Gospel of the Kingdom

Welcome to the newer monthly free Bible Studies
that combine and continue the previous Studies in
Jeremiah and Prophesy with studies on the
kingdom of God.  Hopefully this can make the
more brutal realities of the Bible tenable to the
more positive aspects of the Kingdom of God and
Christ that was set up during the life of Christ,
sustained by the Holy Spirit (see
"Holy Spirit
versus Satan" until He is withdrawn from earth (II
Thessalonians 2:7), and is assured by the power of
God for victory and completion on the new earth
after the Second Coming of Christ.  This study is
as timely and relevant as the recent earthquakes in
Haiti and Chile.  You will note how the "wonders in
the heavens above and the earth beneath, blood
and fire and vapor of smoke" (Acts 2:continue from
the beginning of the "last days" from Peter in Acts
and Joel in the Old Testament much closer now to
the end of the last days as the automatic shaking in
the travail of labor of this old earth leads to the
creation of the
new earth.

Gospel of the Kingdom Intro.

2.  The Millennium Movement Crashes on Truth.

3.  Is It A Conspiracy Against the Kingdom of God?
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catch up on previous
studies on (1)
and (2) t
he kingdom.