A Study Outline of Jeremiah:  the Total Prophesy.

This outline is based on the one given in Barclay’s 2 volume commentary
on Jeremiah, rather THE DAILY STUDY BIBLE SERIES on the Old
Testament that was added to Barclay’s earlier work on the New
Testament.  Robert Davidson is the author of the Jeremiah volumes,
Professor of OT and Dean of the Faculty of Divinity at the University of
Glasgow.  A Longer Outline is almost made available to you in a free PDF
download that is almost a paraphrase, that helps to summarize all that has
been studied in almost 3 years on Jeremiah and Prophesy, and will also
indicate the weak points in our study that remain to be covered.  Like on
all Scripture, which God has given us as guidelines for life, for the nation,
and for our church membership, we want to respect that “All Scripture is
given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction, and for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God might
be mature...”
I.  The “word of the LORD came” to Jeremiah (chapter 1).
1.  Historical Context--history is always important to establish the total
context of the prophetic message, which primarily has a message for that
day and time, but is also Predictive, the predictive part being for both the
people of Jeremiah and later generations like those of today.  (1:1-3)
a.  The lineage of Jeremiah as a son of one priests among many in the
village of Anathoth, of the land and tribe of Benjamin.
b.  Kings of Judah and during delivery time of the word of God through
Jeremiah:  Josiah, the son of Amon; and Jeremiah started preaching
during the 13th year of his reign; continued in his prophetic ministry during
Jehoiakin, the son of Josiah.
2.  The call of Jeremiah and two visions  (1:4-19).
II.  God’s People, In the Wrong and on the Way to Disaster (chps 2-6)
NOTE;  Do you think it would be safe to say the same thing about
America today?  That America is the wrong and on the way to a disaster;
or my goodness don’t we already have a disaster in the intense series of
calamities since 911, the tornadoes, floods, drought and wildfires, the
economic crisis, and the hurricanes like Katrina in New Orleans and Fay
on the Texas coast.  The people that consider themselves the most
righteous and right may be wrong and can not see it, the people of the
thousands of churches in Texas, New Mexico, and the rest of the Bible
Belt, a group of people very similar to God’s people of the book of
Jeremiah, at least so they think because they are church members.
III.  False Religion (Jeremiah 7:1 through 8:3)
1.  The Temple Message, An unpopular sermon (7:1-15).
NOTE:  All the official prophets and priests had gone bad, and only
Jeremiah was left as a true messenger of God; but so unpopular was the
message that he preached, unpatriotic, they thought, in that it included
submission to Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, as the servant of
God; that it reminded them of all their wrongs, they thought were right and
they thought they actually had been preserved as a nation and temple to
do all these abominations; and primarily because of their extreme
tolerance that allowed them so much IDOLATRY.  They just could not
make up their mind who and what was God?  Hopefully you will see from
these Bible Studies in Jeremiah, and in particular in the message available
for free download that many false prophets are taking advantage of God’
s people and churches with the false gospel of prosperity, these “Popular
Preachers of Prosperity”.  In this time of the Falling Away, much like the
Backsliding away from God of Judah, popularity is a curse rather than a
blessing; simple because church members have allowed themselves to
become controlled, like the people of Judah, by their own purpose driven
desires and the heaping up of itching ears Bible teachers that will tell them
the comforting things, like they are God’s people, that they want to hear.  
At the same time the “heaping up” process of II Timothy 4:3,4 and of the
5 stage Falling,  Way {stage 4 and 5 are backsliding} is both a heaping in
of itching ears Bible teachers and preachers, and a heaping out of
preachers of sound doctrine.  {You have noticed even preachers that
preach God’s real pattern for marriage are run off, especially from
fundamentalists churches of the SBC.}
2.  The Time for prayer is over (7:16-20), God will no longer listen.
3.  A people of God blind to what is most important (7:21-28).
4.  A fatal disease (7:29-8:3), God has rejected and forsaken this
generation of His wrath.
