History is Fun!
I.  I.  A Short Doctrinal History of Christianity.

II.  Some Religious History.

III.  How Physics and Bible, that is science and
Bible hermeneutics are similar.

IV.  History of Christian Fables.

History of Man Worship.

History of God and Reconciliation.

VII.  History, Prophesy, and Prediction.

VIII.  History of Civilisations and World
Religions from Romans 1, and the
Brutal facts
of the Dark World.

IX.  Definition of the Dark World of Romans 1.

The Sinai Peninsula {from Britannica} in
Preparation for the
God of Morality.

Route of the Exodus from Goshen Egypt to
Mount Sinai Arabia {now Egypt} with other
Bible as History Archaelogicals proofs.

XII.  The Real Mount Sinai and
Allegory of
Freedom and Bondage (Galatians 4:19-31).

XIII.  So You Want to Destroy Israel?