History of Christian Fables (II Timothy) Bible Series

II Timothy 4:3,4 is really now, in "these times" the culmination of the
history of Christianity almost, for all that remains before the END,
according to II Thessalonians 2:1-3, is a world news visual on the
man of sin and his prophet, then Christ will come to end it all with the
gathering in the air of the saints.

“For the time will come {IS HERE NOW IN “THESE TIMES”} when they will
not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because
they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they
will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”  (II
Timothy 4:3,4)

NOTE:  Through prominent people in Christianity, like Hymenaeus and
Philetus, who start and promote fables like a cancer, through failure to
avoid those church members of bad habits and attitudes, through a failure
to distinguish between silver and gold and wood and clay members, and
through a skipping text method that ignores the major flow of the ALL
Scripture approach and movement to the Bible, the inevitable finale of the
history of Christianity on this old earth is to "be turned aside to fables".
Beware when new sounding fables start to sound normal, we are almost
there!  How in the world could this happen to churches of Christ and to
"the faith once for all delivered to the saints".

1.  Men of prominence and academics mentor others until the itching ears
theology grows like a cancer throughout Christianity.
2.  It continues with bad hermeneutics that divides the Bible into pieces
called dispensations.
3.  The academic pride of life desires to show off something they know
about a theoritical Bible that the majority of believers don't know about.
4.  They like to show off their academics and reading by debating.
5.  In favor of about 300 isolated and favorites verse quotes, they ignore
the major flow of the Bible as made evident in the ASPI version of the Bible.
6.  Primarily they have a bent to ignore in their church and denomination,
also Chritianity, how deep their churches are into the present Falling Away
under their leadership.
7.  Bible Baptist Fundamentalists and Dallas Thelogical Seminary {along
with Biola and Liberty and Scofield Congregatinalists} having since 1970
taken political control of the SBC, now desire to take doctrinal control.  
Beware of the next seven years of famine, or more!
8.  Questionable music with an uncertain and repetitive, 3 tone monotone.
According to I Corinthians 14:15, "I will sing with the spirit and I will sing
with the understanding" is hardly fulfilled when 5 very dry words are
repeated 24 times.  If it sounds like the music of the heathen, how shall
9.  You know how the itching ears teachings that eventually grow into
fables sound, it is stunning and just does not sound normal to the
spiritual.  Not something you would get out of the reading of your Bibles.