IV.  The End of the Road (8:4-10:25).
1.  Blind complacency (8:4-12), perpetual backsliding without a true
2.  A people in despair:  A prophet in Anguish (8:13-9:1).
3.  The Prophet in dis pair (9:2-11).
4.  A Time for Mourning (9:12-22).
NOTE:  Could in it be in the light of the intense series of calamities since
911, that it is time for mourning in America?  I know a lot of people in
Joplin, Birmingham, and New Orleans are mourning the lose of things and
life; but it that what God is really after in the sending of all these
“Who is the man so wise that he can understand this?  To whom has the
mouth of the Lord spoken, that he may declare it?  Why is the land ruined
and laid waste like a wilderness {sound like something you have seen in
America recently, for example Joplin looks like a wilderness remains of a
war zone, and perhaps that is what it is, God’s war zone to get the
attention of the Bible belt}, so that no one passes through?  And the Lord
says: ‘Because they have forsaken my law which I set before them {you
know the real understanding of the laws of the 10 commandments is
enough warning for chastisement of God’s people by calamities, surely
Missouri got that and the Bible belt of Alabama, Memphis, and New
Orleans}, and have not obeyed my voice {if you really have the 9 month
new birth, then the Spirit is a voice in your conscience}, or walked in
accord with it, but have stubbornly followed {you know, I think in the
responsive interviews of the victims we see more determinative and
stubbornness to just keep going like before and to with determinative re-
establish the same old routines of the American Way of Life, these are
our ways and doings} their own hearts {yes, it has become very popular
for personal wants to be the purpose driven motivations for your Christian
life and for your church life above “the glory of God”} and have gone after
the Baals {you of the moral majority say, ‘well, we are not guilty here”, but
the word of God says to the moral majority in Romans 2:22, “You who
abhor idols, do you rob temples”, and you do that as your personal driven
purposes make both your house of worship and your own temple of God
into a desecration for personal usages--even usage of a house of God
for other than the glory of God is desecration and the robbing of temples,
IDOLATRY if you would, and that is the primary Baals of America}, as
their fathers taught them {this present generation, like in Judah, are as
much the victims of their heritage as they are the blessing of their
heritage}.  Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel {we
need to know Who He is}:  Behold, I will feed the people with wormwood,
and give them poisonous water to drink.  {Does that sound like the God
you know; then if not you have created in your own mind an image of god
that is false, and that also is IDOLATRY.}  I will scatter them among the
nations whom neither they nor their fathers have known; and I will send the
sword after them, until I have consumed them.”  (Jeremiah 9:12-16)
NOTE:  Those who refuse the recognize the “sword” as part of God
through Christ’s cleaning out all His enemies on the great and notable day
of the LORD, fail to acknowledge much of the Bible.
5.  For “the glory of God” (9:23-10:16)
NOTE:  Surely we see that America is glorying in its wisdom of
education, science, technology, weapons systems and democracy;
glorying in the might of its military that leads the world; glorying in the
prosperity and the opportunities for greed...
“...but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and know me,
that I am the Lord who practise steadfast love, justice, and righteousness
in the earth; for in these thing I delight, says the Lord.”  (9:24)
Exactly who are we trying to please or impress when as part of the
patriotism of the American Democratic Faith we practice the extremes of
toleration {it has come about to be intolerance of sound doctrine like on
God’s pattern for marriage and homosexuality and righteousness}.  
