Renewed Life and Perspective.

NOTE:  You will hear it here, few others have the courage!

Unlike Facebook which is designed for the communication of personal information, www. has kept by and large away from personal information and ego
building in favor of objective Bible truth. It is a little unusual and different now for the chief
editor, writer, and owner of to know start a most critical message
with a personal note; however it is in the tradition of such notable evangelists as Hyman
Appleman, who for the benefit of you who missed those golden years of SBC evangelism
was a converted Christian Jew and sponsored by the SBC {who also by the way was the
evangelists for pastor Ira Peak at Queensboro Baptist when at age 9 I made my public
profession of faith}.
Without apology and after a renewed perspective of legally dying 6 times, I am told as I
was unconscious through the process in which 6 CPR's were given {3 on the McLennan
Tennis Center Court by Jim Arnold and 3 in the ambulance}, and the EMTs in the
ambulance, the emergency room doctor A.J. Kirk, and the heart Surgeon were doing their
skillful and knowlegable work. {Most of us however, give God and the guardian angel He
has attached to me since youth and who has pulled me through many tights! “to God be
the glory for the great things which He has done”, and is continuing to do each day for
those who really have the spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear.}
Even the heart surgeon, and I am not using his name now as I do not yet have permission,
when I tried to shake his hand and thank him for saving my life, stated that we must give
God the credit. Agree, and many of us know that God is still every day in the healing
business; however, often He chooses to use as instruments of healing such men as this
heart surgeon who dedicated himself to years of training and experience in order to
develop the necessary high level of skill and knowledge that God can use.

NOTE: If the skill and knowledge is there, God will use it; and if it is not, God can and will
just do it by Himself.

Now enough of preliminaries and into the heartfelt expression from this new perspective of
what must at least be called renewed life {some like the emergency room doctor, A. J. Kirk
are calling it a medical miracle because of the short time between when I collapsed on the
tennis court during drills at the McClennan tennis center, and through the timely CPR
administered by Jim and others {including a prayer group of tennis players behind him} to
the rapid response of the EMTs to the emergency room of John Peterson Smith.

NOTE: Sorry if I offend any of you readers faith or lack of faith as I must inevitably do
because this is the time of the great Apostasy of Christians and churches called in the
Bible the great Falling Away, immediately before the Second Coming of Christ also the 5
stages of which are recorded in II Timothy 4:4,5.

“For the time will come (1) when they will not endure sound doctrine {Christians and church
members hearts, minds, and will are set against sound doctrine or any acknowledgement
of the unsound doctrine of themselves and their leaders, also like in the book of Jeremiah
before the destruction by God of Jerusalem}, but (2) out of their own wants {personal
desires, wants, and rationalizations have come to control and motivate the average church
member in what could aptly be called PURPOSE DRIVEN WANTS, (3) they heap  up to
themselves teachers with itching ears, (4) turn away from the truth, and (5) be turned into

Naturally the fifth and final step is out of the control of you pastors, evangelists, and church
members. Based on the harm you have done to yourself, to churches, and to the name and
cause of Christ, God takes over and He himself turns you into fables much like the
unsound doctrines of the Mormons and the Roman Catholic Church.

1. The recent calamity of many tornadoes on the FW Dallas Metroplex were, according to
the Bible, brought on Gods people to show His displeasure with their complacency, comfort
in Zion, idolatry, and extent to which they are presently sunk deep into the Falling Away.
Yes, against Gods people of the metroplex where perhaps the Bible belt has no more
density of churches and people claiming to worship the true God of the Bible.

2. You who are clinging to the false belief of Darby and Scoffield about some mystical and
idealistic “rapture” except at the immediate end of the Falling Away and the Second
Coming are allowing yourself to be deluted by a divorced lawyer who became a minister at
the First Congregationalists church in Dallas, named Scoffield, and before him an Irish
Roman Catholic Priest, Darby, who in his books puts the authority of Roman Catholic
documents on doctrine above the authority of the very Word of God which is the Bible.
Sorry, but that is sac ri-religious. What such false beliefs do to you is to allow--yes,
necessitate--that you ignore the reality of the present Falling Away.

NOTE: Stated in a more positive fashion, the doctrines of Scoffield and Darby on
eschatology state: (1) As a scoffield Bible believing Christian, I can not presently be in the
Falling Away taught by the real Bible, because I will be raptured to be with Christ long
before the Falling Away; and (2) my doctrines on last things put the Second Coming of
Christ, the Falling Away, and all the corresponding world events of the last great battle
around Jerusalem at least one thousand years in the future so that I have nothing to be
concerned about as I ignore the world news today which tells me more about the Bible than
I have been able to learn from my Scoffield Bible and my pastors who bought it hook, line,
and sinker from a divorced congregationalist lawyer and Roman Catholic priest, or
otherwise helpful such Bibles, and due to the influence of the Scoffield Reference Bible
Association in Memphis, Tenn.

