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Friends Of Jesus In This Bible And Computer Age:
A Challenge Sufficient For The Falling Away
Authored by Jerry V. McMichael
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7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
Full Color on White paper
236 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1441471093 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 144147109X
BISAC: Religion / Religion & Science

The goal of this book is straightforward and simple: to make so clear an understanding of John 14-16 centered
around the concept of "Friends of Jesus", words from Jesus Himself, that readers accept the challenge of the
potential of someday hearing Jesus say to them personally, "Friend". Of course, correlated to this is the goal to
present this as a challenge sufficient to overcome the inevitable Falling Away of this generation.  
The message and teachings of Jesus in John 14-16 are made for troubling, fearful, and perplexing times like this
generation of the Falling Away. Almost all people believe in God, Jesus would encourage all as they begin to accept
the challenge of "Friends" to also believe in Him. What to believe in Him we will come to more thoroughly in chapter 5
on "Who is the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible?" What Jesus told the Apostles to believe in Him we begin on
immediately in this book's focused look on John 14-17.

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JESUS in this Bible and Computer Age.
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Title Page        1

CHAPTER 1        Friends of Jesus in this Bible and Computer Age        3

CHAPTER 2        Categories of Christians        13

CHAPTER 3        Wound of the Unknown Doctrine        19

CHAPTER 4        This Age of the Bible and the Computer        27

CHAPTER 5        The Oneness of God and Jesus!        35

CHAPTER 6        Who is this Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible?        45

CHAPTER 7        Requirements to Be a Friend of Jesus        53

CHAPTER 8        Paul’s Statement of Faith and Practice in Ephesians        63

CHAPTER 9        Old Commandments        85

CHAPTER 10        A New Commandment        93

CHAPTER 11        The Sound Doctrine of Bread and Bible        105

CHAPTER 12        Clean Disciples: What Is It For a Disciple to Be Clean? (John 13:2-17)        117

CHAPTER 13        How to Keep Clean!        129

CHAPTER 14        Friends of Jesus        (John 15)        135

CHAPTER 15        Abide In Jesus        143

CHAPTER 16        Good News (Pruning), Bad News (Cast Off)        153

CHAPTER 17        Greater Works than Jesus: Acts of the Apostles        163           

CHAPTER 18        A Challenge for the Falling Away        175                   

CHAPTER 19        
This Age of the Bible        183                   

CHAPTER 20        
Age of the Computer        191                   

CHAPTER 21        
Encouragement for Friends        201                   

CHAPTER 22        
Confusion in the Congregation        207                   

CHAPTER 23        
12 Guidelines to Eliminate Confusion        221                 
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NOTE:  Recently a search question came in which stated,
"Please list some friends of Jesus other than the Apostles.  
The point and gist of the book has been missed.  No one will
know for certain that they are a friend of Jesus until face to
face with Him in the New Jerusalem.