Gospel of the Kingdom Introduction

Currently the eyes of Christians have become so cluttered with
building a kingdom for themselves right now on earth
{and a
kingdom that continues for one thousand years of a fictious
future kingdom on this old earth:  please read the Newsletter for
April on ‘the millennium” movement}
, and clouded by the popular
preachers of popularity with their versions of the Gospel of
Prosperity with promises in 2 years of a gold mine or oil well in
every yard, that it is impossible to see or remember the original
“Gospel of the Kingdom” that Jesus preached and taught.
Why should our Gospel today be any different from what Jesus
taught and preached. After all, if we are indeed Christians--another
way to say followers of Christ--then we have some time in the past
become a part of this kingdom that Christ established during His life
on earth. Granted it is synonymous with the church that is written in
heaven (Hebrews 12:1), the only assembly that really matters for
membership that will live eternally on the new earth; and while some
churches right now that meet each Sunday here in American can
easily have some members in that eternal assembly written in
heaven, that does not justify the current false sense of security in
local church membership, especially among the Church of Christ
denomination and the fundamentalists denominations.
You can see it what you will find in common among Church of Christ,
fundamentalists that now control the SBC, and pentecostals and
other Gospel of Prosperity practitioners, is the old fashioned Gospel
of wealth and the corollary of success. The businessmen, and other
members of the world, love this substitution of the Gospel of
Prosperity for the Gospel of the Kingdom: it is a substitution of
dominant community values for dominant Bible values. It is a
transparent violation of the original teaching of Jesus on the Sermon
on the Mount, to “Seek first the kingdom of God, and His
righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” The
new trend of the Gospel of Prosperity, and of dominant community
values, is “Seek first your own kingdom of things and status, and all
of God’s kingdom and righteousness will be added to you.”  Or at
best, "Seek first your local church and denomination, and all else will
be added unto you..."
Never forget that “the world knows its own”, meaning the masses of
America love the Gospel of Prosperity because overwhelming the
world is in the churches and denominations of America; never forget
“to be a friend of the world is to be a friend of God” {although we
wishfully believe that the world of the US and in this time is not like
the world of Christ’s day, it is even more so in the control of Satan,
the prince of this world, than 2000 years ago, even though more
sociably acceptable, and the leaders of the US world who are much
more influenced by Satan and their own personal desires than they
are by Christ and the requirements for kingdom membership}; never
forget that “the children of the world are wiser than the children of
light”, they stick together, having the controlling majority opinion, and
in this time of the Falling Away have like God’s own people of
Jeremiah, voluntarily consented to A CONSPIRACY AGAINST

1-1: How Do You Stay Positive in Months of Study on the book
of Jeremiah?

Let’s face it as you realize from Jeremiah that all of God’s people,
all of the government leaders, all of the prophets and priests had
forsaken God in favor of cisterns that could not hold water, there just
is no way to remain positive without the simultaneous consideration
of the positive sides of the messages of God in Jeremiah and
Hence in the monthly emails and online, we will simultaneously look
at: (1) Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy; and (2) “The Golden
Nugget and the Mocking Bird, which like CUP OF WATER, is much
on the kingdom of God from the Bible. Obviously, where this two
Bible subjects overlap most is on the subject of this NEW
The world, and the world in the church today, just can not get their
head out of “materialism”. It is where they live; it is what dominates
their thoughts and goals; and is so deeply embedded in their life
style, that they do not even realize the extend of the influence it has
on them: so that when a popular preacher of prosperity comes along
with his smiles and good jokes, and a worldly philosophy that runs
back in American history to “how to win friends and influence people”
--even though the message leaves out Bible since these seldom
have any Bible knowledge or Bible training--the world rapidly
recognizes one of their own, recognizes a philosophy consistent
with their materialistic commitments
{and never forget that “the
desire to be rich” is as much a sin in the Bible--basically it
comes down to greed, as it is to be rich and dominated by
things}, so they join and naturally continue with this positive
reinforced of what they want from these popular preachers of
Finally some common sense studies of the American economy
highlight the real problem of Greed in the U.S.  While national
productivity has gone up in history 75%, the few fat cats at the top
and government workers have managed to get a much larger piece
of the productivity pie larger through their superior dedication to
greed.  {See the subject of
Even as popularity is a bad sign in this time of the Falling Away, it is
directly proportional that Americans will not face up to the realities of
the Falling Way for now and to them, practicing the self denials of:
(1) the Falling Away is of the people of God in the churches and
denominations more than the rest of the world; and (2) that the false
prophets and teachers that inevitably go with the Falling Away are
the very popular preachers of their own congregations. It is never
easy to point the finger at self or “my church”!

1-2: “Conspiracy” in Jeremiah and other Books of Prophesy.

{In the April Newsletter we will discuss the comparable

Few times in the Bible is the word “conspiracy” found: the best
known perhaps is when 40 Jews during the life of the Apostle Paul,
banded together with a oath not to eat until they killed Paul in Acts 21:
{I wonder if they died of hunger}; the conspiracy of King
Hoshea of Israel (II Kings 17:4) against the King of Assyria after he
was his vassal and refused to pay tribute; and then the least known
“conspiracy”, primary because it is part of the truth American
churches and preachers turn away from as part of the Falling Away:

“And the LORD said to me, ‘A conspiracy has been found
among the men of Judah and among the inhabitants of
Jerusalem.” (Jeremiah 11:9)

