According to the USDA, 1 out of 7 Americans go to bed
hungry at night, and thousands of Adults do not have one
meal all day.

NOTE:  See at the bottom of this page, "American
Creativity for Greed and Cover-Up".

Often, as with all civil service government, we doubt both
their methods of formulating conclusions--primary because
they live off the fat of the land and from a less than
ordinary perspective where our tax dollars take care of
them--and we also doubt their motivations?  If that many
Americans are hungry, and they know where they are,
then they should feed them!

My friends and I agree that we do not know one single
hungry American.  Yet we can not take the same risk that
government workers take in having identified and
visualized the problem, not doing anything about it!  This
knowing such a person or persons is the opposite of the
Good Samaritan.  In short, it is sin when:  (1) you see a
person in need; (2) you have the ability to do something
about that need; and (3) you do nothing except talk or
pass out information.

In short, if you know one such an American please use the
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          American Creativity for Greed and Cover-Up

Remember how near the end of the Bush and Republican reign, how the
extent of the economic crisis began to dawn on the American public as one
institution after another revealed bankruptcy, and how for a year or more
they had covered-up from the public the reality of that financial deficiency.  
Recall it was cities, and states, and Banks, and financial institutions, and
educational institutions, and on and on as one was bold enough to do it
many institutions also showed bankruptcy and cover-up.  {The only
institutions still not admitting cover-up, because their is no profit in it, are
the churches.  See
Goodness, we had been in a recession or depression already for a year,
and didn't know it!  Now, in the name of intellectual honesty, let us add civil
service workers, auto workers, and home buyers to the list of greedy
people who caused this present economic crisis.

Now we have proof of the saying, “Civil service workers are the scum of
the earth, living off of the fat of the land and making no real contribution”;
for the following information was recently made public:
1.Civil service incomes have gone up 37% in the last 10 years;
2.While many Americans are trying to adjust to lower incomes or no
income, civil service workers are getting a 1 and ½ percent pay increase;
3.The average Civil Service worker makes twice the income of his peers in
the private sector with average incomes of 120,000 per year as compared
to 60,000 for the equivalent private sector job.
Now if that is not scum living off the fat of the land and making no real
contribution, what is it.  Glenn Beck not long ago revealed that now the cost
of supporting government workers has exceeded the Gross National
Product, which means plain and simple that the cost of those living off the
taxpayers has exceed the amount of real contributions of many hard
working American workers and small business owners.   If you personally
know any civil service workers then you know that after one year on the job
they can not be fired, and therefore their own real motivation is to lay low,
stay out of trouble, and simply hold on to their publicly financed high

A hard working small businessmen, also a skilled worker respected in the
community for his skill and service as part of his business, recently said
about the crisis in the economy, “I have figured it out, they are trying to
take away every thing we have left.”  Now, why would such a leader in the
small community say such a thing if that was not really what was happening
to him; and this brings home the limited nature of the American Dream and
a piece of the American pie, in that there is only a limited amount of the
American pie to go around, and when out of greed civil service workers,
union members who brought down the big automobile companies with their
excessive demands over years for wages and benefits, the greedy Golden
Warriors of business and Wall Street who suck in so much of the apple pie
that only crumbs are left for those unemployed at the bottom of the food

However greed has run all the way up and down the food chain, starting at
the bottom with the new home buyer that blew up the real estate bubble,
buying much more of a home than what they needed or could pay for, the
Banks and other loan institutes who greed and cover-up fed off the
grassroots greed, and the entrepreneurs who bet on the survivability of
those loans.  The fallacy in the American Democratic Faith and the
corresponding American Dream is in that we have made heroes out of the
extremely greedy like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.  Buffett in a recent
statement was bragging about it, saying, “There are two ways to go on the
stock market and invents, the way of greed or the way of fear.”  You see,
these men are heroes and instead of “greed” being a bad word, we have
made it synonymous with the free enterprise system or “just business”:  
Greed has become a merit badge of popularity and approval.  The only
difference between American history duirng the Industrial Revolutions as
robber barons unashamed took advantage of the American public while
offering them the crumbs of false hopes that they too had the opportunity
as part of the American Dream to be rich, and today, is that an enterprising
few of 250,000 plus income a year have found more ways, like the lottery
and other gambling, to make more money off the American Dream.

