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"Freely we have received, freely we give." Or put another way, how can we
charge for the grace of understanding and illumination given to us by God,
the Holy Spirit, and Jesus

Like in any Bible commentary, there are some comments; but no statement
of comment is made without a direct and immediate support from a Bible
Scripture.  Unless you have read the commentaries of B.H. Carroll, or the
books by F.F. Bruce, or the written messages of Dr. R. G. Lee, you have not
seen so much respect for the authority of Scripture, as you will find in these!  
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a condensed version of
Mark with comments,
also additions from
Daniel on last things

The Life and 14 New testament
letters of the Apostle Paul with a
continuation as in all of the Learn
Christ commentaries on quotes in
the NT from the OT as the way to
interpret or understand Scripture.  
ASPI version of the Bible of II
Peter 1:20,21}

10 major doctrines directly from the Bible
with a recognition of the major threats to
these truths today.  You will find in these
devotional statements of Bible faith "the
faith once for all delivered to the saints" of