Plot of Damped Harmonic Oscillation in FREEMAT, a
simple introduction to programming in FREEMAT

1.  The little routine runs like this--

t = linspace(-3,3);

2.  And after you run this routine from the edit window, the plot with
grid will look like this--

3.  Open the
dampedharmonicoscillator.m file , and when your little
browser window ask you what Program to run the .m file chose
Freemat, then go into the  bin directory to get the .exe {it will say

4.  Marvelous, you will see the Freemat command window in front
of your eyes, if you have uploaded and installed Freemat on your
computer.  {you can download and free as the name implies at}.

5.  Next open the editor by either typing editor in the command
window, or under tools select Editor.

6.  Once in editor you will see the dampedharmonicoscillator.m file
run it with the first green arrow from the left and at the top of the
editor window.  It is a run or execute buffer button.

7.  The plot window will come up and look like the one shown