"when times of refreshing come
from the presence of the Lord"
(Acts 3:19)

1.  What Is Refreshing Evangelism?

2.  6th Anniversary Message:  A
Refreshing Textual
Look at Acts 3:19-21.

3.  Some Bible study refreshings:

 "Top 12 Topics of the Bible", a
refreshing look at ALL Scripture.

A Refreshing Look at Gospel
Pride from the book of Romans.

NOTE:  Gospel Pride has two
aspects:  (1) as humans we exhibit it as
we believe in our hearts and confess
with our mouth the Lord Jesus Christ
(Romans 10:9,10); and (2) then God is
not ashamed of us, providing salvation
and more (Romans 10:11)

4.  Fundamentals of Refreshing

5.  The Hideous Assault of Mormonism
on Truth and the American Heritage.

6.  Refreshing Evangelism Adds to the
Church of the Firstborn.

7.  Who Adds Daily to THE Church?  
and Where? (Acts 2:47)

8.  The American Dream versus the
American Nightmare.

NOTE on the American Dream from preliminary to this
ninth newsletter:
1.  the ideals of freedom, equality, and
opportunity traditional held to be
available to every American.
2.  a life of personal happiness and
material comfort as traditional sought
by individuals in the U.S.

While the American Christian can
support completely the first definition,
obviously for the Christian American
the second must be modified to include:
1.  the secret to real happiness as
given by Jesus in the Sermon on the
Mount, "the blessed or happy"s if you
2.  Pastor James teachings in the book
of James on a Biblical and Christian
attitude toward the rich, toward having
riches and wealth, and toward those
who would desire success and wealth.

9.  Peter on "Refreshing" and

(1) Peter's second sermon, at the
Temple, with the initial annoucements
that "times of refreshing from the
presence of the Lord" will exist in
Christian history up to "the restoration
of all things."  (Acts 3:49-51)
(2)  More details about this period of
history called the "last days" from
Peters first sermon, Acts 2:14-39.
(3)  The NT book, I Peter, written on
the human side by the Apostle Peter.
(4)  Refreshing and restoration
continued in II Peter.

10.  Churches of the Bible belt,
"Repent and be converted".

"Repent therefore and be converted,
that your sins may be blotted out, so
that times of refreshing may come from
the presence of the Lord, and that He
may send Jesus Christ who was
preached to you before {note below at
**}, whom heaven must receive until
the times of restoration of all things..."
(Acts 3:19-21)

**NOTE:  Do you know the Lord Jesus
Christ of Refreshing Evangelism, the
Jesus of both times of refreshing and
the Second Coming with the
restoration of all things.  If you are
confused or mixed up here, you can
also be on such fundamentals as the

11.  Do you Know the Lord Jesus
Christ of "times of refreshing" and the
end {and Second Coming} with the
"restoration of all things"?

NOTE:  If you doctrine is not sound
on both the times of refreshing and
the restoration of all things with the
Second Coming of Christ, there is a
good chance that also your doctrine
of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ is unsound.
  (Rivers of Living Water)

I.  Seven Miracle-Signs* of Jesus and of the
Gospel of John.

*NOTE:  The Apostle John, after the other 3
Gospels about Jesus {Matthew, Mark, and
Luke} organized and wrote about, like in the
words of Luke of Acts 1:1-3, "all that Jesus
began to do and teach"; and John, last of the
Apostles and Pastor at Ephesus, also "the
disciple 'whom Jesus loved"  (John 21:20),
carefully organized all about Jesus centered
around only 7 miracle_signs, all things like
character, doings, teachings, and more of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

a.  You can read the Living Water chapterof
the Jeremiah Bible studies series
at an
online page here.

NOTE:  Recall how God through Jeremiah,
shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem
and Judah, and to explain the reason, said
through Jeremiah--"For My people have
committed two evils:  They have forsaken
Me, the fountain of living waters, and have
hewn themselves cisterns--broken cisterns
that can hold no water."  (Jeremiah 2:13)

b.  Go to Rivers of Living Water Page for free
downloads in PDF.

1.  The Wedding Feast at Cana (John 2).
2.  Reports to Make Believers  (John 4).
3.  Which is first?  Believers of Disciples.
                 (John 5)
4.  "My Church" and "Believing"  (John 6).
5.  Disciples and Friends, Fruit that Remains
                (John 9-14)

II.  More about WHO IS JESUS by Peter
and the other apostles and associates. .

Testimony of Peter to Jesus.

2.  Christ for Christmas.

III.  Refreshing Evangelism (the spiritual) at
Sandy Hook.

NOTE:  Oh hurting one, when you see
this beloved child or loved one in the
arms of Jesus after either death or the
Second Coming, all these tears and
griefs will be wiped away!

“And God will wipe away every tear from
their eyes; there shall be no more death,
nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no
more pain, for the former things have
passed away.”  (Revelation 21:4)

In fact, the Bible promises believers that “the
former things will be remembered no more”.  
Granted Sandy Hook, one of the most
painful aspect of this tragedy is the horrible
memories that will not go away; but just
imagine the eternity where such memories
will be remembered no more.

NOTE:  I bet you can’t get your secular
psychologist or most advisors and
counselors to say “You will not
remember this tragedy in eternity,
goodness you will have this precious
child in your arms in your permament
new home, made by God, on the new

IV.  Refreshings in 2013 for the Soul's
Senses.  {
Alias, "Against Hope, Believed
in Hope"}

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"But Jesus answered him, saying, It is
written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone
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