Certainly it is not the God of the Universe, and supposedly the God of
America in whom “we trust”, the God Who delights in righteousness,
steadfast love, and justice.  In the name of 911, we have adopted many
unjust and unChristian practices like torture of prisoners {which by the way
as we ar ewarned by John McCain will come back in the future to haunt
our American military prisoners}, spying on law abiding and harmless
citizens with the patriot act, the bending through press and government
the assumption under law that a person is innocent until proven guilty,
giving more rights and privacy to the accuser than to the accused.  If not
God, who are we trying to impress with the extremes of toleration like for
Muslims and homosexuals and business without the former control of
competition and prices.  The only obvious answer is that we are trying to
impress ourselves as a nation, that is of some dream of extreme
democracy that we have in our mind that is fictitious because the rich
continue to get richer, greed is rampant, and the poor continue in get
poorer in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Are we trying to
impress other nations of the world on “democracy”, when we know that
the “Future of the Middle East”, according to the Bible is that the whole
world except the camp of the saints will come against Jerusalem to
destroy, and then is when God will intervene to terminate this old world in
favor of a new one with new people!
We must think God is a simpleton {thereby creating an idol in our own
mind} that He does not know in Missouri and Mississippi and Alabama
and New Orleans that all this church attendance is being done for reasons
other than His glory; that this greed does not come from Him, nor the
gospel of prosperity and health.  That He does not see through to the
hearts of the Moral Majority that think they are so right, and yet violate
one by one each week the real meaning and heart of the 10
commandments, the same Moral Majority who thinks that the American
Democratic faith rather than the faith of the Bible and of the real God is
what is going to save them!
6.  Tragedy and Response (10:17-25), God is going to ‘sling them out of
the land”, and the response {which reminds us of the response in
interviews of many of the residents of Missouri, Alabama, and New
Orleans, it is the stoic response of the people of Jerusalem and Judah,
“Truly this is an affliction, and I must bear it.”  (10:19).  Never a, “I must do
better”, or “We must change’, or “we were warned in the Bible and my
Bible messages”; but boo, hoo we are victims.  And they are, but victims
of their own “ways and doings”.
V.  The Man of Action and Inner Conflicts (Jeremiah 11-20).
Do you think that you are among the only of God’s people that have ever
suffered the mental and emotional conflicts and anguish, even grief, of
calamities from God for chastisement?  The way these conflicts are
resolved is what is important, with or without God and the Word of God or
with God!
1.  The Broken Covenant and its dire consequences (11:1-17).
You know if you break the law, you can in general expect to be caught up
with, and if you Moral Majority really break the law of the 10
commandments that you perceive to keep, then God is going to catch up
with you eventually; either now in a calamity of the first kind to get you to
do better, or at the end of time in the supreme calamity on the whole
world that the great and notable day of the LORD and Lord.
2.  The cost of being a Prophet (11:18-12:6).
Most evangelists, pastors, and even active church members today have
been misled by false popular preachers into being that the cost of faith is
the gospel of prosperity and health.  Primarily they preach that because
that is what they practice, and they want you to listen to their message in
spite of your visuals on the expensive suits and jewelry and jet planes.  
Whatever happened to the Christian saying from the Bible, “All that will
live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution?”  (II Timothy 3:12)  
These popular preachers of prosperity are being punished because they
do not have the best suits, or best airplanes, best houses, and best cars!  
Something is wrong here, because every one, including the Lord Jesus
Christ Himself, that lived godly in Christ Jesus suffered persecution not
prosperity and health. You know on the other hand that Satan takes aside
every worker for Jesus, and says to him, “I will give you all this wealth,
and status, and all these things of the world you see if you will only bow
down and worship me”; thus they create an idol of Satan who is
supernatural but not a God.
3.  The Lord of all Nations (12:7-17).
There is something in Jeremiah and all the Prophet for all nations,
because whether you admit it or not God is the LORD of hosts, the God
of all, Gentiles and Jews, the LORD God that made all and all of us.
NOTE:  About Egypt, have you noted that the Lord of all nations in Isaiah
19:18 and following even predicts that someday Egypt will turn to God
and even adopt the language of Judah.  Listen to the quote from Oswalt in
“So Isaiah says that Egypt’s turn to God will be so complete that some
cities will go so far as to adopt even the language of Judah.  Whether we
ought to expect this event to come to pass in a literal way then becomes
secondarily to the major concern:  will Egypt one day turn to God in a
radical way?  To that we may answer a resounding yes!”
