Fundamentalists, at least now, are not bad people; they simply have bad
hermeneutics {the science of Biblical interpretation}, that has allowed them to
do a weird and awesomely gigantic isogesis on the Bible.  When Henry Steele
Commager, former professor of American Studies at Amherst and author of
many books the classic of which is “The American Mind”, called the
fundamentalists paranoid, it is believed that what he had in mind is the
contradictions within the movement between a violently expressed “literalism”
and the extra-biblical {reading meaning into the Bible as contrasted to
exegesis, from inside the Bible and read out} forcing of a man-made
philosophy, theology, and approach to the Bible centered around
dispensationalism, Millineumism, and the rapture.  This  approach to Scripture,
carried down from their respected authorities like Darby, Brookes, Scofield,
and Chafer, a combination of Scofieldism, Congregationalism, and
Presbyterians, now embodied and personified in the DTS {Dallas Baptist
Theological Seminary}, is so unique, weird, and destructive to good Bible
hermeneutics, that two phrases are used to describe it:  (1) dts which
represents the school of thought and influence that has come out of DTS
because it has found a hot-bed repository there; and (2) Bible Baptist
Fundamentalist  (BBFers).  Only Paul, the master of Bible exegesis, will ever
be able to explain to us in eternity how this weird combinations of isms, one
that as Dr Lee would say should be wasms, with a combination of
fundamentalism, Bible Baptist, Congregationalism, Presbyterianism, and
primarily the NOTEs of the Scofield Reference Bible.
If you understand this, you can see why the BBFers so violently when
approximately 25 years ago, and continuing, split the SBC into 3 conventions,
simultaneously attacking many brethren teachers and preachers, were really
after leadership of the Baptist Distinctives and even of the Christian Bible study
world.  The extent to which we Christians and Baptists specifically, and even
more specifically of the SBC, allow that to happen will depend upon of true
Bible exegesis about the Falling Away and Second Coming; and the ability to
realistic see in this Bible perspective both the world and the church world in
which we live right now!  When in the SunGrist_Bible commentary volume 4 of
the LCC commentaries, it is stated that the challenge of this generation of
Bible scholars, students, and priesthood of believers Bible readers is the
Falling Away, while a great challenge is larger than even that as it is realized
the implications:  (1) you have to free yourself from the hermeneutics of the
SRB and dts; (2) you have to do solid and consistent exegesis and
hermeneutics of the Bible itself, realizing that the good hermeneutics of
authorities like Bernard Ramm really summarize the principles the Bible Itself
lays down for proper interpretation.  {Please see ASPI online at www.}  
BBFers as they split the convention and destroyed careers and reputations of
good Christian brethren in the name of Scofieldism and dtsism, were forced by
their prior intellectual and theological commitments to go after real southern
baptist authorities and scholars like Bernard Ramm, Ray Summers, and
McDowell in the “Meaning and Message of Revelation”.  Such faithfulness to
good Bible hermeneutics derived from the Bible itself was a threat to even the
BBFers sermon outlines, and written teachings and messages; and they
recognized it as a threat to the heritage and reputation of what was most
important to them, the school of dts and Scofieldism.
Fundamentalists do like to fight at the drop of a hate in defence of mother,
apple pie, the American flag and the Scofield Bible Notes.  One of their
leaders, W. A Criswell, when himself, Adrian Rogers, and Charles Stanley first
invaded large SBC churches, told Bill Moyer in a recorded TV interview, that
“we are going to keep fighting until one side or the other wins.”  They are just
bad interpreters of Scripture with a bad, now somewhat hidden attitude.  
Fundamentalists, at least now, are not bad people.  They are just bad
interpreters of Scripture with a bad, now hidden attitude; and that keep
choosing out  of their worldly tendecies, scholars and preachers of bad
attitudes and philosophies for their prime examples, like Darby, Cyrus Scofield,
and J. Frank Norris.  John Green, author of “Religion and the Culture Wars”
“A good example is separatism. In recent surveys, my colleagues and I asked
evangelical Protestants, broadly defined, the following question: “Christians
should separate themselves from the world to avoid evil.” Relatively few
evangelicals in the survey agreed with that statement, including some who
called themselves fundamentalists.”