3. Christianity has never been a majority movement even in the United States, much
contrary to public opinion. Jesus, the authoritative founder of Christianity gave no countries
or times in history exclusive exceptions to the clear teaching: Broad is the way that leads to
destruction, and MANY there be that go that way, while narrow is the way that leads to
everlasting life and FEW there be that go that way.”
It seems trite but still not heeded by Americans that the difference between the MANY and
the FEW in America who believe in any life changing way is the same as the difference
between the majority and the minority. How much more bluntly do you want to hear it than
when Jesus taught, “Many will say to me in that Day of the LORD and Lord that wraps it all
up}, Lord, didn’t we cast out devils in your name and do many marvelous works; and He
will say, ‘Depart from me you that work iniquity, for I never knew you.”

NOTE: This little testimony is one of renewed life and perspective, and quite frankly a
perspective right there in the Bible from the beginning of the Word of God for those who
had a proper attitude to understand, that hopefully can prevent such a shock to you as
standing before Christ and God and for the first time realizing a perspective from the
Eternal that you ignored in favor of church membership {other than in the assembly of the
firstborn written in heaven}, good works, or some idolatrous imaginations of what God and
Christ are really like and what they think and have taught in the pages of the Bible.

4. Sorry current generations, but it is your fate of history like no other time in the history of
this world,to be victims of the odds for real salvation being against you what with the
combination of the truths of the MANY and the FEW combined with the present great
Apostasy called time and time again in the Bible “the Falling Away”. I don’t care who your
pastor is, or how popular; nor how large your church is; or what denomination, the odds
are that no way you are going to turn up at the end in eternal life. Why else do you think
the Bible states things like “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”. And look out
when you allow any of these influences of your current life to have authority over the clear
teachings of the Word of God--for that alone is blasphemy against the authority of God and
His Word that you can not survive past the Great Judgment Day at the Second Coming.

5. The density of churches and denominations in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is
unparalleled even in America or in the history of the world; and you would be inclined to
think right up to the time of the recent tornado calamites that according to the Bible, also
time and time again, which GOD sent on the Metroplex to tell them that they are not nearly
as right or as saved as they thought. And this is not the first time a whole nation of God’s
people have shocked by utter destruction, as you who continue to participate in these
online Bible studies on “Jeremiah and Prophesy”.

6. Like today in America, the prime problem of this whole nation of Gods people was
idolatry. Millions of Christians, in name only, have created a false image of God in their
own puny brains which is more like a santa claus and one that never chastises His people,
than like the real God of the Bible, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. What do you think
just happened to you in the Metroplex? Or do you really think the hand of God was not in
that whole tornado outbreak including the fact that miraculously not a soul was killed. You
see, the blunt fact is that you individually must ask yourself, what does God knows that you
don’t to destroy your church and not another, or your home and not another.

7. Hopefully a few of you have realized the real message and messages of “Jeremiah and
Prophesy” during the last 3 years, especially in Jeremiah 40 where the remaining people of
God show their true colors, or what they had been thinking all along as they rejected the
preaching of God through Jeremiah.
“We will not listen. We will continue to worship the Queen of Heaven as did our forefathers
before us, for when we did worship the Queen of Heaven we were better off.”
a. You know, especially in this day of the resurgence of the Gospel of wealth and the
corollary of success under the disguise of the Gospel of Prosperity and Health, that so
much of your so called cult of faith is to be BETTER OFF. Were it not for the current
popular cult of Osteen, thousands of Christians of the falling away would realize how far
they have indeed departed from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the cross once for all
delivered to the saints; and comprehend the curse on this large cult in Houston Texas.
b. They had this false image of god, an image of the Queen of heaven, in their own minds;
and stuck with it along with all the unrighteous practices; and yet no own told God or
Jeremiah that right up until the end in Jeremiah 40. Of course, God knew and Jeremiah,
even Ezekiel knew; but Gods people did not have the intellectual honesty to make their
real beliefs public until near the end down in Egypt.

8. Such is the mystery of “idolatry” that it hardly matters what is the name, or what the idol
is called; as any reality of it exists only in the human brain. There is only one God of this
universe, the LORD of Creation, the God of the Bible, and the Father of the Lord Jesus
Christ. So that any other god you chose to believe in, serve, or worship is really a figment
of your imagination with one exception. The only other real supernatural being is SATAN
so that quite often what you in reality doing in idolatry is to serve and worship SATAN.
The first 2 of the 10 commandments are far more interconnected than we realize. As we
are forbidden to make any image of God, mental or otherwise, so when we do and as we
do we create an idol in our own brain. And or yes, Satan under the disguise of a queen of
heaven, or any other disguise, is always ready and waiting like a lion that goes about
seeking whom he may devour, to make you better off. Satan comes to Christians about to
do something, or think they are doing something, saying if you fall down and worship me, I
will give you all these things of the world; and naturally you will be better off than before.
Yes, it is real, just like He did to Jesus before the beginning of His Ministry. Therefore is it
thought a strange thing to you, if SATAN comes to a whole large church in Houston Texas
offering them a gold mine in every yard in 2 years or an oil well? And you know that
hurricane and subsequent tornadoes that hit Clear Lake, Houston, and Galveston seemed
to fall on deaf ears!
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