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“Forsaken” the Fountain of Living Waters

Of the 5 stages of the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:3,4:  perhaps a church
or Christian can survive the intolerance toward sound doctrine; also
survive the substitution of personal driven wants and desires in church life
and the Christian life for Christ control; and even a Christian or church
can perhaps survive this present great heaping up of preachers, teachers,
and evangelists with “itching ears” as they come out of the woodwork like
termites; but no church, Christian, or generation of God’s people can
survive the fatal “turning away from truth” of the fourth stage of the Falling
Away; for then in the fifth and final stage of the Falling Away, God takes
over and the results become automatic whereby God’s people become a
“cult” instead of a church and are “turned into fables”.

NOTE:  In spite of the present inertia of the American Conscience
against criticism of churches, any church no longer has the right to
be called a church, assembly or ecclesia, when it is not controlled by

Those last two stages of the Falling Away-- (4) the “turning away from
truth” and (5) the “are turned into fables”--is what the book of Jeremiah
calls “backsliding”.  Hopefully in the previous Bible Studies in Jeremiah,
you have come to realize that “backsliding” as properly understood from
the Bible is a going backwards in righteousness of a whole generation of
God’s people whereby they become worse than the generations before
them in the sight of God.  In fact, they became so unacceptable to God
as a nation of God’s people, that God demands no more prayers on the
behalf of them; and in fact, God calls them a “generation of His wrath”.  
(Jeremiah 7:29)

7-1:  Two Generations of His Wrath in the History of the World.

Only twice in the whole long history of humanity, of God’s people, of the
universe has there been a “generation” that God Himself calls the
“generation of His wrath”.  Congratulations, this present generation of
churches, Christians, and God’s people, there is the distinct possibility
that besides the first “generation of His wrath” in the time of Jeremiah,
you are now that famous second generation of the wrath of God.  Of
course a careful study of Jeremiah as we have done previously will reveal
that “the generation of His wrath” is actually more like 3 generations;
because the family devotions on every housetop in the land to the Queen
of Heaven consisted of the youth gathering the firewood, the fathers
building the fire, and then the mothers baking the cakes to burn incense to
another god or goddess other than the Fountain of Living Waters.  
(Jeremiah 7:18).  And it was done publicly by most families of Judah in
the streets of Jerusalem and nationally in all the cities of Judah.  It was a
wholesale “backsliding” of the whole generation of God’s people; and
while the context does not state it specifically surely grandma and
grandpa were there with the rest of the family for the family devotions to
the Queen of Heaven.  We can easily decide that from the total context
of Jeremiah and the recorded history of the times in Jeremiah in that all
were corrupt:  the people of the land, the priests, the prophets, and the
leaders in government.  

“Because from the least of them even to the greatest of them,
everyone is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even to
the priest, everyone deals falsely.”  (Jeremiah 6:13)

And this general indictment of a whole 3 generations of God’s people as
all dealing “falsely” and “everyone given to covetousness”, can not
escape from our mind the causes of the current economic crisis in this
America of God’s people, lest we think in this generation of God’s people
we are much different from that generation of 3 generations in the book
of Jeremiah.  The JUDGEMENT of God’s wrath for Judah was that they
would go into Captivity for 70 years, to be fulfilled as we now know from
history in a few years; however the second generation of God’s wrath is
also predicted in Jeremiah, and on all nations of the world.  In fact God
placed the JUDGEMENT of His wrath on the final generation of history
at the same time He placed judgement on the nation of Judah.
1.  Wrath and Judgement on Judah in Captivity for 70 years.
2.  Wrath and Judgement on the final generation of His wrath at the end.
3.  Wrath and Judgement on God’s people of the Falling Away and final

7-2:  Falling Away and “Backsliding” in Jeremiah Just Like in II
Timothy 4:3,4.

Compare point by point the abominations of God’s people in Jeremiah
as presented in the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7, and the rest of the
book of Jeremiah, with the five stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:
3,4; and you will find that we are talking about the same backsliding and
falling away process of a whole generation of God’s people.  Granted
that the book of Hebrews is the real book on the last great apostasy
called the Falling Away; and that the admonitions like “beware brethren,
lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the
living God” (Hebrews 3:12), are based on the first great falling away of
God’s people for 40 years in the wilderness after rescue from Egypt; and
granted that the abominations of God’s people in Jeremiah is not
specifically called the Falling Away in the book of Jeremiah, nor any other
place in the Bible or by Jesus per se {Jesus did call the generation of His
day a “Den of Thieves”, meaning they were making the house of God a
HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS}, for it is called something much worse,
“backsliding”.  And indeed “backsliding” is the final, point of no return, and
last two stages of the Falling Away.  “Backsliding” you will see from a
careful and honest exegetical look at Jeremiah is the same as (4) turning
away from truth, and (5) being turned into fables.  You can see that
simply from the stated two evils God announces in Jeremiah and through
the Prophet Jeremiah of His own people in Jeremiah 2:13.

