Preface to The Forever Kingdom.

It is not fair what the dts school of thought is striving to do to the SBC, to
Baptists and Baptist Distinctives, to Christianity, and to good Bible exegesis
and interpretation.  It is confusing to the Bible world the kind of isogesis,
philosophy, and theology that they try to impose, even force on the world as
exampled with their takeover and control of the SBC under the disguise of
literalism on the Bible; and they themselves must be confused as they have
tried to melt into one extra-biblical theology the Scofield Reference Bible, Bible
Baptist, fundamentalism, Congregationalism, and Presbyterianism.  It is
understandable why they periodically change their name and image, now
claiming to be non-denominational.  As one online seeker after truth recently
wrote {see}”
“I was wondering how fundamentalist baptist has viewed the professors at
Dallas Theological Seminary. Dallas Seminary has produced many good
bible teachers who have written many good books. They have taught
dispensational premillennialism for many years and they hold to all the
fundamentals of the faith like us baptists. I visited their website and they
consider themselves to be evangelical protestants and not baptist.”
NOTE:  Then you have to take these answers from the Baptist Board of the
SBC with a grain of salt, as in 2007 when it was written the BBFers already
with Stanley, Rogers, and Criswell exercised control of the SBC.  It is correct
in the question and answers that a lot of good Bible preachers {most often
claiming to be Baptist and fundamentalists} have come out of DTS; however
and unfortunately to be a good preacher does not assume good
hermeneutics.  Have you noticed that any preacher of any denomination and
even the Christian Scientist sounds good when they are reading from the
Bible, because we love the Bible and its words are like honey.  Yet often when
they open their mouth to interpret, especially on eschatlogy, their teachings
and preachings turn to mush.
The latest claim of DTS, I believe, is to be non-denominational like Baylor did
years ago; and while that at first may appear to be very ecumenical in
motivation, it is really just one more effort to disguise their origins and
dedications to Bible Baptist Fundamentalism (BBF).  It is sort of like Dr. David
Jeremiah, a graduate of DTS, has done with the name of his church in San
Diego as they have gone from being a Baptist church to simply Shadow
Mountain church.  These are just more efforts to fool the public, and deny
some of the heritage that has helped to make them what they are, at least in
the position and status they have in the academic world.
While they have ignored our great Bible authorities of Southern Baptist
heritage on Bible exegesis, eschatology, and hermeneutics {not to even
mention homiletics} like Dr Ray Summers in his book of Revelation and
eschatology, respectively “Worthy is the Lamb” and “The Life Beyond”,
Bernard Ramm on “The Science of Biblical Interpretation”, and McDowell of
Southern Seminary on “The Meaning and Message of the Book of Revelation”,
they have become victims and made many students victims of the Scofield
Reference Bible NOTES with such extra-Biblical words and concepts as
“dispensational ism”, “Millineumism”, and the “rapture”.  How strange their
claim at literalism, and you can not find these 3 words in the Bible, just like you
can not find in the Bible the word “literal itself”  {advice, try ASPI for
Many of us with a lifetime in SBC work would not be so shocked if:  (1) they
did not fake out their people and all that will listen with a rapture event that
denies that their own churches and the world are now in the Falling Away
{please see online at the message of “The
Demonic Veil of the Rapture”; (2) if they did not make it impossible for the
dead in Christ to rise first at the Second Coming, preventing a literal Bible
event, by teaching that Christians will be caught up in the air long before the
END, therefore having a false optimism and comfort that they neither must go
through the Falling Away or the Final Tribulation as the universe falls to pieces;
and (3) even more importantly, if the average since Christian, also a spirit lead
and born again searcher after Bible truth, could indeed sit down reading his
Bible through and find out these 3 weird words and concepts for himself.  You
know, practicing the once solid Baptist Distinctive of soul competence, called
the priesthood of believers in the reading and study of the Bible Itself.
Instead what does the average Christian priest that is soul competent find
when he goes to the Bible for himself without forced teachings.  It is
exemplified by the few Scripture below, simple and straight out of the mouth of
“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold {2
major events of the Falling Away, can you not see it NOW!}.  But he who
endured to the END shall be saved {it looks like if you are victim of this false
and premature rapture, you may not be eligible for END endurance!}.
“And the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness
to all the nations, and THEN the END will come.”  (Matthew 24:12-14)
Really, it looks like you BBFers are going to miss out not only endurance to
the end but also on preaching to all the nations right up to the end.
To get serious, this simple and obvious sequence of last things given by Jesus
in Matthew 24 are just two examples from only 3 Scriptures that teach the
truth about eschatology, which also make impossible the theories of rapture,
Millineumism, and dispensational ism; and what is so strange that there are
hundreds of them, so that the dts school of thought are dependent on skipping
soul competency and the priesthood of believers to guide men away from the
hundreds of verses, chapters, and 66 books where the teachings on
eschatology are just like those above from Jesus in Matthew 24:12-14.  
