Jeremiah Study Guide

Enhance your Bible Study of Jeremiah and Prophesy
with this LAB format, 8 1/2 by 11, size in color Study
Guide as shown full size below.   
{You will recognize
from the Table of Contents some of the newsletters
and web pages that you are currently studying;
however the chapters go beyond those you have
previously seen to give you more insight on subjects
like idolatry, covetousness, greed, and calamities.  
You will come to get the heart of what Jeremiah and
Jesus meant when they talked about "den of thieves".}

This size, attractive looks, and room for notes and marking is ideal for a
Study Guide.  It is designed to be interactive with what you have already
done online with Jeremiah and Prophesy, and to continue on this Bible
study, almost unlimited in scope and appplications--Jeremiah is a large
book, and the deeper we go into it, the more Prophesy of the whole Bible
is included like on the recent releases about the "Future of the Middle
East", prophesy outlines, and why calamities.

The flexible binding allows the Study Guide to be placed flat and open on a
table, with facing pages, for ease of study, marking, and notations.
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*This Study Version has 150 pages more than the
version on because of the Appendix
which includes Background on Jeremiah, also a
harmony of the 3 concurrent Prophets of
Jeremiah,;  Ezekiel, and Daniel; some outlines with
quotes and notes on the Minor Prophets; and a
section on Prophets and Prophesy, OT and NT.
Go to the following web
page to view the
Table of
Contents of NATIONAL
PROPHESY.  It is also
volume 6 of THE LEARN
CHAPTER  1         Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy. 3
CHAPTER  2         Countdown to Destruction by Deceit 11
CHAPTER  3         Greed, Deceit, and Cover Up. 19
CHAPTER  4         American Creativity for Greed and Cover Up. 33
CHAPTER  5         “THE LIE” (Romans 1:25) 47
CHAPTER  6         Dreamers of Delay and Deceit on THAT Day. 55
CHAPTER  7         Cause, Cure, and Curse of Idolatry. 75
CHAPTER  8         Calamities Chase Chastisement. 91
CHAPTER  9         American Creativity for Greed and Cover Up. 99
CHAPTER 10         Backsliding Worse Than Falling Away. 115
CHAPTER 11        Turning Away Finalizes Falling Away. 123
CHAPTER 12         Rivers of Living Water Forsaken. 135
CHAPTER 13         Fundamentalists Fables of Fiction. 149
CHAPTER 14         God’s Promised Prosperity. 161
CHAPTER 15         Second Tucson Tragedy. 177
CHAPTER 16         Idolatry! 191
CHAPTER 17         Moral Majority (“...abhor idols, do you rob
                      temples?”) 203
CHAPTER 18         Why Calamities? 211
CHAPTER 19         Middle East Future. 221
CHAPTER 20         Study Outline of Jeremiah, Quotes and Notes. 235

Appendix:  Compendium of Support for Study of Jeremiah/Prophets 251
A-1:  Background for Jeremiah.
A-2:  The Temple Message of Jeremiah 7,23: the gist of Jeremiah.
A-3:  A Harmony of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
A-4:  Contributions of the Minor Prophets to Understanding Calamities
A-5:  Prophets and Prophesy, OT and NT.