1-1:  While BBFers have sought to convince the world in their non-Christian
warfares against fellow Baptist, called moderates in the SBC, that they are
separated from those other Baptist by their beliefs on the literalism of the
Bible, they in fact have adopted consistently practices, attitudes, and social
ways to entangle themselves with the world, not separate from the world.
Well, John Green, without even knowing who he really is and when he wrote
this, has missed the boat in that fundamentalists have been noted for years for
taking the world and worldly philosophies and theologies to their bosom for
espousal. BBFers while they have made a lot of noise to seem that they are
separatists, like Roger Williams, our Baptist forefather, seek, and separatists
from the Congregationalism of John Cotton, and the Mathers, primarily by
crying wolf about literalism on the Bible when the moderates they destroyed
were not really wolves--they were the wolves in the sheep clothing on literalism
on the Bible--chose early in American history of religion and denominations, the
congregationalists and Plymouth Brethren kind of Darby, Scofield, and Norris,
also Criswell, Stanley, and Rogers.  It is still strange how Cyrus Scofield,
whom they continue to admire and emulate as examples in the Scofield
Reference Bibles and the Scofield Notes on last things, started his career as a
divorced lawyer, who then without any evidence of Bible training started as a
pastor of a Congregationalists church in Dallas {you do know, I hope, that
Harvard has always been a stronghold since the day of the Mathers for the
Congregationalism of the Plymouth Brethren}, and then low and behold as he
went north to a new and novel New York Bible school developed what became
the eschatology and notes of Scofield, and of all things influenced the most
backwoods of Baptist and denominations in the Bible belt with his notes.  That
is a phenomenon so great that it demands explanation.
If J. B. Gambrell {you have seen his name on a street around seminary hill and
in Fort Worth} could say as a leader of Southern Baptists years ago, “We
Baptists are many but we are not much”, what in the world can be said now
that BBFers have taken over with their pride of life.  Instead they focus more
on their many and “largness” like secular and worldly Texas, and much money,
rather than making much with the one complete salvation out of the millions of
Baptists and other churches and denominations that use to seek to emulate
their examples.
We have to get away from large numbers as the solution.  The God that told
Joshua in takeover the Promised land with only a few carefully chosen, in spite
of fundamentalists trying to slice and dice history into sections, is the same
God who wants to work through the purpose of the Spirit and the Spirit of
Christ today rather than man-made theories of purpose driven wants.  {As the
time has come that Baptists, other denominations and local churches continue
to “not endure sound doctrine”  (II Timothy 4:4,5), the same as intolerance
toward sound doctrine, Baptist distinctives or otherwise, church members at
the grassroots “heap up to themselves teachers” of degrees and status,
because of their own wants or desires.  “Out of their own desires because
they have itching ears, they heap up to themselves teachers with itching ears.”
1-2:  All the bad things BBFs brought to the largest Baptist denomination in the
world, the SBC, while they wavered from separation, compromising with evil
and worldliness.  What you will seldom hear today from the BBFs in the large
churches, formerly of the SBC, is that “Pride of Life” is as much a lust in I John
2:15-17, as is the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes.  All 3 of these are
lusts, and are “of the world” and “not of the Father”.  To be a “separate
people” has never been an easy task for Baptists as for any other New
Testament seeking local church, but BBFers in the false name of literalism to
disguise their eschatological commitments, dealt a blow to the SBC when they
takeover by “warfare” against so-called moderates {really Baptist brethren not
in support of Scofield Notes, and hence lost, in the eyes of BBFers, moderate
brethren; so that as they destroyed their careers, influence, and reputations in
the name of furtherance of what, certainly not the kingdom of Christ, but in
furtherance of their own reputations, careers, and status whereby they could
takeover the largest and most prosperous local churches in the SBC.
1.  Fundamentalists have become more a part of the community of the world
than of any separatism that prompts dedication and holiness.
2.  They have become conformed to the world, in spite of the admonition in the
book of Romans to be “not conformed to the world, but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind, so that you may prove that good and perfect will of
God”.  (Romans 8:xx)  Even as their original founders like John Nelson Darby,
Cyrus Scofield, and J Frank Norris were well known for their extreme
involvements {or “entanglements”} in the dominant political, social, economic,
and religious worldly aspects, so there devotees of the present BBF {Bible
Baptist Fundamentalists} continue to carry on their ways.
