Jerry V. McMichael has published through SunGrist_Bible a special PDF edition
friends and associates, fellow sojourners if you please along life's way in
many locations and of varied employments.  Now he is using this internet
medium to restablish contact in order that SunGrist_Bible might send you a
free copy of this book since it is dedicated to you in the first place.  Also you
are encouraged you to send a little oral history and biographical sketch and
even photos, like John Quinn did, a Navy associate of AEW in Argentia
Newfoundland between 1955-59.  This bit of oral history begins on the second
page of "Friends and Associates" and will grow as you respond.

As follows is the search list of friends and associates of Jerry McMichael with
the approximate years and location.  If you are one of those or if you have
some info or photos on those, please send it  
There is no need to wait for eternity!

1.  Fellow members of the Brownsville Junior High School classes of
approximately 1945 such as Wayne Hougtaling, Jose Nunez, Virginia
Longoria, Rauel Saenz, and Fausto Utoria.

2.  Fellow members of the Royal Ambassadors at the First Baptist Church in
Brownsville, Texas between approximately 1945-1947 such as Guy Bevil.

3.  Fellow lifeguards and other swiming pool workers at the Galena Park city
swimming pool in Galena Park, Texas between 1949-1953 such as Gary
Haughland, Shirley Lanier, and Jean Harris.

4.  Fellow members of the Boy Scout Troop and Explorer Post 707, sponsored
by the Methodist church in Galena Park between 1949-1953, especially those
who participated in Bivovac and other camping activites at Camp Strake such
as Albert Yantis and Walton Hines.

5.  Co-members of Mr. Jones Sunday School class at FBC Galena Park
between 1949-1953 such Bert Dominy, Charles Fox, and Roy Fowler.

6.  Preacher boys of the several classes of GPHS, 1952-1955, such as
Raymond Vickery, Bert Dominy, Charles Fox, and Byron Orand.

7.  Roomates at Baylor in 1953-54 such as Gene Petty and Joe Jim Hill.

8.  Fellow Bible salesmen for Southwestern Publish in Ohio and other states
such as Kenneth Robinson from Wichita, Texas.

9.  Fellow attenders at the Methodist Church in Ironton, Ohio during the
summer of 1954 such as Rev. Carl Hicks.

10.  Fellow sunday school attenders from the Navy and from nurses training
at Baptist Memorial at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis Tenn such as Floyd

10.  Fellow members of the Lexington Park Baptist Church, Lexington Park
Maryland, such as Gene Waddell, Ed Van Eck, Jerry Carter, and Earl Ross.

11.  Fellow flight crew members of the three AEW squadrons at Patuxent
River Naval Air Station and Argentia, Newfoundland between the years of
1955-1959 such as Gene Waddell, Gilbert Lujan, and John Quinn.

12.  Co-attenders at the Navy Chapel evening fellowship service conducted by
Chaplain Homer Schnick between 1955-1959 such as Pete Todd.

13.  Members of the Lexington Park Baptist Church where Jerry youth
pastored and later was interim pastor before J. C. Chapman.  (Also the
Sunday school class he taught briefly a few years ago while working for the
Navy Carrier Suitability.}

14.  Members of the Walnut Valley Baptist Church in Hot Springs Arkansas
and the Plum Bayou Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where Jerry
pastored between 1959-1961 such as the deacons Vogel, Reddick, Slim
Johnson, and Glascock and new members such as George Linington and the
Washingtons; and members of the Boy Scout troop Jerry led as Scoutmaster
which was sponsored by Walnut Valley Baptist Church.

15.  Fellow preacher boys at Quachita Baptist College, 1959-1961, such as
L.B. Jordan, Richard Adams, and Bailey Smith.

15.  Members of the following Eastern New Mexico Baptist and community
churches where Jerry interim pastored between approximately 1961-1975:  
FBC Tucumcari with such members as Gene Brock, Dr. Storrie, Frank Baum,
Mrs Robertson, and Ben Munoz; the FBC of Dora, the University Baptist
Church of Portales, the Yeso Baptist Church, the Floyd Baptist Church, the FBC
of Elida, the Milnesand and Tatum Baptist churches, and the Kenna
Community Church.

16.  Fellow members of the Oakridge Baptist Church in Mineral Wells, Texas
such as Lamar Smith and Jack and Dorothy Olds.

17.  The tennis pro from Wilcox, Arizona, Sean Griffiths, with whom Jerry hit
at the Tucson Raquet Club and the pro at the Sporting Club, Joseph O'Dywer,
who started Jerry on a routine cardio-vascular workout.

18.  Students in the electronics engineering technology classes at Eastern, Lee
College, and INTELLEC in Algeria such as Neal Greyhouse, Billy Victor, John
Thomas, the Spalding boys, and in Algeria the students of Chemistry from
Togo; and members of the Boy Scout troop that Jerry scoutmastered while a
teacher at Eastern.

19.  The Chaplain, Rev Cole, and other attenders such as Bob Grete at the AF
Chapel service in NKP, Thailand, and the missionary Neal Webber, of the
CMA, who toured us around the jungles and the Koen Kean Leper Colony.

20.  Co-worshipers at the American Embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

{as memories come back to Jerry McMichael, this list will be added to}

FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES PAGE 2 for the beginning of photos and
oral history

If you are one of these persons, or if you have possible contact info on any of
these persons, also if you have some oral history shorts on such persons,
please email them--hopefully with photos like the John Quinn photos that you
will find on the second page of Friends and please to
Friends and Associates of Jerry
V.  McMichael