{Please read online at “The END part 1 and part
2”, where it starts with the straightforward question of “what part of END do
you not understand?}
Oh by the way, did you notice also from the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:12-
14 that it is by exegesis {reading the meaning out of the Bible rather than
reading meaning into it which isogesis}:  (1) it is the gospel of the kingdom,
while BBFers have invented words and concepts like rapture, millennium, and
dispensation, they have literally dropped “kingdom” in the gospel of the
kingdom; and (2) Jesus taught, “this gospel of the kingdom”, so that when go
back to the preceding words in Matthew 24 to see what “this” points to, it
must be that all these eschatological or last days teachings of Jesus are part
of the gospel, so that if you are not preaching them correctly then you are not
preaching all of the gospel, serious huh?  One of our Bible professors at
Ouachita, quite often said, “Just let the Bible say what it is trying to say!”
       Fundamentalist churches are paranoid on Literalism
You know which churches claim to be fundamentalists; and it is okay to listen
to what they claim about literalism on the Bible, and having done so then you
must exercise your own soul competent right among the priesthood of
believers--that is to “judge righteous judgement and not according to
appearance”--thereby with all intellectual honesty admitting what they really
done on a literal application and implementation of the Bible to their own life
and church life.  It is still hard to determine what Henry Steele Commager,
undeniable authority on American Studies and the author of the American
Mind, when he wrote that fundamentalists are paranoid; but the most obvious
way is the appearance of their claims for literalism as contrasted to their
realities.  As stated in the old fashion way, “The walk does not match the
talk”.  Just two extreme examples can be given as a today common unsound
doctrine practice in fundamentalists, and other churches, one that you see
every day or every week:  (1) a false democratic concept and practice in
churches that first of all diminishes the NT authority of the pastor or other
elders in the church shown as numerous examples at the extremes of
democratically by a vote running off pastors of years of faithful service or the
other extreme example of a deacon board that infringed on the rights of the
office of the pastor and even on the equal church member rights of the
congregation {in this later, one might say and think that the priesthood of
believes and soul competence is definitely infringed upon as the majority of
church members lose equal authority, and the former the authority of the
church has run amuck “thinking of themselves more highly than they ought it”
and ignoring the authority of God and that of the pastor as given by God; and
(2)  daily intolerance toward sound doctrine {alias, “they will not endure sound
doctrine” (II Timothy 4:3,4), on the place of the woman in the marriage, in the
church with equal responsibilities for men, and a just plain denial of and
rebellion against the pattern and details of marriage as God intended and
clearly with the assistance of Jesus taught in His Word.}  I know that most
pastors are fearful to take on the aggressive and outspoken women lobbyers,
just as they fail to take on the Deacon Board--not scriptural but the way they
like to think of themselves--ones that do not even try to obey the Word of God
and do not intend to, many in the churches influenced more by the American
world, custom, and tradition than by their soul competency in the Bible, but
most applying the pressures of citizenship, law, and political correctness--the
same time they relentlessly in an evangelical fashion seek to control and
dominant it--from outside the church body.  {Two example of an extreme
difference between the American Democratic Faith and faith of the Bible.}
Let us end with a positive note on this subject from the Living Bible, one that
most of you know about but in rebellion against the will of God refuse to
practice {and right now, we do not have time to discuss the outright rebellion
against God as given in Romans 1 in gay behavior--too late to be concerned
about gay marriage when the behavior is out of Bible control as that society
has already gone too far downward in unrighteousness, so please read in the
online “Christian View of Life and Living” the Bible session on “How a nation or
society self-destructs?”)--
“In like manner, you married women, be submissive to your own husbands
[subordinate yourselves as being secondary to and dependent on them, and
adapt yourself to them] {now the average church member would be up in arms
already, and the American world would be furious at these straightforward
words read out of the Bible}, so that even if any do not obey the Word of God,
they may be won over not by discussion but by the godly lives of their wives.”  
(I Peter 3:1)
NOTE:  In the average fundamentist list church, in fact most churches in
America today as part of the Falling Away from God, Christ, and the Bible, the
“any that do not obey the Word of God” above is first the women and then
second the men, or it is co-mutual.  Perhaps you have noticed the growing
influence of women in the BBF churches whereby they call squeaky whispering
and quiet, and short men as pastors as contrasted to the days we once knew
in the SBC where the pastors were large and strong men like Ira Peak, Truett,
Carroll, and Lee.
That is all I have to say about that, or even quote; but to the extent that you
are really literal and fundamental on the Bible, then please read the rest of
chapter 3 in I Peter, admit to its truth in all intellectual honesty, then implement
and apply it to life.  That is what soul competency and the priesthood of
believers, with equal rights as such of every man and women and every church
member, is all about in the Baptist Distinctives, nothing less than the New
Testament pattern for Christians, church members and churches, and
marriage and morality, and yes beyond that to righteousness, or rightness with
godly answers.
                              "Itching Ears Teaching"
All this minor departures from New Testament faith and practice in so many
churches have been accepted as the norm for Baptist and others because so
common; and indeed although also examples of the infamous "itching ears
teachings" of II Timothy 4:3.4, these minors fade in comparison to the major
departures from NT norms on eschatology, notable the insertion of Bible
NOTES to with such non-biblical words as "secret rapture", millennium, and
dispensations..  Little or nothing was heard of such until about 1830 with
Darby, and you can bet that anything that has gone through 1830 years of
Christian believers without detection, does not have a source in the Bible Itself.