3.  BBFs have preached a superficial Bible literalism while adopting in practice
an iso get ic al approach to the Bible, primarily on eschatology, that clouds all
their attempts at exegesis.  {You will also notice that few, if any of them,
practice exegetical teaching and preaching where a chapter, book, or passage
is covered step by step.  Instead they practice either topical or textual
preaching, and even the efforts at exegetical under the disguise of several
selective textual points, often even out of the major context of the chapter or
book where they took them.
4.  They have adopted the very worldly concepts of competition and status in
the world, which serves to confuse them with the world and worldly, and that
promotes selfishness, introversion, covetousness, and conflict.  You see that in
things like their braggings out of worldly pride that they can spend 129 million
dollars on a new building, in their “heaping up of teachers with itching ears”
during these sad days of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:4,5, generally doing
so under the disguise of those academically approved by the world with a ThD,
DD, or PhD.  What such preachers of large churches have done is not to arrive
in the kingdom of Christ, but have won status in the eyes of the world.
5.  They have contrary to the clear teachings of the Bible become “entangled in
the affairs of the world.”  How many have conferences on the equivalent of
how to prosper or succeed, or on how to do the equivalent of “How to win
friends and influence people”.  The best way to communicate to the world, they
think, is by adopting some of the ways of the world.
6.  They have catered to the wealthy in their local church body and the
denomination at large, even the secular world, to the extent that all about the
Bible warned dangers of not only rich--that it is almost impossible for the
wealthy in their churches to enter the kingdom of God--but those who would
seek to be rich (I Timothy 6:8-10}, rather encouraging them along those lines
with a veiled continuing Gospel of Wealth and corollary of success.
7.  The primary reason they split the SBC into three separate denominations of
Baptists is because, not of literalism as that was only a disguise, but in
defence of their Scofield Reference Bible Notes.  You can primarily see that
today in their emphasis, the few times they preach on eschatology, on non-
Biblical words like “rapture”, “Millineumism”, and “dispensationalism”.  How in
the world you can come to the Bible with such overshadowing philosophies,
speculations, generalizations; and still divide the Word of God rightly and in
truth is at the very basis of their approach, their education, and their
background a contradiction to exegesis.  In other words, you just can not come
to the Bible with an honest “What Saith the Scriptures” attitude as in past
Baptist professions of faith, and  as an individual Christian, while exerting your
importance as an individual priest or king in the sight of God, while allowing
man’s philosophies and theologies like from Scofield, Darby, and Norris
determine what and how you are going to believe.  One of the reasons that
you do not hear my exegetical sermons from these BBFers is because they
are afraid of getting so deep into exegesis that they will inadvertency slip,
saying something contrary to their previous commitments to the Notes, and let
the full truth out of the bag.
1-3:  Since all the departures from the Bible, Christ, and God of the Falling
Away that we are now in can not be blamed on the BBFers--they were just in
the forefront but Southern Baptists and other Baptists and denominations
seeking to be NT churches were holding their own on the Pride of Life and
worldliness, during this study of BAPTIST DISTINCTIVES, we will
simultaneously pursue the ONE COMPLETE SALVATION of the book of
Romans as an obvious standard for what Baptists should have continued to
believe and practice, generally most often hammered by the bad exegetical
habit of thinking “we are saved” in the past and that is all there is to it.  This
attitude that BBFers have learned to practice so well, one that comes with
having all the answers on everything, ignored the “one complete salvation” of
Romans which is past, present, and future.
NOTE:  I think you can safely say that  BBFers have given more attention to
the writings of Scofield, Darby, and Norris {with their present progenitors like
at Dallas Theological Seminary and other fundamentalist ic strongholds} than
they have to the one complete salvation of the book of Romans.
1.  There is such a thing as “past” salvation in the Bible.
2.  There is also a continuing salvation of the present taught in the Bible.  This
continuing salvation goes along with the continuing faith of which the Apostle
John writes in II John.
3.  You are not a complete Christian no matter what FBC in what city that you
belong to, as there is also a future aspect of the one complete salvation.
