shown to have feet
of clay.}
NOTE:  Not with Walter, but with most of these DOMers, it is evident that they
are enamored with the sexual aspects of humanity as in Romans 1,
exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the
creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen."
1:25)  There is so much evident evidence in the history of the world that when
humans no longer "like to retain God in their knowledge" that so much bad
and evil ensures.
2.  Thanks to Walter and the Walters of the world for this thoughtful and
timely introduction to humanism quoted below"

"What an interesting sermon. Are you a man of the cloth, sir?
I have followed that good advice you suggest at the end of your sermon my whole life,
and have been a Truth seeker as far back as I can remember. So yes, I have always
spent time considering "serious matters."
I do respect your right to have your beliefs as I do Hindus, Muslims and others of course.
But from studying History and seeing what happens in daily life, I have observed that the
believers in the various Theist religions are driven by their indoctrination and doctrines
to have a need to interfere with that "choice" and free will that you mention at the start of
your talk. Some believers get so caught up in their beliefs in stories through
neurotheology, that over time they start imagining their beliefs are equivalent to Truth.  
Yet, Truth is specifically defined that it MUST conform to Reality and it MUST have real
solid evidence.
Possibly you too have noticed how the mighty "power of belief" can affect vulnerable
human minds to drive them to die for, and to kill for their Faith, based merely on
man-made stories.  I find that unGodly myself, to be honest.  
Another odd thing to me is that some parents can be so indoctrinated into their religion
that they throw common sense and reason out the window, and they will sit praying over
their sick child, hoping a magic invisible spirit will cure the child, and even at the
graveside the parents will still cling to their delusions and even wonder why they did not
pray harder.  Again an unGodly situation.  
Over my long life I have seen nothing special about Muslims or Christians being any
more moral or having anything better in their lives that unbelievers do. There are more
Christians in prisons than any other group in fact.
You seem to be acquainted somewhat with Scripture, and I myself have done Bible
History study in great depth as well.
I wonder if I could ask your opinion on a religious matter that puzzles me sometimes.
Would you be able to give me a believable reason for why it is that there is not one
single written record in existence, actually written by ANYBODY in the entire lifespan of
Jesus the Nazarene, that even mentions his name, let alone any Virgin Birth, miracles or
supposed Resurrection?
I ask because it seems so odd to me that for a god supposedly trying to "reveal" himself
and spread a message to thousands, Jesus does not seem to have been noticed even.
It's funny no Historians who were living through those 30+ years,such as the famous
Philo of Alexandria, thought to write anything down, nor did any citizens of Jerusalem
Is it true that Christians actually only go by writings from mostly unknown men who wrote
the Gospels, and later writings many decades AFTER Jesus was dead and buried, when
they were starting up their new religion?
Sorry for going on so long, but possibly you would be able to end my puzzlement on
these questions.  No obligation of course.
Wishing you Love, Truth and Peace
3.  Perhaps the first Walter of public record {surely the Bible records like
the Gospels are public, and even the KJV is in the public domain} was
the rich young ruler that ran up to Jesus.  I wish we knew his name, but
pardon me if I call him Walter.  Please read Mark 10:15-21 if you still have
access to a Bible.  Or go to "
From Jesus to the Walters of Humanism
and Atheism".
4.  One of Walter the Humanist very good first points was why did no one during
the life on earth of Jesus write an autobiography of His life.  The immediate and
obvious answers are, if the humanist and atheist will take time to listen:  (1)  
Jesus biography and autobiography was already written in the public records of
Old Testament Scriptures; (2) Jesus only had 3 and 1/2 years of public Ministry
with too little time to write; however He chose and commissioned His Apostles
like Matthew and John to write His biography; (3) the Apostle Paul, a lawyer of
Jewish religious and national law, researched all the OT on Jesus after his
conversion, then wrote 14 books of the NT to explain that biography in the light of
what the Holy Spirit told him, then left manuscripts that included the testimonies of
Peter and James in manuscripts for John Mark and Dr. Luke so they could write
the biographies of the books of Mark and Luke.
2a.  The immediate return comment to Walter and Walters, short enough to
actually be read.
Walter, perhaps a good starting place since you obviously have a lot of time on your hands
would be with "Truth in the Bible", starting on
where you will notice that it was not penned in order to debate with you.  Be in Touch,
Jerry Admin.  Oh, by the way since you remind me of my good friend from the Navy, John
Quinn, perhaps I could impose on you to also read
com/JohnQuinnDoubtersCorner.html .
It is not to say that endeavors like this are a waste of time but they every seldom turn out
well for the reasons, also not personal but the nature of humanity, that are mentioned on
the web page.