“For My people have committed two evils:  they have forsaken Me,
the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns--broken
cisterns that can hold no water.”  (Jeremiah 2:13)

THE GIST of Falling Away and backsliding:  the backsliding of “forsaken
Me, the fountain of living waters” is the same as “the turning away from
truth” of the Falling Away and of II Timothy 4:3,4; and the backsliding of
constructing “broken cisterns” that can hold no water as a substitute for
the Living God and the salvation of the living God is the equivalent of the
“being turned into fables” of II Timothy 4:3,4 and the Falling Away.
1.  God’s forsaken generation of God’s wrath of Jeremiah had misplaced
their faith for salvation in their buildings and temple attendance like God’s
people today have a false confidence in their church buildings and
faithfulness of attendance with cult rituals like the people of Jeremiah.
“Do not trust in these lying words, saying, ‘The temple of the LORD, the
temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD are these.”  (Jeremiah 7:4)
Like today, this misplaced security and confidence was the worship
building and organization, not God; and the confidence like today of the
people of God was in their faithful attendance at the house of God.  We
just refuse to get it, and that is part of our present day intolerance toward
sound doctrine
{called in II Timothy 4:3,4 “they will not endure sound
, that backsliding is not like we want to believe, people who no
longer come to our temples of worship; but it is rather those faithful in
attendance and sacrifice at the houses of God who bring there their bad
habits from a total week of abominations against God.
2.  The people of God today think that since they are getting away with all
those abominations of the week, especially other gods as a substitute for
the fountain of living waters, that they “are delivered to do all these
abominations”  (Jeremiah 7:10)
3.  Today like then abominations were committed all week, then because
of a short-lived and emotional expression of enthusiasm about a cult
religion on the Sabbath, the people falsely claimed a blessing of God on
all their abominations of the week, and also of worship.

7-3:  Intolerance Toward Sound Doctrine, Refusal to Obey the Voice
of God.

II Timothy 4:3a and Jeremiah 7:24a.

1.  II Timothy 4:3a.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound
doctrine....”  (4:3a)

2.  Jeremiah 7:24a.

“Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but followed the counsels
and the dictates of their evil hearts, and went backward and not
forward.”  (Jeremiah 7:24)

7-4:  Driven by Wants and Desires, “Dictates of Their Evil Hearts”.

II Timothy 4:3,4 and Jeremiah 7:24.

1.  II Timothy 4:3b.

“but according to their own desires”  (II Timothy 4:3b)

2.  Jeremiah 7:24b.

“but followed the counsels and the dictates of their evil hearts”  (7:

7-5:  Heaping Up of Itching Ears Bible Teachers, “From Prophet to

II Timothy 4:3,4 and Jeremiah 6:13,14.

1.  II Timothy 4:3c.

“because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves
teachers” (II Timothy 4:3c)

2.  Jeremiah 6:13 and 14.

“Everyone deals falsely.  They have also healed the hurt of My
people slightly, saying, Peace, peace!  When there is no peace.”  
(Jeremiah 6:13b and 6:14)

You might think of peace in terms of national prosperity!

7-6:  Turning Away from Truth is the Point of No Return,

II Timothy 4:4a and Jeremiah 7:28.

1.  II Timothy 4:4a.

“....and they will turn their ears away from the truth”  (II Timothy 4:4a)

2.  Jeremiah 7:28.

“This is a nation that does not obey the voice of the LORD their God
nor receive correction.  Truth is perished and has been cut off from
their mouth.”  (Jeremiah 7:28)

7-7:  Fables is the End Result of God’s Judgment and Wrath, and

II Timothy 4:4b and Jeremiah 2:13b.

1.  II Timothy 4:4b.

“and be turned aside to fables.”  (II Timothy 4:4b)

2.  Jeremiah 2:13b.

“And hewn themselves cisterns--broken cisterns that can hold no
water.”  (Jeremiah 1:13b)

Surely it is hard to believed that something God decided ages ago during
the time of Jeremiah about the ultimate fate of all nations is shortly to be
enacted by God on all peoples of the world, except a few from each
generation that are the “chosen of God”, say approximately 7,000 from
each generation.  That it would take God over 700 hundred plus 2020
years for a total of 2710 years to bring to final justice a people that were
condemned those thousands of years ago!  Yet that is exactly the case;
and it speaks more to the patience and forbearance of God more than it
does to any grudge that God might have held against people of
3.  God has simultaneously through the generations since Jeremiah,
patiently held His wrath for a second generation of His wrath, of the
final backsliding and of the final Falling Away, while choosing from
each generation, “one for each city and two from each family”, a
“chosen people” of new creations to inhabit the new earth under the
new heavens with a new Jerusalem lowered down from heaven.

7-8:  When Is A Church No Longer Controlled by Christ?

This is not difficult to see, only difficult to buy for the implications to your
salvation, eternal future, and status as a church as part of the total body
of Christ, written in heaven.  You lose Bible status as a church when
Christ and the Holy Spirit no longer have the dominate control over the
majority of the members of your congregation.  The best way to know
this is, like in all matters of faith and practice, by the plumb bob of the
Bible, especially in the list of bad church habits found in II Timothy 3:1-8.  
There are 20 bad habits listed there of church members, and if you can
find over 10 of them habitually practiced by members of your church,
then you must be in trouble.  Two very bad current signs in churches are:  
(1) the taking of the name of God in vain by worship leaders as Christ
would never control where such is alllowed; and (2) a prevalence of non-
Biblical concepts which are contrary to the clear teachings of Christ on
marriage and divorce.  {Confessed to God and forgiven by God divorce
is consistent with the teachings of Christ, but rebellion on the teachings of
Christ on marriage and divorce is a sure sign of lack of Christ control.}  
Let us be realistic fellow church members.  "Cult or Church...if the shoe