History of God:  A Reconciliation.
While a challenge to simultaneously study
Jeremiah and the Kingdom of God, the rewards
are worth it in that we are therein provided:  (1) a
reconciliation between the doom and dispair of
the destruction of Jerusalem and Judah and the
hope of the kingdom; (2) a reconciliation between
good and evil; (3) a reconciliation between the
dark times like in Haiti and the great hope and
comfort of the forever kingdom of Christ; and (4)
a reconciliation of history itself, the purpose of
history, the meaning to it all under Christ!

1.  Someone recently said, "that is just history";
as if there was what is relevant for today versus
what is history.

2.  Some have read the little book, "Uses of the
Past", which essentially tells us that past history is
a lesson for us to learn from, some for bad not to
be repeated in the present and future, and some
for good to emulate.

3.  A professor of graduate studies in history at
Babylor said that "from history we can learn the
trends for the future".