Did the eunuch of Ethiopia tell Philip that I need a “doctor of theology” to guide
me so that I can understand?  Does it require a doctors degree in theology {the
religious equivalent of a rocket scientist} to understand the Bible on end times,
last things, or eschatology, all different words for the end of this old earth and the
ushering in of a new earth?  The academics want you to think so!  Of course not
as understanding the Bible on any teachings or doctrines does not require a
doctors degree; and those with doctors degrees have for these over two
thousand years have lead us astray more often than down the correct paths.  
“These times” emergence of such an attitude tells us of the previous death of the
doctrine of the priesthood of believers not long ago--about 1970--in the historical
development of “they will not endure sound doctrine”, and which now in “these
times” of Christian history have promoted “fables” in fundamentalistic Christian
history. These Bible Baptists fundamentalists lead by Biola on the west coast,
Liberty on the east coast, and Dallas Theological Seminary in the middle of the
country first took political control of the SBC about 30 years ago, and now with
the boldness and security of pastoral control of some of the largest churches for
that same period of time are read to launch a program for doctrinal control
primarily through their most unique doctrines of their Scofield Reference Bible
and Notes.
Have you heard them trying to take doctrine last things control of the SBC lately
and over fundamentalist ic Christian history?  What you notice first of all is so
many things that you have never heard before that have to be explained to you by
a doctor of theology, things that strangely you have never seen in years of
reading through the Bible for yourself with the guidance of the Spirit of God.  And
in order to explain these strange fable-like last things doctrines to you, that you
are hearing many new words that you have never heard and never read for
yourself in the Bible.  Listen carefully, and “test for yourself”, you will hear first a
long introduction of most of the message where little Bible is used and many new
concepts and words are introduced previously foreign to the average Christian,
striving to “live godly in Christ Jesus”; then lest you recognize the strangeness of
these doctrines, as an appendix they add a few scriptures in vain attempts to
justify their weird fables.
You can always recognize such isogesis, the reading of meaning into the Bible
instead of exegesis which is reading meaning out of the Bible, because there is
far more explanation of theological words and concepts than there is exegesis of
Bible, some Bible becoming an abused appendix to what they have previously
been trained in theological academics.  The secret rapture with dispensationalism
and Millineumism is a rich man’s and academic man’s theology; or at least an
eschatological theology of the well-to-do and powerful.  They have the dilemma
like the military and other leaders who desire to be leaders in all areas including
morality: a little different in that knowing that it so hard for a rich man {leader and
well-to-do} to both be rich without a captive to greed and to go through the eye
of a needle for salvation, that in fact now and historically they have invented an
academic theology to provide total leadership that includes Bible and economics.
Unfortunately the history of Christianity in “these times” has recently culminated in
the history of Christian fables with the last approximately 43 years, since 1970,
of the great apostasy called the Falling Away in Bible.  The fundamentalists keep
trying to deny it and put it off to some fictitious times, non-biblical by the way, in
the future, primarily for two reasons:  (1)  they do not wish to admit that
themselves and their churches of “these times” are leaders in the Falling Away:
and (2) they cling desperately to a secret rapture that allows them to both
escape the falling away and the final tribulation.
Goodness, if you are a average Christian living “godly in Christ Jesus”, and you
have not previously found these words and  concepts of fables in your Bible, then
do not change beliefs under the influence of these good debaters of the dts
philosophies of end time matters.  If you don’t see it there already, then it is not
there by exegesis:  it is only there by the historical development of a vast system
of isogesis!  We have to be sick on last things Bible to think that we need a
physician of eschatological academics!  They are here and available if you need
the extra comfort and self-denial.  It is their time in the history of Christianity and
end time Christian fables, and they are in a rush to let your know these
philosophies before the real end time events culminate with a revelation of the
man of sin and the end time second coming of Christ with the gathering of the
saints to meet Him in the air!
Many of you dedicated and serious Christians already know that II Timothy 4:3,4
gives the five or six stages of the final great apostasy of Christianity called the
Falling Away.
(1) Culmination of a Christian history of growing intolerance for sound doctrine--
“For the time will come {IS HERE NOW IN “THESE TIMES”} when they will not
endure sound doctrine...”,
(2) Purpose driven wants and desires take dominance over spirit and Christ
driven purposes--”but according to their own desires,
(3)  they have caught the cancer of academic itching ears theologies that started
with Hymenaeus and Philetus and spread throughout the history of Christianity to
this day of a sort of secret brotherhood of the self-gifted--because they have
itching ears,
(4) the Falling Away was both grassroots among churches and denominations
and in a special group of leaders take captive by Scofield and Darby, that first 40
years ago first heaped out politically, not by the Spirit, those not catering to their
wants, and now in 2013 have become bold in their big pastorates to heap in
fundamentalists--they will heap up for themselves teachers;
(5) the academic leaders did it first and now misery loves company--and they will
turn their ears away from the truth,
(6) so here we are captive to fables, if you allow it to happen in your churches
and denominations--and be turned aside to fables.”  (II Timothy 4:3,4)
NOTE:  Now, you will be given a little Bible academics that comes out of
hours, under the leadership of the Spirit and from comparing Scripture
with Scripture and so keeping in total context with dividing up the Bible
into divergent parts; in short that comes out of the Bible Itself which is
divine in origin, absolute in authority, sufficient in message without the
addition of theology, high fidelity in communication, dynamically alive with
each reading, and self-interpretative.
Here it is:  the book of II Timothy has provided us with not only an outline
of the Falling Away and many significant doctrinal states, like about the
ALL Scripture approach and movement of II Timothy 3:16,17, and many
others; but also perhaps this is the first time you noticed it or head about
it, but you can easily check it for yourself, gives us the History of
Christianity, alias the History of Christian fables, or Christian History of
Christian Fables.
To start the Bible study of this series, centered around II Timothy, do you
not think it is strange that this is the first generation in the history of
Christianity to hear about the “Left Behind” series, and furthermore that
the series of books and movies is fiction.  Strange that an academic
theology would be based on fiction rather than on the fact of the Bible!  
The answer is simple, it is Fables, and it is fiction based on fiction, not
based on solid and sound doctrine with good hermeneutics Bible!

1.  Itching Ears Theology Introduction.

2.  The Real Second Coming versus the Lie of that "Sort".

Christian's detecting and judging who and what is part of that "sort" of II
Timothy is the equivalent of the righteous judgment of the Bible.  In other
words, we simply allow the Bible to identify what sort that "sort" are!  It
historically in baptist work was called "fruit inspection".  Or if the shoe fits,
let them wear it!

3.  Fundamentalists.

4.  Wood and Clay in the House of God, the Lie of this “Sort”.

5.  "Loose Lips sink Ships".