1-4:  The One Baptism summarized in Ephesians and detailed in Romans, is
much greater than the pride of Baptists in immersion; for it is the One
1.  You that claim to be literal on the Bible, has your curiosity not been
attracted by the lack of mention of the One Salvation in the ONEs summary of
all the major doctrines of the Bible in Ephesians 4:4-6?
“There is one body, and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your
calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is
above all, and through all, and in your all.”  (Ephesians 4:4-6)
Obviously these are the 7 major doctrines of the Bible according to the Bible:  
(1) ONE body which is the church of the firstborn written in heaven, and a part
of which can be some local churches if they are fortunate to have overcomers
during this present great apostasy of the last approximately 40 years; ONE
Holy Spirit about whom present Baptists and others know and practice so little,
that they think that false spirit of enthusiasm generated by loud music, a large
assembly, and a prosperous building with a measure of security and stability is
synchronized with the “God Being My Helper” of Ralph Herring.
2.  While you were being superficially literal, did you notice that the One
Baptist of Romans 6 is far more than immersion in a baptistry of a local
church.  Baptists today under the sway of the BBFers, and having gone
backwards in time and doctrine, reminding one of the Missionary or Landmark
Baptist of the 1960s, and earlier, who practiced the belief that one had to be
baptized by a baptized believer who in turn was baptized by a baptized
believer, and all the way back to John the Baptist.  They were so serious about
it to the extent with a revival, real or otherwise, where pastors were saved,
and there was the subsequent doubting of the salvation of all, those members
he had baptized had to be baptized again.
“Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus
were baptized into his death.”  (Romans 6:3)
Hopefully you did not think as you were immersed in those waters of your local
church baptistry--we don’t know what effect it had if any on your standing in
the Lamb’s book of Life--that you were then baptized into the death of Christ.  
There is no way in this series that we can discuss Baptist Distinctives without
some comparison to other denominations.  {You do know, I hope, as
compared to some fundamentalists, that a denomination, Baptist or Catholic or
Mormon, is not a church, as there is no way the 128 usages of “ecclesia” in the
NT can be do distorted.}  Those wonderful Presbyterians, so solid and stable
on the faith once delivered to the saints in so many ways, can be witnessed
during worship first to sing the old songs of the faith, to read in unison and
have quoted so much straight from the Bible, then to boldly stand up by the
pulpit where no man should go to proclaim that this baby is born again into the
kingdom of Christ with the sprinkling of some water and some imaginary power
given to the minister to create the new birth as birth.  As Scot Irish and as
Americans, we are so indebted to the leadership the Presbyterian churches,
especially of the Carolinas, did to oppose slavery long before the Emancipation
Proclamation and leadership on a Bill of Rights and “live, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness” before the assemblies in Philadelphia.  Surely somewhere in God’
s arsenal of blessings, even if on earth and for our benefit, is commendations
for a denomination so helpful to the American Democratic Faith, although
hideous in leading little children astray that they were saved and born again as
little babies without any freedom of choice.
3.  We hear from the local church Baptistry Romans 6:4 on our participation as
individual Christians in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, and even
there with these sermon in a symbol of the One Salvation or One Baptism, we
must be reminded that something just started, not completed for life, as it is
the beginning of “even so we should walk in newness of life.”  Your Christian
life and living is going on each day as should your One Complete Salvation of
the One Baptism.
“Therefore we were buried with him {buried with Him as the beginning of the
salvation of faith and repentance, and not during the water baptism} into death
{even as you did not die literally, you are still here after immersion, so you
participated in the atonement of Christ, at that initial time, for the sins of the
world},  that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father;
even so we also should walk in newness of life.”  (Romans 6:4)
1-5:  This by and for the “glory of God” should remind us of the unhealthy
emphasis of the BBFers to Christ over God with the failure to preach that
Christ will at the END deliver the kingdom to the Father, “in order that God may
be all in all.”  (I Cor 15:28)  Their Christology, atonement, and  milleneumism is
so out of total Bible context and perspective, and pervasive as they try to
impose it on all scripture, that they fail to admit or recognize what is going to
happen at the END.
1-6:  There should be little doubt that BBFers have brought an unwarranted
optimism to the SBC that ignores and denies the obvious and present great
Apostasy called in the Bible the Falling Away.  This unwarranted optimism
comes out of their equally unwarranted desire to escape the Falling away and
final tribulation, which can not happen!