Armageddon, The END
earth destruction attack
on Israel

Revelation 20:7-10 and
Revelation 16:12-16

You had best be ready!!
1.  Israel, eying Iran, comes off Syria fence.

2.  Iran's Rouhani says wants peace, blames Israel for
region's 'instability'

NOTES:  Look at the smile on his face and recall that
even Satan can appear as an angel of light and will the
man of sin who really seeks the destruction of Israel,
also that false prophets call "peace, peace when there
is no peace".

Militants From More Than 25 Countries Have Joined
The Battle In Syria.

4.  EXPERTS: Russian Rebels In Syria Pose 'Serious'
Threat To 2014 Olympics

5.  Tunisian Girls Are Coming Home Pregnant After
Performing 'Sexual Jihad' In Syria

NOTE:  In the name of Jihad now, besides murder,
prostitution is possible.  All a continuing and increasing
pattern of the mystery of the rising tide of sin and law
and lawlessness, one of the signs of the END  (II
Thessalonians 2:7).  See also the Christ News Net on
the Mystery of Sin and Lawlessness as the Holy Spirit
is withdrawn from earth, the Man of sin is revealed, and
extends his influence until Christ intervenes after the
final attack on Israel.

6.  Saudi spy chief says Riyadh to 'shift away from
U.S.' over Syria, Iran

7.  Israel Suspected Of Destroying Syrian Air Base By
Missile Attack From Sea

8.  Israel opposes alleged Iran nuclear proposal.

9.  Iran vows no retreat in crunch nuclear talks.

10.  Syrian conflict between sunnis and shities
spreading in the Middle East to Lebanon.

11.  Iran will not get a nuclear weapon: Netanyahu.

Saudi ready to act alone on Iran, Syria:
ambassador to Great Britain writes in news.

13.  According to Revelation in the great last World
War III battle the whole world will be involved, and we
know of some of the political and military connections
between Korea and Syria.

United States sending more troops and tanks to South

Has any arms race ever not ended in a war?
encroachment {like an
attack} on Israel has
occupied most of the
former great nation of
Israel.  See here in
greeen, how much of
Palestian is under
authority of The
Palestianian Territory.  
Add to this Jordan, once
part of Israel, and Syrian
once the northern
kingdom of Israel, and
what pititful little they
have left. However what
God has His heart set on
is Mount Zion as a
landing spot for the New
Jerusalem lowered down
from heaven.  As you
read the news, like about
the recent attacks of
Israel on Syria and the
Gaza strip, you have not
read about the almost
silent attacks and threats
of encroachments on
For a more and better perspective, read from
Wikipedia on
"The Palestinian Territory".