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"No longer do I call you
servants...but I have called you
friends..."  (John 15:15)
"Friends of Jesus" Page
It is one thing to call Jesus our Friend as we do
many times including in the song, "What A
Friend We Have in Jesus", but how much more
encouraging it is to have Jesus Himself call us
Friend.  Yes, it did and still can happen to a few
as Jesus said "many are called but few are

1. This is not to minimize your status as a
disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, but even the
12 apostles had to be clean disciples before
they passed on to the challenge of being called
by Jesus Himself "Friend".

"...and you are clean, but not all of you."  (John

"You are already clean because of the word
which I have spoken to you."  (John 15:3)

2.  Being clean is the same as experiencing the
one baptism of the Bible, the baptism that
comes from God generally called today
salvation, and what the Apostle Peter called
"the washing of regeneration", the answer of a
God conscience toward God, not the putting
away of the filth of the flesh.

3.  It is really what happens as recorded in John
1 when we truly become "sons of God", not
born of the will of the flesh or of the will of
man, nor of blood, but of the spirit of God.  
Most of the world has and does reject Jesus
Christ, however according to John 1 "as many
as received Him to them gave He power to
become sons of God.

4.  However in the context of John 13 where 11
of the disciples are clean and 1, Judas, is
unclean, it is also obvious when Jesus stated
that "many are called but few are chosen" that
the many unclean called, not chosen, included
Judas and the few clean chosen and therefore
clean included the other 11 Apostles.
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