1.  Air Early Warning in Argentia, Newfoundland and Patuxent
River Naval Air Station. (Also Lexington Park Baptist Church of
Lexington Park, Maryland                              1955-1959
Friends and Associates Page 2
...you might call it oral history in the making...
So that is you on the bunk (I have
forgotten where we were roommates)- I
think it was Newfoundland.  In the photo
above you that is Louis Metzinger in the
foreground and C.F. (Slope) Simon behind
him on the table- I cannot identify the
other guy seated on the bench.  In the
image beside you that is Walt Winters,
Ensign (Slick Nick) Rao and yours truly
under BU141291.  The officer on the right is
LCdr Bartlett (pilot on the ill-fated 141314-
Jack Craven was in the lefthand seat
though)- I do not know the other guy, but I
think he was a back-seater.  CF Simon was
perhaps my best friend in the service, and
we stayed in touch for a while- Louis, I
always got into big trouble with, sometimes
to the point of almost dying.

In the second image, that is Robbie
Robinson sqatting next to an unknown
officer in Lajes.  The image of the Connie is
from the Under-Sec Navy tour that took us
to Keflavik; I remember scrounging some
parts from an Air Force repair lab.  I do not
know who the others are (seated at the
table and cigar in mouth).

I will dig up the AEW mailing list and get
you signed up.

Warm Regards,

Kenna, New Mexico

Kenna Community Church

Atlas Missile Installation
and checkout south of
Roswell, New Mexico (no
aliens in those days)