And perhaps a bigger surprise than that is the friendship predicted for
Israel, Egypt, and Assyria {now Iraqi).
“In that day {that day is the key to when this will really happen and is a
prevalent key to understanding in the book of Isaiah} there will be a
highway from Egypt to Assyria, and Assyria will come to Egypt and Egypt
to Assyria and Egypt will serve God with Assyria.”  (Isaiah 19:23)
“In that day”, the key to when; and as  Oswalt writes:
“The section (Isaiah 19:16-25) is marked by five repetitions of “in that
day” {verses 16,18,19,23, and 24} which make it plain that the prophet
sees these events as occurring in the ends times, or at least at the point
where God takes decisive action in world events.”
NOTE:  Certainly we must believe as with all the Prophets, and after we
distinguish between just days of the LORD where there are either/or
blessing or curses from God of an immediate in history nature, or the
great and final, notable day of the LORD of Acts 2 and Joel 2; that such a
prophetic prediction applies to the new earth where all nations live in
peace centered around the new Jerusalem lowered down from heaven,
God dwells on the new earth with all peoples, and all come to Jerusalem
{Judah} to worship God.  They all adopt the new language of Jesus!  Also
certainly the great and notable day of the LORD and Lord, also at the
Second Coming of Christ is the time, that one day of the LORD and Lord,
when “God takes decisive action in world events”, not that in the many
calamities of the first, second, and third kind He is not take a lesser
decisive action now in world events, especially in America where He
wants the attention of God’s people!  You may want to view the
PowerPoint slide download on the Prophet Joel {Link to www.
biblecombibleman.com/joel.ppt}, perhaps the best of the Prophets where
you can distinguish both the three kinds of calamities and the two or three
kings of the day of the LORD.
4.  The spoiled linen waistcloth (13:1-14), God will spoil the pride of Judah
and the great pride of Jerusalem.  
NOTE:  For more, see “All the Proud Men” Bible Study session on
Jeremiah and Prophesy.
5.  Final Words of Warning (13:15-27).
“And if you say in your heart {interviewees on TV often do say what they
are thinking as they must be Americans with a stoic, frontier-like attitude,
but what they say to themselves in their heart is significant}, ‘Why have
these things come upon me?’  {Don’t you know that is always the question
in Joplin, or Birmingham, or New Orleans, or Memphis, “why has this
calamity happened to me?”}  it is for the greatness of your iniquity that
your skirts are lifted p, and you suffer violence.”  (Jeremiah 13:23)
6.  A National Crisis (14:1-16), God will consume this people by the
calamities of “sword, famine, and by pestilence”.
a.  The Word of God that came to Jeremiah concerning the drought in
Judah that caused the people to mourn (14:1-6)
 (1).  The Calamity of the Drought {God tries again}
“Her nobles send their servants for water; they come to the cisterns, they
find no water, they return with their vessels empty  {this is not figurative or
spiritualizing as fundamentalists like to do, this is a real drought--you know
how even B.H. Carroll likes to consider the locust plague of Joel as
representing an army, not able to really bring himself to all this
chastisement on God’s people}; they are ashamed and confounded and
cover their heads.  Even the hind in the field forsakes her newborn calf
because there is no grass.  {ranchers and farmers in New Mexico and
Texas are selling and killing their cattle now because of the drought’s
effect on their feed}.  The wild asses stand on the bare heights, they pant
for air like jackals; they eyes fail because there is no herbage.
 (2).  The responsive prayers of the people in their homes and in the
places of worship, it sounds so real and close to repentance, reminding
one of the earlier reformation in Judah under the Republican Josiah1.