The only way to see the extreme of this “American Creativity for Greed and
Cover-Up” (see the web page and book on
THIEVES” and HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, Church Cover-Ups}, is to
contrast it with the Christian principle from the Bible of “having food and
clothing, with these we shall be content.”  (I Timothy 6:8)

And beyond that, in the same context of I Timothy 6:5-10, how far these
Golden Warriors of the Greedy Economy are from a priority for godliness
over financial gain:

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”  (I Timothy 6:6)

The hole in the practical philosophy of the average American, who has lost
all faith in government and big business is in the “THEY”.  When Mr.
Average American say;s, “They are trying to take every thing away that we
have left,” it is not comprehend how large the group of “THEYS” really is,
included all those Americans not satisfied with food, clothing, and basic
housing; but rather who are feeding the monster of GREED that eats away
at the limited pie of the GNP.
1.Wall Street, yes, in the stock market and other financial institutions makes
no real contributions with a real product, involved only in paper and money;
2.But also the auto workers who far years jacked up the prices on
autmobiles and diminished profits in their greed for higher wages and
benefits {and other union workers}; and
3.We tend to forget the government workers, much like union workers, who
are living off the fat of the land and making no real contribution, and who
like an iceberg the most of which you can not see since it is underwater,
they live silently and secretly taking home large pieces of the American
taxpayer money.  {Just look at the way civil service is growing: under Bush
and Republicans with the huge Homeland Security organization, and under
Obama and Democratics with the huge increase in the Healthcare
Organization; and
4.The average homeowner at the bottom of the food chain who fed the
monster of greed by contributions to the real estate bubble, whose crash
created the finanical crisis of today; and
5.The well-to-do Republicans and businessmen who continue to hold onto
to their money while 10% of their fellow citizens are without jobs and even
more are hungry Americans {Fran Tarkenton let the cat out of the bag on
the greed of these businessmen when he told that they now have twice as
much money as they did a year ago, yet rather than create new jobs with
that money, they laugh all the way to the bank—that is greed!}

We don't expect every American to be a Christian, practicing the morality
and ethics of church membership such as “godliness with contentment” as
great gain; however, if they are church members, and certainly many of
these Golden Warriors of Greed are church members, or do claim the high
ground of National Leadership {goodness, they even advice the President}  
in the American Democratic Faith and Dream; however, we do begrudge
the example they set for all Americans during this crisis in the American
economy and more important this crisis in American morality and ethics, as
we struggle downward in favor of more SIN than RIGHTEOUSNESS.  
Yes, the RIGHTEOUSNESS of “ godliness with contentment is great gain”
will build up and grow a nation again at the foundation, and yes, the SIN of
greed will tear down this nation.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”  
(Proverbs 14:34)

NOTE:  Civil service was a marvelous and helpful system when Franklin
Roosevelt thought of it during the Great Depression and World War II, but
now it is just one more big nail in our coffin.  In the name of intellectual
honesty, do forget how big the “they” is of those who would take away
every thing that we have left.  Any citizen, not a practitioner of “godliness
as great gain” plus “contentment”, is a contributor to the large and
destructive pool of Greed in this nation!

1.  Try expanding your concept of GREED to include just a “desire to be

“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into
many foolish and harmful lusts...  (I Timothy 6:9b)

2.  Consider that you greedly ones are drowning yourselves and this nation!

“... which drown men in destruction and perdition.”  (I Timothy 6:9b)

3.Consider that you can not love money that much without the
consequences in SIN and a lack of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil...”  (I Timothy 6:10a)

4.Greed on money and what money can buy in investments and things will
lead you away from both Christian Faith and the American Democratic

“...for which {the love of money} some have strayed from the faith in their
greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”  (I
Timothy 6:10b)