The Bible search request has been made for "more on greed".
Hardly more can be said from the Bible than what has been
written and published in the recent Ebooks of SunGrist_Bible:  
FAITH.  While "greed" is not the number one problem in
America, it is the personification of many problems which,
especially in these more recent times of economic turmoil, have
emphasized for the whole world to see, that something is
"rotten in Denmark".  How in the world can the United States be
a continuing beacon for Democracy and Christianity in the
world, when the life and character of the American people is
dominated by greed!  It behooves us as an American people to
study the causes and effects from a citizenship and government
standpoint, much less the Bible demands that we pursue the
subject from the church and Christian standpoint.  What world
enemies have not been able to do in overt war and propaganda
for approximately 300 years since 1776, it is possible for us as
Americans to do to ourselves by way of internal self-destruct.  
Below we will try to summarize for you what has been written
and published in the recent books of SunGrist_Bible as well as
in the Bible Studies of the last years on "Jeremiah and
Prophesy".  Greed, like in America today, was a nation wise
manifestation of the many moral and religious problems of
God's elected people, Judah and Israel, of the seventh century
B.C; and God, who first said about their perverted weekly
worship services, "I, even I have seen it" (Jeremiah 7), also said
about greed that it had infected all of God's people "from the
least to the greatest", that even the "prophets and priests" were
given over to greed, that they dealt falsely, and in their greatest
sin of all as religious professionals, "they healed the hurt of the
people only slightly".  Unfortunately today and in our country,
each Sunday, we reward our own religious professionals greatly
with honor, prestige, respect, and financial gain for this "slight
healing of God's own people", primarily because they pat us on
the back for our perverted value of material prosperity and
things.  The leading prophet today of The Gospel of Things and
Prosperity, from Houston, has made the necessary adjustment
of this message of the Gospel of Prosperity to all the recent
calamities God has sent to Texas, especially southern and
central Texas where this false prophet lives with a modified
message:  just wait 2 years and if you have enough faith and
hope, you will discover a gold mine or an oil well in your
backyard.  In short, what this is saying is that even in this time
of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts from God, and economic
depression and turmoil, we can hang on to greed!
Pre-programmed Bible Answers to the Bible
Search Question of "More on Greed".

Surely this Bible surfer, did not mean we need more Greed; but simple to
present and clarify what is in the Bible on greed.  Bottom line, greed is
covetousness and sin, a violation of the last of the 10 commandments,
probably last because it is at the heart of all other sins and is, as well as
always has been, the sin against God, self, and community that
personifies, "be sure your sins will find you out".  Greed and its fellow
worker of competition {quite often it is the kind of competition in more
recent years in this country which eliminates other competion, when have
you see as in past history the enforcement of the anti-trust laws} has
gripped not only the wealthy and well-to-do; but with such false
philosophies and hopes as a good mine in every yard, or an oil well, all
Americans, like with a giant lottery in religion, have expressed "the desire
to be rich", the desire of such, according to the Bible, being such as to
be a snare among the rich and poor, whether real material wealth like a
gold mine or oil well, or much less, comes or not.

1.  "Greed in America has disintegrated the American Economy" from
section 20-8, chapter 20, of BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING.

2.  "Strong Delusion from the American Leaders about the Economy"
from the following section 20-9 of the same book.

3.  And what does this greed and the American economy have to do with
our faith, that is the subject of the following section, section 20-10 of the
same book.

4.  By the way, the chapter title of this BIBLE REPORTS book is
"Strong Delusion" which gets at more the problem of the Falling Away in
American churches and society than to blame it all on the one sin of

5.  Many of you have been fortunate enough to benefit from the
outstanding book by the Christian Psychologists, formerly at Southern
Seminary in Louisville, RELIGIOUS DIMENSIONS OF
PERSONALITY.  Well, a very positive approach in the next chapter of
BIBLE REPORTS, and in borrowing from the same title by Wayne
Oates, presents the following 3 sections on greed and covetousness in
order to summarize much of what the Bible has to say on greed, then
relate it to the larger destruction of many individual personalities over a
life time, lastly collectively causing what we see in national greed in
America today!

21-7:  Covetousness as in the Parable of Bigger Barns
destroys                         personality.
21-8:  Covetousness and Greed Destroy any Nation.
21-9:  Covetousness and Greed Destroy any Community or Church.

6.  Chapter 22 of BIBLE REPORTS, entitled "Continuing Faith" focuses
on the real and underlying problem in America and American churches,
that is while there is much faith, or believe like the devils have and
tremble, there is not the "continuing faith" that the Apostle John wrote of
long ago in I John 5:13, "that you may continue to believe in the name of
the Son of God."  This with the similarly stated purpose of the Gospel of
John in John 20:30,31, in particular the "believing", that inspired the
writing of this "Continuing Faith" chapter, and which some time ago put in
in a web page online, free for your reading!

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