The following church members are given a special invitation to
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Churches where a member during youth:

1.  First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas where Guy Bevil
and I were very active in Royal Ambassadors.

2.  Queensboro Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisana:  Ira
Peak was pastor and Hyman Appleman preached a revival
meeting at time of conversion at age 9.

3.  First Baptist Church, Galena Park, Texas:  Brooks Ramsey
was pastor.

4.  Seventh & James Baptist Church, Waco, Texas:  Charles
Welborn pastor.

5.  University Baptist Church, Austin, Texas: Dr. Smith pastor.

6.  Lexington Park Baptist Church, Lexington Park Maryland.

Churches Where Licensed and Ordained:

1.  Licensed to preach at Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis,
Tennessee while Dr. R. G. Lee was pastor.

2.  Ordained by First Baptist Church at Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Churches Where Pastor, Interim Pastor, or Evangelist

1.  Walnut Valley Baptist Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

2.  Oakridge Baptist Church, Mineral Wells, Texas.

3.  University Baptist Church, Portales, New Mexico.

4.  Kenna Community Church, Kenna New Mexico.

5.  First Baptist Church, Elida New Mexico.

6.  First Baptist Church, Dora New Mexico.

7.  Immanuel Baptist Church, Portales New Mexico.

8.  Calvary Baptist Church, Portales New Mexico.

9.  First Baptist Church, Tucumcari New Mexico.

10.  Yeso Baptist Church, Yeso New Mexico.

11.  First Baptist Church, Floyd New Mexico.

12.  First Baptist Church, Milnesand New Mexico.

13.  First Baptist Church, Tatum New Mexico.

14.  FBC, Clayton New Mexico.

15.  FBC, Farmington New Mexico.

16.  Piney Point Baptist Mission, Piney Point Maryland.

For the contributions you made to the preaching of the Word,
bare min would you accept a free copy of:

CUP OF WATER, a condensed version of Mark with comments
Oral History of Friends and Associates
of Jerry McMichael