Some Fundamentals of Refreshing Evangelism

Granted this series on “Refreshing Evangelism”, introduced with the
times of refreshing and of restoration of Acts 3:19-21, starts with a
temple address to the “men of Israel” (Acts 3:12) by the Apostle
Peter, it will continue on a much larger scale than that with “Come and
See” evangelism from the Apostle John and the Gospel of John,
simultaneously with “Gospel Pride” from the Apostle Paul and the
book of Romans. The continuity with Peter, John, and Paul naturally
come with ths textual beginning of the text of Acts 3:19-21 {please
read it now}from that great historical book of the beginnings of
Christianity sometimes called the Acts of the Apostles and/or the Acts
of the Holy Spirit through the Aposles of Christ and other dedicated
And from the get-go, as you have noticed in the first two messages,
and in the outreach statement of the sixth years of SunGrist_Bible on, one Bible statement from one or a few
verses, of say Acts, inthe very nature of the Bible with a “Consistency
of Content”, quickly demands attention for proper understanding of the
total context of the Bible from other books like Revelation and II
Thessalonians.  “Refreshing Evangelism” will stay this large, and get
larger because the whole Bible to a certain extent is refreshing
evangelism.  Simply when you read the Bible as the Word of God {as
you should}, you can quickly become involved in moments of
refreshing; and often you are reminded of the total message of hope
in the Bible {as Paul writes “if in this world only we have hope, we are
of all men most miserable”} that ends with the restoration of all things
with the END {See the two messages on “the End”, part 1 and part 2
in PDF for download on this website} of time and the Second Coming
of Christ.
Yet “Refreshing Evangelism”, like the subject, itself will have certain
focud in the Bible:
1.  A foundation for refreshing evangelism from Peter and Acts 3:19-
2.  Refreshing evangelism from Jesus Himself through the Aposle
John and the book of John under the subtitle of COME AND SEE.
3.  This refreshing Gospel, the source of both refreshing and
restoration, is supplemented in an Appendix on the book of Romans,
lest we forget any details of the Gospel, or go off on tangents of our
own making; and under the subtitle of “A Focus on Gospel Pride”.
Let’s jump in!
3-1:  Why Should The Outreach of Refreshing Evangelism be
Primarily for the Overcomers in the local churches? {Revelation 2 and
Outreach is for the overcomers in the church because that is where
evangelism of any kind must start.  It is also for potential overcomers
outside the local church, and for those disgusted with denominations
and churches but members of both the kingdom of Christ and of the
“church of the firstborn writtten in heaven”.
1.  Examples in the Bible, both of right and wrong, are given to
churches as well as individuals.
“Now all these thing happened to them as EXAMPLES, and they were
written for admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.”  
(I Cor 10:11)
2.  Some may wonder why if churches are so bad today, at least 5 out
of 7 or 70% of them, why doesn’t Christ come right now to remove
their candlestick like He threatened 5 ou of 7 of the first century
churches of Asia Minor.  Isn’t the answe obvious?  First century
churches didn’t have the Bible as a standard for church examples like
today.  Christ does not have to repeat Himself today, since a New
Testament church is a NT chrch, today or yesterday.
3.  And even as Solomon wrote that “there is nothing new under the
sun”, so churches deal with the same sins and worldliness today as
Briefly we will remind ourselves of the sins so serious in the seven
churches (Revelation 2 and 3) that Christ threatemed their removal as
part of the kindom of God:  (1) a falling away from their first love, no
more passion for Christ and the Bible; (2) there were allowing
unchecked {more fear of rudeness, the most horrible sin that an
American can commit} the influence of some members who were
committed to unsound doctrine; (3) the church allowed a woman of sin
in the church to be a teacher, and to seduce other church members
into the sin of idolatry; (4) a reputation in the community and the
denomination, for several reasons,  for being an ALIVE church, but in
the sight of Christ and God they were a DEAD church; (5) they had
and have forgotten what and how they first received of the Word of
God as they were founded on sound Bible from the Aposte Paul; (6)
the exprssions of their Christian faith were mediocre, neither hot nor
cold;  and (7) they, after becoming church members became
enamored with the Gospel of Wealth, of prosperity, and success; and
like all the wealthy of the world no longer looked above for help,
thinking they “needed nothing”.
3-2:  It is primarily church members and Christians, not the rest of the
world, that possess something to fall away from--from God, Christ,
and the Bible.-
Do you think that in this day of appearing nice that any church member
would actually think of their membership as divided by Christ between
“overcomers” and the defeated.  How horrible, even from Christ
Himself to suggest such faithfulness to the Word and convictions
based on the Bible, to accuse some of your fellow church members of
such sins in the sight of God as those listed above in 5 out of 7 of the
churches above.
Yet just like with our own schools, education, and churches, we always
think that we are the 2 out of 7, just because it is our church.  
Someone recently had the Bible search question on www., “tell me more about the chuches in Nigeria
that are falling away”.  You see, just preachers preach today with
words they know the congregation wants to hear, so the human
tendecy while ignoring the defeated and Falling Away in American
churches, look to it in other parts of the world.
NOTE:  Even as the Falling Away is a grassroots movement
throughout the whole world, so your church is now in the fourth stage
of the Faling Away of “turning away from truth”, and the next step
already taken years ago by several denominations is the being turned
into fables.
3-3:  However what part of the whole world is now in the great
apostasy called the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:4,5), do we fail to
comprehend unless we have the audacity to think that we are not part
of this world where we live.  Unfortunately our prayer for “Thy kingdom
come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven” has only happened in
heaven, not earth yet; for beyond the increase in sin and lawless (II
Thess 2:7) that all living Christians must go through, the withdrawall of
the Holy Spirit from earth which releases Satan to do his worst--
beyond all that where Christians must fight but not win, is the final
victory at the Second Coming of Christ with the restoration of all
NOTE:  You must see clearly all these aspects of that tremendous