Ultimate Relationship between God the Father and God the Son...

Granted that you can get a lot on the individuality of the three persons of the Trinity of
God, and how they interrelate, from the Creation account in Genesis and the further
explanation in John 1, which by the way can be summarized as "The Father is the
originating cause, the Son is the mediating cause, and the Spirit is the effecting
cause", it is still true that from the most important passage of I Corinthians 15:20-28
that you come to see it more personalized in terms of God the Father becoming "all in
all" after Christ has delivered the kingdom to the Father.

"Now when all things are made subject to Him, the Son Himself will also be subject
to Him, who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all."  (I Corinthians

While some will recall from this verse as new doctrine because of their inadequate
Christology {they never appreciated the Father enough in the first place as the source
of all the teachings of Jesus} and eschatology {this Bible as many other portions of
the Bible is not comfortable with Scofield Notes}, it is Bible that has simply been
neglected as it goes so counter to many beliefs of Bible isogesis {reading meaning
into the Bible rather than the exegesis of reading out Bible meaning that God wrote in
their in the first place}.  Many PREs stuck on these notes even flinch when they hear
you read about in 15:23 the Second Coming of Christ--"Christ's at His coming"--then
immediately read about the end of this Age--"Then comes the end", as they are
looking for satisfaction on all their magic formulas of eschatology like a thousand
years here, 7 years here, 40 years there, and "old Macdonald had a farm". {Sorry, but
I do mean to make fun of these PREs as it is really serious business the way based on
an exclusiveness of their fundamentalists beliefs and the infallibility of the NOTES,
they have split the SBC into 3 conventions, taken control of the SBC to the destruction
of careers of pastors and teachers they labeled moderates; and in spite of those who
want to preserve their retirements with the Annuity Board and say "just be patient"
continue to cause "wars and fightings" about Southern Baptists.

Note in the passage:  (1) Christ at His coming and with the end of this Age of the old
earth and the new earth delivers the kingdom to God the Father {even as the
"purpose" of God the Father with the first advent of Christ and the establishment of
the kingdom of Christ on earth was to unite the kingdom of heaven with the kingdom
of Christ on earth with Christ and the head and the great Unitor--you will find a loose
cannon today among churches eager to grow and survive in any way possible that
offers many other self-appointed purposes, as if there is some merit in purpose alone
as an exercise in self-will, for lives and churches, even so this is the time in God's
history when this uniting of kingdoms, with the will of God done on the new earth as
in the new heavens, is actually consummated (I Cor 15:23,24); (2) This happens
immediately after with His Second Coming, Christ puts an end to all authority and
power on earth and in high places {namely all deacons and pastors and false prophets
and Satan and His disciples and evil governments or any governments} (15:24b); (3)
Yes, Christ does reign supreme until He has put all enemies under His feet (15:25),
but that is not the end of the story as then Christ's reign is turned over to the Father
{however, do not think that you can get away with anything on subverting the rule of
Christ over your local church and your kingdom while this world order is still in
existence}; (4) All enemies of Christ must first be put under the feet of Christ in order
for His reign to be complete, and never forget that the enemies of God are the
enemies of Christ and that "to be a friend of this world is to be an enemy of God"; (4)
We like the next step of kingdom reign turnover to God as we see the inevitability that
the last enemy of Christ and the kingdom is that great and dreaded enemy
"death"--yes, according to 15:26 death will be destroyed--which means nothing less
than all will be resurrected from the dead immediately at the Second Coming {at least
their bodies, the spirit of believers are already with Christ}, believers and
unbelievers with the great separation of unbelievers to the lake of fire with Satan and
his angels and believers to the new Jerusalem, the new heavens and the new earth; (5)
You must not miss the key quote of this passage from Psalm 8:6 and the meaning of
how when God the Father put all things in heaven and earth under Christ in the first
place, He "excepted Himself" (15:27 and Psalm 8:6); and (6) After deliverance of
the subdued total kingdom under His rule, Christ will also be subject to God the
Father that "God {the Father} may be all in all" (15:28)

By the way if you desire to really get into eschatology, purchase and read the second
volume of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries,
"Christ for Individuals".  Since it
covers the five books of the Apostle John, the book of Revelation is the first.  It starts
with Matthew 24, the teachings of Jesus on eschatology, then based on that
straightforward pattern and without getting weird like so many TV preachers you will
hear today who spiritualize and suddenly insert austonding conclusions with
scriptural support {you have heard it in this day of the popularity of the wind bag
with the booming voice to make up for size, etc}, remembering to let the easiest to
understand Bible interpret the more difficult part of the book of Revelation.  Oh yes,
it also starts with eschatology from the Old Testament, much of which is centered
around the famous phrase of the OT, Day of the LORD.
I Corinthians