1. God told Jeremiah, not the other way around, that there was a
Conspiracy among the people of God in the nation of Judah and
particularly Jerusalem.
2. Surely like today in America, the people of God did not recognize
this as a Conspiracy, and on their own would never have used those
words just as in the Temple Message it was an observed conclusion
from God, not the people, “we are delivered to do all these
abominations” as part of Temple worship (Jeremiah 7:11).
3. This Conspiracy was so wide spread as to be a democratic
majority among the people of God. So much for foolish church
members who foolishly justify bad habits of doctrine in terms of “the
church majority would not vote to do if it wasn’t God’s will”, and most
generally this is a foolish excuse to run off a preacher who is a
faithful preacher of the Word of God but who does not cater to their
desires. {see the definition of Falling Away in II Timothy 4:3,4, in
particular the way church run off and select pastors, called “heaping
up” which demands heaping out and heaping in: (1) out of the
personal desires, and (2) with itching ears.}

NOTE: This is just another community value, democratically
accepted to the popular majority, but not to God. A community
value for which the popular preachers of the fundamentalists
movement are famous for, the same fundamentalists that took
over and now control the SBC.

1-3: Depend on the Word of God, not Popular Preachers of

If you can not depend on the prophets and priests, today and in the
day of Jeremiah, then what are you gong to do? The answer is
simple, depend on the Word of God as to what God considered to
be the conspiracy against Him, then decided for yourself if you, your
church, and your community are guilty of the same conspiracy.

“They have turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers who
refused to hear My words, and they have gone after other gods
to serve them; the house of Israel and the house of Judah have
broken My covenant which I made with their fathers.” (Jeremiah

NOTE:  This is another one of those "good ole gospels" of the
past from the forefathers.

1. Their forefathers as children of God went all the way back to the
founding of this nation that belonged to God at Mount Sinai and the
giving of the Covenant of God, primarily in the 10 commandments.
Yes, you remember the Conspiracy at Mount Sinai, even while
Moses was up on the Mount getting the Covenant, the vast majority
of people conspired to get Aaron to make a golden calf for them to
worship, like was done in Egypt, violating the first few
commandments of the Covenant was it was being given.
2. Summary of the Conspiracy: (1) not continuing year after to year
to listen to and heed the Words of God in the Bible and from the
Bible; (2) going after other gods, some of them also greed and
materialism, to serve them in the place of the LORD God of the
Universe; (3) both of the divided kingdoms, Judah and Israel broke
the Covenant with God.

1-4: Intense Series of Calamities on America Since 9/11 Proof.

NOTE:  If you have not noticed this unusual and intense series
of calamities on the US since 911, then either you head has been
below flood level or above hurricane level.

What more proof of the current Falling Away of God’s people in the
churches and the denominations, much less in the world, do you
need that the undeniable evidence that you have experienced since
9/11 of intense calamities? Did you ever expect another economic
recession, almost history making depression, like in recent years?
Did you expect the city of New Orleans to be wiped out? Did you
expect Houston and Galveston to be invaded by a hurricane and
tornadoes? Mainly, did you ever expect what happened on 9/11, the
first real attack on native America since Pearl Harbor.
Well, you may not expect the Falling Away under the leadership of
your most popular preachers of prosperity; but believe it, like you
have come to recognize the intense calamities from God since 9/11
in order to get your attention toward the kingdom and His
righteousness. When God observes a Conspiracy among His
people, He rewards it accordingly like He did in Jeremiah.

“Therefore thus saith the LORD: ‘Behold, I will surely bring
calamity on them which they will not be able to escape; and
though they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.” (Jeremiah 11:

NOTE: Can you take time to read some of this Bible for yourself;
and so many of these churches of the Falling Away in America
who think the main contribution that they are making to the
community is prayer, should be aware that God to the extent
they are like God’s people in Jeremiah, will not listen to their
prayers. (Jeremiah 11:14)

{See “Calamities Since 9/11.}

1-5: You Don’t Get the Kingdom without His righteousness.

No, it is not that easy! You do not get the kingdom of Christ and of
God without the corresponding righteous demands of kingdom
membership. The forefathers thought they could at Mount Sinai; they
could still be the blessed people of God without calamities if they
would only remember how special they were as the called and elect
of God, forgetting that like with any covenant, their comes demands.
Perhaps you have been reading the Sermon on the Mount from
Jesus and in particular the fool proof way to which to get the
kingdom of God and Christ, as “Seek first...”, thinking you could
eternally and now have that kingdom membership without the
corresponding righteousness of God, “seek first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness”.

1-6: “Gospel of the Kingdom” from Jesus.

A corollary to “why should we have a different kingdom today from
the one that Christ set up in the first century” is the parallel question
of “why should we preach and teach and practice a Gospel of Jesus
without the kingdom, in other words why do so many popular
preachers of prosperity, other than the popularity among the world,
think they are justified to substitute a Gospel of Prosperity {in 2
years} for the Gospel of the Kingdom. Primary, when have you
heard recently from church or on the TV, the word kingdom even
mentioned, much less the phrase “Gospel of the Kingdom”. Admit it,
you have not even heard it; and really will not hear it! In every
Gospel, talking about the teaching and preaching of Jesus Himself,
there is a similar “gospel of the kingdom” statement as in Mark 1:

“Now after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee,
preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, ‘The
time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and
believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:14,15)

Current popular preachers of prosperity will reply, “We are justified in
ignoring the kingdom in favor of self-centeredness on our local
churches and denominations, because Christ had not yet set up the
church.” NOT SO! Christ had long ago set up the church of the
firstborn written in heaven, the my assembly, and the only church
providing salvation, when after His ascension He appeared to the
first disciples. What did He preach and teach then?

“...to whom He also presented Himself alive after His sufferings
by many infallible proofs, being seen by them during forty days
and speaking of the things PERTAINING TO THE KINGDOM OF
GOD.” (Acts 1:3)

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