“Though our iniquities testify against us {like in American churches where
the common saying is that we are sinners, we admit it, but we are trying},
act, O Lord {You God, just must do something about this drought
calamity}, for thy name’s sake {like today, church members think anything
is God to be answered by God in spite of their “ways and doings” if they
only pray in the name of God or Christ, almost like in the worship of the
Temple where the people prayed “We are delivered to do all these
abominations”, some think and say that God is obligated because of what
He said in the Bible, honestly evangelists use the phrase “put God in a
Well, no God does not always deliver you from drought and other
calamities in spite of your abominations of internal 10 commandment
violations, of the heart more than of the behavior.
“...for our backslidings are many {this nation of God’s own people at least
knew that their backslidings after from God in spite of frequent temple
attendance, it seems the many churches of America do not know yet, but
you know they are thinking about it as the intense series of calamities
continue since 911}, we have sinned against thee.”  {You know most
pastors and church members would think and say ‘well, this right here will
do it as they admitted sin in the sight of God; however they do not stop to
think that previously in chapter 7 God had stopped after hundreds of
years and warnings, had stopped listening to their prayers, and in the
same time sequence that was God’s message daily to the people of
NOTE:  There is a time for everything in the sight of God, of salvation, of
prayer, of listening to prayer and of answer prayer; and a time of action
by God on His own people when they refuse to listen, you might call it a
point of no return.  One is reminded of the Scripture in Hebrews, “Now is
the time...” by the way primarily written to believers; and “Beware, brethren
lest there be in your an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living
“O thou hope of Israel, its saviour in time of trouble, why shouldst thou be
a stranger in the land, like a wayfarer who turns aside to tarry for night?  
Don’t forget that this is the same 70 influential leaders that weekly in the
temple basement would bow to the 70 different idols of Judah, trying to
cover all bases of gods, and who knowingly violated at heart the 10
commandments, and in fact also by behavior, taking that as part of the
religion, especially of idols, that delivered their nation and comfort, like the
women said as in Egypt after escape from the destruction in Jerusalem,
“when we worshipped and served the Queen of Heaven, we had “plenty of
food, were well off, and saw no trouble”  (Jeremiah 44:17), further they
said and their husbands backed them that their forefathers had taught
them to continue in the worship of these idols--what are we saying, that
these people were hypocritical in their prayers, yes.
“Why should thou be like a man confused, like a mighty man who cannot
They actually thought they could con God into salvation; showing a
definite lack of respect for God and spiritual realities!  This also is
IDOLATRY, creating an unrealistic image of God, and philosophy of the
nation, that is very unlike the real God of the Universe.  It is almost as if
they were putting the Great God of Israel and the Bible on the same level
as the 70 gods of idols of Israel.
“Yet thou, O Lord, art in the midst of us {that was a lie, God had already
departed from them; and God through Jeremiah in the temple message
called it a lie that any more this was the temple of God}, and we are called
by thy name {always the out excuse, we are called by the name of God
and Christ}; leave us not.”
(3).  Well, let’s see in Jeremiah 14:10-16 what was the Response of God
Himself to this hypocritical but seeming so repentant and heart rendering
prayer, sort of like “ God save me from this mess that I got myself in, and
against which you often have warned me during the last hundred years.”
[1].  God at least does acknowledge them as His people in the answer to
the prayer of the nation above (14:10), “Thus says the Lord concerning
this people...”
[2}.  These people love to wander, and they have not wisely chosen
proper paths for their feet in daily life (14:10b).
[3].  It is too late; “NO” is the answer to their prayer; but more than that
“therefore the Lord does not accept them, rather...
[4]  They are without forgiveness as “He will remember their iniquity” (14:
10c), and further will “punish” their sins.
NOTE:  By the way, how is God to punish or chastise their sins, by
continued calamities which will lead to a very large calamity of the
destruction of Jerusalem, and even beyond that to a possible punishment
of the great and notable day of the LORD and Lord.  Alias, a rejection of
them as the people of God, at least some of them, always remember that
there was Jeremiah in Judah, Ezekiel and Daniel and his 3 friends in
Babylon, and perhaps even like in Israel during the days of Elijah there
“were 7,000 {unknown to the Prophet but to God} that had not bowed the
knee to Baal”.}.
(3). Then in 19:11,12, God turned to His Prophet Jeremiah to tell him what
he must do and not do.
“The Lord said to me:  ‘Do not pray for the welfare of this people {can we
always pray for the welfare of a people in calamity like in America now,
people we know to live in the wrong at home and at church, people that
had all the right answers before they lost everything}.  Though they fast, I
will not hear their cry, and though they offer burnt offering and cereal
offering, I will not accept them; but I will consume them by the sword, by
famine, and by pestilence.”  (Jeremiah 19:11,12)
(4).  Jeremiah’s response to God was about what the official Prophets of
the nation were telling the people (19:13).
“Then I said, Ah, Lord God, behold, the prophets say to them, ‘You shall
not see the sword, nor shall you have famine, but I will give you assured
peace in this place.”  (Jeremiah 19:13)
Surely this reminds one of a certain pastor of a large and influential church
in Houston, Texas now telling his people in light of the obvious nature of
the intense series of calamities since 911, “All you have to do is wait with
faith for 2 years, then there will be either an oil well or a gold mine in your
(5).  What God replied about these official Prophets of Jerusalem and
“And the Lord said to me:  ‘The prophets are prophesying lies in my
name; I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them.  
They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the
deceit of their own minds.  Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the
prophets who prophesy in my name although I did not send them, and
who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not come on this land’:  By sword and
famine those prophets shall be consumed.  And the people to whom they
prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine
and sword, with none to bury them--then their wives, their sons, and their
daughters.  For I will pour out their wickedness upon them.”  (Jeremiah 14:
7.  Further lament and comment (14:17-15:4).
8.  Jerusalem left to her fate as determined by God (15:5-9).
9.  Inner Struggles of Jeremiah (15:10-21).
10.  Normal life at an end (16:1-13).
NOTE:  Oh my, could America and American churches now be at that
status of a end to the normal life of comfort, security, and peace.  Is it not
possible for another nation of God’s people, if they show the same “ways
and doings” as Judah before 587 B.C., for God to reject them, no longer
listen to their prayers, or accept them.  At least, you must accept the
possibility it can happen again!  Granted that the most religious people
that every lived were in Jerusalem, in 587 B.C. and in the time of Christ,
and you see what history has done to them.  Recently the prime minister
of Israel said, “History is not going to give us another chance”.
11.  Light in the Midst of Darkness (16:14-21), restoration to the Land
and, God giving back the land to Israel, God will repay double for the sins
of Israel’s oppressors; and God will “this once cause them to know”, the
Gentiles who come to God saying, “Will a man make gods for himself,
which are not gods?”
12.  The Indelible Mark of Sin (17:1-4).
13.  The Choice--Trust in man or trust in God, trust in other nations
around you or trust in God (17:5-8).
14.  Folly, Hope, and a Cry for Help (17:9-18).
15.  Sermon on Sabbath Observance (17:19-27).
26.  In the Potter’s Workshop (18:1-12).
27.  Strangely Unnatural Conduct (18:13-17).
28.  Opposition and a Vitriolic Response (18:18-23).
29.  The broken jar and its consequences (19:1-20:6).
30.  Insidious Doubt and Confident Faith (20:7-13).
31.  The Depths of Despair (20:14-18).
V.  Kings and Prophets (Jeremiah 21-23).
VI.  Words of Hope and Judgement (Jeremiah 24,25).
VII.  A Marked Man (Jeremiah 26-29).
VIII.  A Future Bright With Hope (30-33).
IX.  Stormy Petrel of the Jerusalem Scene (34-39).
X.  Fall of Jerusalem (39:1-18).
XI.  After the Holocaust (40-45).
XII.  Ruler of All Nations (45-51).
XIII.  Epilogue (Jeremiah 52).
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